Mandala Formation in Wooster, Ohio

Soybean Crop Circle Spotted in Wayne County, Ohio
October 15, 2007

Preliminary report based on information compiled by Jeffrey Wilson
Director of "ICCRA Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association"

On October 15, 2007, Aaron C. Clark reported that a friend of his discovered and photographed a crop circle formation while flying to Wayne County Airport, north of Wooster in the US state of Ohio on September 23.

The formation is made of a smaller central circle with an outer ring and three spiral-path curling inwards, creating a kind of Celtic-styled design in a field of soybeans. So far no one was able to investigate the formation on the ground. The available aerial picture however does show that a track into/out of the formation leading to the tree line. Someone has been inside this formation already. There haven't been any news reports about it as far as I can tell. There also appears to be a pathway from the lower right spiral to the circle in the centre of the formation. This could have been made by the visitor(s), or it could have been part of the formation originally.

The soybeans were already turning yellow at the time the photo was taken. By now, chances are pretty good that all the leaves have fallen off the soybean plants - and there is a good chance that with the dry weather, the field could already be harvested. We might have a difficult time tracking down the location of this formation...

Further investigations are pending...


This mandala formation in soybeans near Wooster, Ohio is a beautifully rendered symbol with three logarithmic spirals adjoined to located These formations are warning humanity of the resonant planetary changes that are the result of increasing solar flare activity that is preceding the next magnetic polar reversal of the sun, which will result in a reversal here on Earth as predicted by the indigenous wisdom of our native Elders as well as various solar scientists.

The ancient Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt are ambiently focusing this oncoming energy into precise cymatic patterns of infrasound standing waves that envelope the planet. Wooster, Ohio (40.77N 82.00W) is 5,959 miles from Giza, a distance that is 23.94% of the Earth's mean circumference of 24,892 miles. This same effect is simultaneously occurring with waves of piezoelectric firestorms in Ratria, India, Messina, Italy, Bodibe, South Africa, Seattle and Santa Barbara, USA.