Infrasound Fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Unexplained Ground Heat Burns Boy's Feet

Bill Folsom for KOAA.com
June 3, 2008

There was no fire, but the ground was hot enough in a Colorado Springs park to burn through an eight year old boy's shoes and cause at least second degree burns on his feet. The boy went the hospital. His Crocs style shoes that were left behind have big holes with burned edges.

Firefighters want to know what's causing the ground to get so hot near Golden Hills Park in the Rockrimmon neighborhood. Battalion Chief, Kent Matthews says, "In my twenty-four years I haven't witnessed this kind of occurrence. So it's unique."

After the boy was treated and sent to the hospital firefighters took surface readings that showed hard to believe temperatures. According to Chief Matthews, "The highest temperature we got at the surface of the soil with the sun shining on it was 800 degrees, which is pretty darn significant. Radiant heat from the sun will get it up around 150, 160 degrees, but not to that level."

Firefighters have taped off the area and are monitoring it until they can figure out what's causing the ground to get so hot. Tests by hazmat team members show there are no dangerous gases. Crews have cut a fire-line around the area to prevent the heat from potentially starting a wildfire.

Early assessments show the problem area is coal dust. Neighbors say the area has appeared blackened as long as they can remember. What has to be determined is if it was dumped here years ago or if there's something happening underground. Crews from the state geological are on the way to figure out an explanation.


The unusual characteristics of this fire are similar to spates of fires that have been raging in various parts of the world, all caused by an ultra low-frequency infrasound resonance. In dozens of recent events of this kind, standing waves of infrasound have caused the heating of the ground, which then ignites any flammable objects in contact with the metal. In some cases, like that of Los Padres State Park near Santa Barabara, California, the ground was heated to near 600F degrees igniting wildfires and setting off landslides. Other related damage incurred by this infrasound resonance was recorded by airplanes near the Denver Int'l Airport directly north of Colorado Springs.

In this case in the Rockrimmon area of Colorado Springs, the child was burned and his plastic shoes melted by the 800F degree temperatures reached by the ground through piezoelectric transduction of focused infrasound. Scientists testing the area will not discover the source of the fires until the ultra low frequency (ULF) resonance is detected. The infrasound standing waves causing these types of fires are focused by the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, which is 6,861 miles from Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs, CO (38.92N 104.82W). This distance is 27.56% of the Earth's mean circumference distance of 24,892 miles, nearly 5/18ths of the global circumference.

This location's infrasound standing wave resonance was first scientifically described by Nikola Tesla during his field laboratory work in Colorado Springs from an 1896-1900. Tesla's lab notes, published by the Tesla Museum in 1978, included a lengthy observation of lightening storm behavior that lead to what he acknowledged to be his greatest achievement: "Discovery of "Stationary Waves" made July 3, 1899." Tesla's infrasound discovery sheds light on what is now occurring in the Colorado Springs area over 100 years later, eventually requiring a complete evacuation of the general area.

The extreme heating effects of Earth's infrasound resonance will be growing erratically in relation to the increasing solar activity and requires the complete evacuation of these focal areas. Other recently affected areas in Africa include Mapuve and Bodibe in South Africa and Babura, Nigeria.

In various other cases, vibrating cellphones and shavers have spontaneously ignited by this same effect, as reported in Vallejo, California; the Berici Hills of northern Italy and in Messina, Sicily. Other infrasound focal points include Ratria, India; Seattle, San Mateo and Santa Barbara, USA.