Infrasound Levitation of Piezoelectric Stone in Gushan, China

Gushan's Mysterious Flying Objects (Photo)

South East Express (Xiamen)
August 4, 2009

A family hiking and taking landscape photos of a home in Gushan inadvertently captured images of a UFO floating above the trees looking the same as a rock! ...

Gang Hao said that the photos were taken at 15:34 on July 19, 2009... He and his family accidentally shot the photos while climbing, and the unusual photo of this strange flying object was not found until two days later, while he was organizing photos on his computer. He was amazed to see what appeared when he zoomed in on the object.

"The camera is a Canon SX 110IS... the photo did not undergo any post-processing. Based on analysis of photos showing the sky, the clouds should be about 1300 meters short and broken cumulus clouds, and the Weather Bureau recorded the same observation..." Gang Hao said that the lower 2/3 of the photo shows trees and mountains, while the top 1/3 shows the sky... and a UFO shaped like a large cone-like column that looks like stone... estimated to be about 5 meters in diameter.

After discovery of the pictures of the unidentified object, Gang Hao was also very puzzled, so he showed the image to a few colleagues and friends. Is it a flying saucer? ... Or just ordinary stones floating up in the air?...

Yesterday Gang Hao decided to show the photos and contacted reporters in the hope of identifying the strange floating object.


This giant boulder is estimated at 5m in diameter, which suggests a weight of several tonnes. The fact that the family never noticed it flying overhead while taking the photos suggests that the boulder was most likely stationary or moving only very slowly during the unusual event.

It seems that the recent physics discoveries of acoustic levitation have not yet been considered as a potential explanation. The piezoelectric properties of the quartz that is most likely the main constituent of the sandstone boulder allows its levitation by focused infrasound standing waves. The internal reflection of the parallel faces of the quartz crystals allows the acoustic energy to be stored inside the stone. The build-up of vibratory energy within the quartz lattice creates an electromagnetic field reducing the stone's weight until it becomes entirely weightless, levitating without friction along the standing wave's arch.

The source of the focused standing wave energy levitating these stones is the Orion pyramids at Giza, exactly 5,240 miles from Gushan (or Gunchangzhai), China (25.02N 118.51E). This distance is precisely 21.05% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles). Gushan is also situated 1,245 miles from Angkor Wat - a resonant distance that is precisely 5.00% of the Earth's mean circmference.

Other similarly unusual incidents have been reported in the US in Limon State Park and Yellowwood State Park, Indiana. In both Indiana locations hunters reported huge sandstone boulders in the tops of tall trees, and both sites are nearly 25.0% of the Earth's circumference from the Great Pyramid.

Such unusual acoustic levitation is a sign that a new resonance is emerging in the Gushan area of China, and will be building gradually into a higher energy level that has already been observed at other infrasound focal points. Extreme manifestations of this resonance are waves of piezoelectric fires that are now simultaneously occuring in Ratria, India, Messina, Italy, Bodibe, South Africa and Santa Barbara, USA.