Resonant Atomic Reactions and the Glow of Sasquatch Eyes

The Glowing Red Eyes of Sasquatch are Bioelectrically Induced

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
May 25, 2013

In all parts of the world where ancient knowledge maintained by indigenous tribes living on their ancestral lands, wisdom teachings handed down from the Elders denote sacred sites where vital energies are enhanced, as well as dangerous locations closely associated with death. One such danger zone in Russia's Ural mountains has become famous for recurring mutilations.

The Ural mountains are well-known as a region of geomagnetic anomalies, which include an unusual mountain ridge near the Pechora River that has been the site of repeated incidents involving multiple fatalities that bear several parallels to the Sylvanic Valley attacks in British Columbia, Canada. Local indigenous Mansi Elders warn of recurring lethal attacks on the east shoulder of Kholat Syakhl, a Mansi name meaning 'Mountain of the Dead Men', in reference to strange deaths linked to luminous spheres that are often seen dancing above the broad mountain ridge.

In the late 1950s, the killing of a group of nine local Mansi hunters in that close vicinity was fresh in the minds of locals. Just as in the case of Sylvanic Valley, where youthful curiosity had won out over caution, retelling of the events associated with the deadly mountain inspired a group of students to investigate the area during harsh winter conditions in spite of stern warnings from local Elders. On January 23, 1959, ten students from the Ural Polytechnic Institute embarked on a three-week cross country ski expedition through the Kholat Syakhl region, led by 23-year-old Igor Dyatlov. Loaded with cameras, film rolls and journals to document the trip, a primary focus of the group is revealed by an incomplete journal entry that appears to have been their last: "Now we know the wild Snowmen exist."

One member of the party who completed only the first portion of the trip was fortunate to have avoided the tragic incident that killed all nine remaining members of the expedition. Search parties initially only discovered their abandoned tent, yet subsequent searches recovered nine frozen bodies in conditions of great interest to the Soviet military. While much evidence was hidden and destroyed, documentary photographs of the physical remains of the group members and eyewitness testimonies offer further clues concerning advanced aerial technologies implicated in the series of disturbing deaths.

The tent remains showed it had been cut with a knife from the inside, where most of the group's jackets, warm clothing and sleeping bags had been abandoned in panic. The frozen bodies were recovered wearing mostly underclothing, having run 500m from the tent that had been erected on the open slope (above), downhill toward the tree line where they had previously made a campfire. One of the men had sustained blunt trauma to the head and another had several broken ribs, most likely incurred during an initial attack by the giant Yeti mentioned in the final, incomplete journal entry.

Clear forensic evidence also suggested that although the nine victims died from hypothermia, some unknown source of high-intensity radiation was also involved. At least four of the nine recovered corpses showed radioactive contamination that had caused their visible hair loss and an orange skin discoloration, and required burial in hermetically sealed, zinc-lined coffins. In addition to radioactivity, one of the female corpses was mutilated in a very unusual manner involving bloodless electro-surgical excision of the tongue, a process that has also been implicated in livestock mutilations worldwide. Luminous aerial objects responsible for the gamma-ray exposure of the victims were witnessed by villagers nearby on the night of the attack, leading local residents to fear their common aerial presence.

Unusual rock towers standing ominously on the high ridge just above the serial murder scene (above). Kholat Syakhl (61.754N 59.429E) is 2,542 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, a distance that comprises 10.2% of the Earth's mean circumference of 24, 892 miles. High-intensity infrasound resonance and the associated luminous aerial objects in this area are also implicated in a 1991 plane crash which took nine lives and occurred on the mountainside just two miles south of Dyatlov Pass.

Coordinated attacks by aerial plasma technologies and giant human-hybrid creatures account for other similar incidents worldwide. Clusters of Sasquatch activity that generate many eyewitness reports are apparently related to genetic engineering programs at subterran bases with hidden entrances guarded by hairy giants. Genetic evidence supports indigenous teachings that the giants are Shadow Guardians of the underground, monitored remotely from far below by HHO plasma disc probes.

The great majority of aerial traffic connected with the subterranean facility is screened from the visible range into the infrared. Disc-shaped flight vehicles are only rarely photographed in clear daylight above the mountains of British Colombia, as captured by Hannah McRoberts in 1981 (above). This fully authenticated image, obtained on color film, presents the reflective metallic surfaces of plasma ships that come and go from deep subterranean stations far below the planet's surface.

Plasma disc probes are deployed above the mountainside and apply ultra-low frequency resonance both for antigravitic propulsion and to facilitate telepathic contact between the underground command structure and the Sasquatch Shadow Guardians strategically posted at cave entrances and key vantage points. Automated emergency procedures used by the plasma discs include HHO plasma beam levitation technologies and applications that enable instantaneous teleportation. An astonishing incident in Uniontown, Kentucky leaves no doubt that some kind of instantaneous teleportation event must have occurred in the milliseconds before a point-blank shotgun blast:

On the night of 6 February 1974, at Uniontown, a woman... was sitting in her house watching television. About 10 p.m. she heard a noise coming from her porch. The house was set in an isolated and well-wooded area and she... picked up her 16-gauge shotgun... She turned on the outside light and, stepping onto the porch, found a 7-foot, hairy Bigfoot standing 6 feet from her. It raised both hands above its head and [she], assuming it was going to jump at her, reacted instantly by firing at its midriff. There was a brilliant flash like a photographer's flashbulb and the creature had disappeared, leaving no trace whatsoever.

Impressive technological feats such as the blinding teleportation event described in Uniontown, involve precisely-controlled applications of HHO plasma bursts that emit high-intensity infrared and ultraviolet-A light during the moment of teleportation, in that case having been executed automatically by onboard computers monitoring the Sasquatch's activities and the nerve responses of the homeowner. Such perplexing incidents, given a broader consideration, reveal that transdimensional technologies are in control of the giant Sasquatch hybrids who conduct raids and attacks on behalf of controlling entities.

Above Tepozlan, Mexico in 1992, contactee Carlos Diaz recorded close-range video of a luminous craft emitting an HHO plasma beam used for the levitation of plant, animal and mineral samples, as well as the transport of passengers aboard the ship (above). Diaz described the plasma as 'light':

At different opportunities during my encounters I experienced how a beam of light shot out of the craft. This beam of light has the purpose to bring insects, plants, pollen, small and bigger animals aboard the ship, and sometimes we too, my friend and I, were brought aboard by such a ray... The first time he invited me consciously to go into a ship, I saw my friend getting in first. He went through this fog-like light.

Obviously, the witness lacked adequate vocabulary to describe his transdimensional experiences with HHO plasma and the associated enhancement of metabolic processes that induce cell regeneration and extend human lifespans by hundreds of years. HHO plasma technology is also used in mutilations.

Most cases involving high-tech human mutilations bearing similarities to the Ural mountains massacres have been effectively covered-up by law enforcement authorities in every country of the world, yet rare exceptions have been exposed. Rare public documentation of electrosurgical human mutilation include many detailed photographs of a mutilated human corpse discovered in 1994 near the Guarapiranga reservoir in So Paulo, Brazil. The weight of evidence in this disturbing homicide case implicates the aerial abduction and fatal mutilation of a middle-aged man whose remains exhibited several physical anomalies including ear, flesh, muscle and organ removal as well as circular 'hole-punch' excisions.

Previous discoveries of highly radioactive corpses bearing remarkably clean, bloodless laser-surgical excisions of tissue and complete blood drainage have been reported in cases of livestock mutilations that have taken place in the general vicinity of infrasound standing wave vortices worldwide. On many occasions, carcasses of very large animals such as an 800lb bull been dropped from aerial positions above the trees, with tree branches caught between the animals legs and often leaving deep bounce-marks on the ground that explain why no blood or tracks are found around the mutilated carcass.

Ranchers of northeastern Utah have suffered repeated spates of livestock mutilations that seem to cluster in a wide area surrounding one particular ranch that has apparently been the focus of a great variety of unexplained luminous aerial phenomena, often associated with encounters with fearsome extraterrestrial entities, or 'demon hoards'. The property has become known as Skinwalker Ranch, after the Native Ute name for malevolent entities that stalk the area, recognized as cursed land by the Elders who maintain tribal memory of continually strange encounters and serial mutilations there.

Unaware of the history, the Sherman family purchased Skinwalker Ranch in 1994 and endured repeated inexplicable occurrences involving flashes of light, levitation and teleportation of objects in the house and in the skies above, as cattle were serially mutilated, exsanguinated and dropped back into their pasture. Aerial spheres that variably shown with a bright orange, white or blue radiance often accompanied appearances of several varieties of monstrous creatures, including Sasquatch, that preyed upon the cattle, horribly mutilating 14 of 80 head during the Shermans' traumatic two-year residence.

One of the most unnerving attacks involved a huge dire wolf, an apparently extinct species of giant North American wolf from the Pleistocene period. The animal betrayed the appearance of a corpse being remotely-animated by an unseen aerial object, as gunfire did not evoke a response from the massive attacking wolf, whose bloodless gaping injuries reinforced its entirely unnatural presence. The following morning, footprints of the beast were followed from the scene of the cow mutilation to the spot where they vanished in the middle of an open field, as if the giant wolf had been levitated into one of the many lens-shaped plasma craft that often hover above the trees adjacent to the pasture.

A decision to sell the ranch in 1996 became imperative for the Sherman family after a lethal nighttime incident with a small, blue remotely-controlled aerial sphere that flew near ground level, actively drawing the ranchers' three dogs into the forest. Once secluded, the luminous sphere instantaneously liquefied the canines with a high-intensity plasma beam, leaving three piles of radioactive residue that went unscavenged. Having drawn unwanted public attention, Skinwalker Ranch was quickly purchased by Las Vegas millionaire Robert Bigelow, known CIA operator and owner of Bigelow Aerospace.

Using the Bigelow-established National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) front organization, the CIA established a comprehensive surveillance/research project and cover-up operation that only discloses marginal evidence to quell public interest. Selected events that have been made public include an ice circle formation in a shallow pond in 2002 and an interesting photograph taken on September 28, 2010 that captured three silvery discs hovering in formation behind a funnel cloud of millions of insects being sucked upward into a cloudless sky (above).

The NIDS operation setup research stations in the centers of each of the ranch's three large fields; fenced enclosures with 10-foot-tall razor-wire adjacent to elevated watch posts housing infrared video and audio surveillance equipment (above, circled in white). Slaughterhouse blood was poured onto the ground, while bait animals and even research personnel were placed in the monitored containment sites during overnight research experiments. Of course, results from the stake-outs have not been released.

The complete range of extraterrestrial phenomena that regularly occur in the vicinity of the ranch keep investigators guessing as to the origin and interrelation of incidents involving all manner of monstrosities. One factor clearly unifies the events as closely related -the location itself. Such bizarre circumstances beg the question that has gone unanswered by prior research: what is so special about the ranch site?

Localized infrasound is a barely perceptible force that has drawn and focused strange predatory activity into this area for thousands of years. Skinwalker Ranch, Utah (40.258N 109.888W) is 6,993 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, a distance comprising 28.09% of the Earth's mean circumference of 24,892 miles. A global network of infrasound standing waves converges along distinct axes such as this resonant distance band at 28.0%, often perceived as low, omnidirectional rumbling at the ranch.

The ranch is located above an ancient cave system that has been artificially augmented and occupied by a malevolent consortium of extraterrestrial races that orchestrate aerial attacks. Often, Sasquatch have been deployed from aerial craft to distract and terrorize a farmhouse with horrid screams at the exact time and location where multiple mutilations were reported to local police the following morning.

The silent appearance of luminous aerial objects has been closely linked with serial mutilation activities involving HHO plasma beam levitation into the craft, followed by paralyzation of prey during rapid exsanguination and excision of the rectum, reproductive organs and mammary glands. Forensic investigation of tissue anomalies in mutilated cattle conducted by Dr. J. Altshuler have reported on bloodless excisions with perfectly serrated circular or oval edges in which hemoglobin has been cooked at over 300F without carbon traces. As previously documented on scorched bedsheet samples from a plasma beam levitation case in Brazil, HHO plasma is responsible for such unusual trace evidence.

In conjunction with rising planetary infrasound resonance at Native American sacred sites throughout the continent, shocking incidents involving animal mutilation have also been drastically increasing in number over the past several decades, providing strong evidence for a reinterpretation of enigmatic red ochre petroglyph murals in southeastern Utah, especially Barrier, Horseshoe and Sego Canyons.

The main mural located high on a Sego Canyon rock wall depicts what appear to be very tall beings levitating into the air towards vertical formations of large, glowing aerial spheres or disc-shaped craft hovering low in the sky (above). Standing waves converge on the bulbous heads of the looming figures, depicted with large, ominous circular eyes reminiscent of eyewitness descriptions of the red glowing eyes of the many large predatory extraterrestrial entities that stalk Skinwalker Ranch.

Forming a jagged cut through the barren, rocky landscape of southeastern Utah, Nine Mile Canyon contains a procession of Native American sacred sites including many rock shelters, pitted milling stones and multiple petroglyph mural sites that denote hidden caves and further underground sacred sites. Many of the secrets of these special sites have been lost during centuries of genocide.

One of the largest petroglyph murals in Nine Mile Canyon depict what appear to be floating humanoids with short arms, wearing large helmets surmounted by antennae (above). What's more, these antennae are connected by lines that give the appearance of an electrical arc passing between them. A serpent takes the form of a sine wave rising between the two large figures, referencing psychoacoustic influences of sacred locations where infrasound standing waves converge and resonate within canyon walls. As commonly used among ancient cultures the world over, an undulating snake symbolizes the sacred bioelectrical capacity of DNA in all living cells to transmute the energy of the sun.

Piezoelectric quartz crystals comprising the resonant sandstone bedrock of the region transduce the incident infrasound into an electric charge that enhances electromagnetic fields within the deep canyon. This feature of the sites were recognized by all indigenous cultures as greatly enhancing spiritual communication with the other unseen dimensions of reality, forming the basis for drumming ceremonies facilitating tri-thalamic entrainment at the fundamental 1.45Hz heartbeat frequency.

The sacred rock art engravings of Nine Mile Canyon include explicit depictions of infrasound standing waves converging on concentric circles (below), relating ancient knowledge of this nearly imperceptible force that so powerfully engages Spirit within particular vortical alignments. The common modern misunderstanding that such simple geometric symbols may have conveyed any variety of meanings among past cultures is denied by the overwhelming similarity of trance-induced cultural practices from all parts of the world. The specific and repeated set of deeply-rooted transcultural associations that define these symbols is consistent throughout the world according to advanced wisdom concerning the sacred alignment of consciousness within the unified infrasound gravity field enveloping Earth.

These stationary infrasound vortices provide optimal conditions for aerial ionization of the large convex hulls of transdimensional plasma craft, allowing perpetual restoration of electrical power for constant operation. Imperceptible surveillance activities by plasma probes above defensive positions leave only an infrared signature that is brightly visible to sensitive Sasquatch eyes, yet invisible to humans of the present-day. This silent and usually invisible aerial presence can emit beams of high-energy radiation.

A slew of unexplained occurrences have been witnessed by researchers in Sylvanic, BC. Their first surprise episode took place during the team's winter 2006 expedition, when a roll of color film in the photographer's camera became overexposed to a high-intensity energy beam that ruined every image. While this caused confusion for the researchers, this exact scenario has been reported on several occasions by photographers with a documented history of UFO encounters, especially Eduard Meier.

On another day hike into Sylvanic Valley in 2008, the group heard and witnessed the killing of their dog that had broken away from the group to chase a rabbit. This prohibited act was met with lethal force as a Sasquatch broke the dog's backbone with a single blow before disappearing instantaneously.

Todd Standing also recorded the strange circumstances of a winter 2007 Sasquatch encounter: "When he sees me he drops the food and stalks around, then goes into a full sprint for about 2 km, then walks for about 300m and the tracks disappear in the middle of an open area with no trees around. We are baffled." Similar experiences have often been reported by highly-skilled Native American trackers for uncounted centuries, and witnessed more than once at Skinwalker Ranch.

An insightful series of field experiments conducted by the Sylvanic Valley research group were disclosed in the Sylvanic Bigfoot documentary, facilitating penetration of the valley's strategic defenses on multiple occasions that provided footage of the giants. Upon consideration of the strong likelihood of infrared sensitivity in the Sasquatch species, the Sylvanic team biologist created a large, heavy cloth blind that effectively blocked the researchers' heat signature as they entered the hidden valley. Their infrared cloak proved that daylight vision among Sasquatch sentinels relies heavily upon infrared sensing of the heat of human bodies, whereas the giants' color acuity within the light spectrum visible to humans presented a weakness that can be exploited.

These experimental field results suggest that the marginal limitations of Sasquatch daylight vision are related to photopigmentation in prosimian retinae inherited from the paternal progenitor species. While human retinae contain three types of cone photopigments, being trichromatic, visual acuity studies of diurnal lemurs in present-day Madagascar revealed dichromatic retinae that are common to the great majority of prosimian clades. The dichromatic photopigments of contemporary lemurs are limited to a short-wavelength cone pigment with peak sensitivity at 437nm, and a single class of cone in the middle to long wavelengths with peak sensitivity at 545nm (Jacobs & Deegan, 2005).

In the case of nocturnal Sasquatch, the functional limits of dichromatic daylight vision account for the remarkable success of simple infrared blinding strategies developed and extensively field-tested by the Sylvanic research collective. Trichromatic vision among humans provides a subtle edge during daylight encounters with the nighttime-adapted giants, whose inability to distinguish subtleties in bright lighting conditions affords an opportunity to approach them without being seen.

During the hours of darkness when Sasquatch are most active, an especially frightening feature of the entities' eyes has been reported on many occasions -a startling bright red illumination that can be made to slowly pulse on and off, to hypnotic effect. The retinae of all nocturnal animals possess a highly-reflective outer coating called the tapetum lucidum which, among lemurs and other prosimians, consists of a microlayer of riboflavin crystals and fibers. However, the complex cascade process that generates the intense red eye glow often reported during nighttime Sasquatch encounters is generated by an entirely distinct bioelectric effect that has escaped all prior detection.

While rods and cones line the outermost layer of the mammalian eye, a separate class of microvillar photoreceptors has also been identified in the innermost ganglion layer of the retina. Approximately 1-2% of retinal ganglion cells (shown in yellow, above) possess a microvillar membrane that connects to an axon that transmits electrical impulses. This tertiary class of photoreceptors regulate reflexive responses to daylight, such as pupillary reflexes, and participate in circadian photoentrainment involving the suppression of melatonin release from the pineal gland during daylight hours.

The cascade process of light transduction into electrical impulses by photosensitive retinal ganglion cells involves the photopigment melanopsin (Hattar et al, Berson et al, 2002; Gomez et al, 2009), which replicates the activity of rhodopsins in the rhabdomeric phototransduction cascade processes of invertebrate eyes (Graham et al, 2008). Melanopsin-expressing ganglion photoreceptors transduce light via a calcium-dependent phospholipase C cascade triggered by guanine nucleotide-binding proteins (Gp). Researchers concluded that inositol triphosphate (IP3) receptors in the photosensitive microvillar membranes act as Ca2+ ion channels, after experimental interference with these specific mechanisms resulted in direct suppression of the photocurrent (Angueyra et al, 2012).

These conclusions were realized through study of amphioxus, the most basal species of chordates, revealing that the melanopsin-based signaling cascades of vertebrate eyes developed directly from rhodopsin-based rhabdomeric signaling cascades, wherein coupling of photon absorption to ion channel gating is triggered by Gp. Calcium required for phospholipase C transduction is released from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) via IP3-sensitive channels. Regulatory calcium stores of the ER are constantly being replenished by another previously unrecognized fundamental process involving low energy nuclear conversions induced in the circulatory system as dimensional phonon resonance interactions during the binding of monatomic metals and gases:

During blood circulation... potassium atoms within eruthrocytes maintain rhythmic temperature fluctuations between 37-38C that trigger the resonant conversion reaction. Each oxygen-bound atom of potassium isotope (K41) releases a single hydrogen atom during the formation of stable atoms of calcium isotope (Ca40):

When potassium is heated to 37.8C , oxygen atoms bound to potassium K41 resonate at 3,773,180 Hz matching the exact atomic diameter and corresponding phonon frequency of H1 at rest (20C). Calcium is produced within the retina as potassium within erythrocytes flows into cooler capillaries of the eye, circulating through the fine mesh of blood vessels lining the backside of the retina (above). This controlled temperature drop triggers atomic reactions releasing hydrogen into the bloodstream as potassium becomes converted into stable calcium. By this previously unidentified resonant pathway, stable calcium is produced in retinal blood vessels and stored within the ER of all retinal cells.

Resonant temperature-induced nuclear reactions become enhanced under natural barefoot conditions of bioelectrification, which excite reactive oxygen species (ROS) processes that effectively increase the available induction energy for the great variety of elemental conversions constantly taking place throughout the body, including atomic recombinations of potassium into calcium in retinal capillaries.

Studies identifying biophoton emission from the human eye affirm that the photocurrent transduction process constitutes a two-way pathway, whereby enhanced conditions of bioelectrification within caves or pyramid chambers generate electroluminosity within retinal ganglion cells. This reversed cascade process is driven by increased calcium production from electro-enhanced low energy nuclear reactions that become resonantly excited by positron/electron emission from decaying reaction products.

A critical threshold is surpassed as strong electrical currents are applied to the body, whereby the normal direction of photocurrent passing from retinal ganglion cells to the optic nerve is reversed, with ion cascade signals being transmitted to the microvillar membrane, inducing luminescence in retinal ganglion cells. The specific wavelengths of light emitted by the microvilli are determined by their structural characteristics, with the abundance of reported cases involving red eye glow, while a minority if cases report orange, yellow, gold and even green eye glow.

Biophotons emitted from retinal ganglion cells under electro-stimulation conditions become focused by the lens of the eye into a beam that can be seen clearly at a distance. Previously discussed eyewitness accounts of Sasquatch bioelectrification movements in the glacial steam caves below Mt. Rainier, Washington seem to demonstrate natural conditions for enhanced ionization and red eye glow.

The glowing eyes of Sasquatch reported in hundreds of sightings can now be accounted for as an artificial effect of exposure to nanopulsed HHO plasma environments maintained within the plasma ships and emitted by their plasma beam levitation systems that have been described often by various eyewitnesses in association with sightings of Grays, Sasquatch, and giant Draco reptilians in alarming incidents involving transdimensional 'high strangeness'.

In a growing number of Sasquatch encounters, eyewitnesses have reported gradual and sometimes rapid changes in the intensity of illumination of the large monstrous eyes, as if remotely-controlled on a dimmer switch. Reports of red glowing eyes among multiple Sasquatch have described the glow shifting from one pair of eyes to another, suggesting that some unseen aerial object is directing an ionization beam upon the Sasquatch individuals to choreograph their unnerving retinal displays.

Recognition of the red glow of 'demonic' eyes as a signal overload reversal of the retinal ganglion photoreceptor cascade by enhanced ionization, from natural or artificial ion sources, requires the identification of essential calcium-producing resonant atomic reactions perpetually triggered in the bloodstream. Rapid ionization of the body induces an immediate and dramatic increase in the conversion rate of iron into calcium in red blood cells, effectively reversing electrical signal flow through the optic nerve, inducing the unnatural retinal ganglion glow (above).

A coherent synthesis of the multiple aspects of an extended extraterrestrial presence on our planet reveals an ancient predatory agenda that has been technologically imposed on all of Earthly humanity for tens of thousands of years by a nefarious group of extraterrestrial humanoid races including the giant hybrid Sasquatch, giant Nephilim, diminutive Grays, and their reptilian keepers. The genetic manipulation of multiple species of foreign humanoids in conjunction with management of large subterran human populations appears closely linked with the global livestock mutilation phenomena.

The role of the Sasquatch hybrids appears to be one of forced involvement in serial predatory activities orchestrated by several technologically-advanced interplanetary species. Genomic DNA sequencing confirms that the Sasquatch species is a genetically engineered human-hybrid 'sentinel' endowed with great physical strength, stamina, infrasound auditory perception and acute infrared visual perception. Several of the brutes are deployed as Shadow Guardians at hidden entrances to underground bases, often dispatched for agressive protection of natural resources in their cave's immediate vicinity.

Synthesis of ancient Native American knowledge with next generation forensic investigation offers a broader view of the artificial subterranean origin of the hybrid species and the consortium of malevolent intelligences that must have embedded themselves deep in the Earth's crust millennia ago. Continual advances in DNA processing and analysis drive our growing acknowledgement of subterran realms.

Future DNA sampling of Central and South American Sasquatch populations may support a subterran origin, for as with every other inhabited continent of the world, a long history of abductions, attacks and mutilations has also been endured in these regions. Farm communities of Entre Rios, Formosa and Suco, Argentina have reported a major escalation in livestock mutilation activity in recent years. Many reports involving unexplained drainage of large water tanks, reservoirs, ponds and pools are also increasing, with a few cases involving eyewitness accounts of siphoning by luminous aerial objects.

The cultural wealth of ancestral knowledge concerning subterranean cities and sacred sites is slowly being recovered from the most densely forested parts of the planet. The Amazon jungle has yielded special ancient megalithic sites such as San Agustin, Colombia, where many large dolmen with carved standing stones depict human-simian hybrid figures. One particularly striking representation of a male Sasquatch baring its fangs displays their distinctive broad, flat nose, heavy brow and low hairline, (above). The hairy giant is wearing a hemispheric helmet surmounted by standing wave arcs that connect one small head to another in telepathy. Colombian museums display gold psychoacoustic helmets of the Quimbaya and Tayrona cultures originally used within resonant pyramid chambers.

Monumental statuary of human-hybrid Sasquatch have also just recently been reported in the context of an entire lost ancient city with dozens of plazas and pyramids hidden below the jungle canopy of the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. A breathtaking LiDAR survey reveals the full extent of the city that had been partly excavated, including the existence of cave entrances hidden by dense forest undergrowth. Discovery of the lost city by Theodore Morde in 1940 had been covered-up after his murder in London. The newly rediscovered White City (15.24N 83.50W) is 7,094 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt; a resonant distance that represents 28.50% of the Earth's mean circumference.

Photographs of the giant simian figures carved in the White City limestone have not been included in initial press releases, but their description clearly matches ancient megalithic statues from nearby Colombia suggesting a direct cultural relationship. The sacred waterworks of these precisely geopositioned ancient cities and cave systems were designed as piezoelectric crystalline purification systems, exemplified by the cleansing canals, baths and divining pools at San Agustin.

San Agustin, Colombia (4.84N 73.28W) is situated 6,912 miles from the Great Pyramid, comprising exactly 27.77% or 5/18 of the Earth's mean circumference. Infrasound standing waves focused by the axis-symmetric pyramid structures are transduced by the local bedrock into an enhanced electromagnetic field that kills all pathogens in the water supply and the bathers themselves.

Enhanced ionization in stone chambers at these ancient sacred sites naturally stimulates biophoton emission from retinal ganglion cells, seen as a golden glow in the eyes of spiritual adepts who once meditated barefoot on the pyramid stones. Ancient veneration of blood at pyramid sites takes on a renewed significance in light of the atomic reactions that induce luminosity in the retina.

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