Resonance in the Binary System Cycle

Beetlejuice Subliminals & the Astronomy of 666

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
April 3, 2016 - Updated Janaury 27, 2018

The timing of cosmic events involving the prophecied appearance of the brown dwarf binary companion of our sun is an astronomical riddle that can only be solved by direct observations of the object by infrared telescopes.

In 2011, the Vatican completed installation of a pair of infrared telescopes for 'Project Lucifer' at the large observatory on Mt. Graham, Arizona, secretly tasked with tracking the position of the brown dwarf solar companion. Critical observations of dramatic stellar activity occurring in the Orion constellation have also been kept from the general public.

Supercomputer models of our binary solar system generated using these IR stellar observations of the brown dwarf companion star and the red supergiant Betelgeuse have provided high-probability dates for the impact of a supernova from the Orion constellation. This major event threatens to reignite the extinguished corona of the brown dwarf to become a red dwarf star.

The astronomical indicators of such a terrifying event have been restricted from public access, with just one scientific study and one mainstream newsmedia article reported in 2009 documenting the extremely rapid contraction of the red giant star Betelgeuse while downplaying the probability of imminent collapse and supernova.

Preventive measures were taken decades ago by CIA scriptwriters to produce big-budget Hollywood films for mass mind-programming via transmission of subliminal messages. The most obvious example of this mental manipulation relevant to our subject is the popular 1988 Hollywood film Beetlejuice, produced to deride the science revealing the imminent Betelgeuse supernova in the constellation of Orion.

Notice the film title includes three sets of standing waves on the top and bottom of the logo. The name of the film and its main character, 'Beetlejuice' (a zombie raised from the dead, played by Michael Keaton) is an obvious distortion of the stellar name 'Betelgeuse' --but why?

In both the 'tv commercial' and 'graveyard' scenes, the zombie character stands below a Vegas-style billboard reading 'Betelgeuse'. This is not the name of the main character, but the name of a red giant star.

The character's actual name --'Beetlejuice'-- is stated three times to call on the undead entity. This serves to fix the name in the minds of the audience, which is a mispronunciation of the name for the star, purposefully confusing the actual name. When called upon, the zombie emerges from a grave marked with a tombstone reading "here lies Betelgeuse", a clever double-entendre as 'lies' are being peddled.

The dead persona of 'Beetlejuice' subliminally informs the audience that the star Betelgeuse is dead!

The psy-op film Beetlejuice actually makes direct reference to the shrinking action of the red giant star Betelgeuse in one scene where the character Beetlejuice experiences the sudden shrinking of his own head, after swapping out his service ticket starting with a string of 9s:

The possibility of imminent stellar collapse was thoroughly addressed in the article 'Betelgeuse & the Red Dawn', published by this author in August of 2009. 'Imminent' in stellar terms refers to the likelihood of the star going supernova in the next 20 years or so. More recent data on the progressive collapse of Betelgeuse has not been forthcoming from academic circles, in a concerted effort to hide these significant facts and implications from the general public.

In addition, vague disinformation articles were widely disseminated online to dismiss the reality and significance of the imminent stellar collapse of Betelgeuse. Notice how the author refuses to directly reference his sources, stating "An anonymous poster there says he has heard that the star Betelgeuse is about to go supernova, maybe as soon as a few weeks." The disinfo author cleverly avoids mentioning the article by this author that brought up the main subject of his uninformed rant.

Accurate astronomical details concerning the long elliptical orbital cycle of the brown dwarf solar companion were first published by extraterrestrial contactee Eduard "Billy" Meier in 1986. A more precise calculation of the binary solar cycle was realized when considering the mathematical significance of the 11-year solar maximum cycle as reverberations of the regular passing of the brown dwarf companion.

Applying the concept of resonance to binary system dynamics, numerical calculations support the likelihood of a 36,666 year binary solar cycle, involving the reignition of the brown dwarf companion sun as a red dwarf. This unprecedented event will likely induce the Magnetic Reversal of our solar system resulting in the enhanced luminosity of twin suns described by indigenous wisdom as the change of the worlds.

The repetition of 6s in the binary cycle figure of 36,666 years reflects the binary operation of the Gravity Motor invented by Nikola Tesla, and reveals the nature of the famous Tesla quote on "the magnificence of 3s, 6s, and 9s." Binary star system dynamics mirror the essential electron/proton duality of all matter, and is replicated by the rotary action of Tesla's double-drum Gravity Motor, later named the Rotating Field Amplifier (or RFA). This hidden connection is also encrypted in the numerical designation of 4666 given to the series of psychic readings spoken in trance by the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce.

The resonant magnificence of 3s and 6s is also reflected in the negative aspect by the Satanic obsession with the number 666, and the closely related Masonic obsession with 33rd degree, etc... These coded numbers have real-world applications to the astronomical cycles of our planet that have become obscured by false associations with evil forces that are so often repeated in mainstream drivel.

These binary system dynamics may also reflect the numerical relationships marking the closing of one cycle and the commencing of another. Consider the elapse of the Mayan Baktun calendar cycle on the solstice date of December 21, 2012. This date marked Solar Maximum and periapsis (the point of closest proximity) of our sun and its invisible brown dwarf companion, now located in the constellation of Leo.

The 11-year solar cycle elapses 3,333 times during each binary cycle of 36,666 years, which completed on December 21, 2012. A full 5.5 years comprising one half of the solar cycle will have elapsed from December 21, 2012 to June 21, 2018, which is 36,671.5 years from the previous periapsis of our binary system. The numbers 3, 5, 11, and 36,671 are all primes. 3 and 5 are also Fibonacci numbers.

The periodic cycle of Geomagnetic Reversal occurs with every other periapsis at Solar Minimum, comprising two full binary cycles of our solar system lasting 73,333 years (36,666.6... x 2 = 73,333.3...). 73,333 is also a prime number. Extensive research has revealed the great significance of prime numbers in calculating resonant solar and planetary cycles, and especially Fibonacci numbers that are primes.

The total eclipse of August 21, 2017 visible in the continental US must also be considered a major cosmic sign of oncoming events. Continuing the onslaught of cosmic signs now unfoding was a massive X-11 Solar Flare unleashed on September 6, 2017:

A special visual stellar and planetary alignment (as seen from Earth) in the constellations of Virgo (the virgin) and Leo (the lion) is given the first lines of Revelation 12, specifically marks the date of September 23, 2017 as the beginning of the period of great tribulation as a gesatation period lasting exactly 9 months that precede the events of the Red Dawn:

The Woman and the Dragon:
A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun,
with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.
She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. (Revelation12 v1&2)

Precisely nine months from the Bible Alignment date of September 23, 2017 is the Summer Solstice of June 22, 2018, which also synchronistically marks the day of Solar Minumum (being 5.5 years from the last Solar Maximum of December 22, 2012).

For anyone interested, this Bible Alignment of September 23, 2017 is also the subject of a prescient song by Dezarie, an intuitive reggae artist from the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (a sacred island that is the birthplace of this author):

A basic timeine of these cosmic signs shows the rapid succession of events that has already begun to unfold in dramatic fashion, while the US Debt Default and following stock market and dollar crash of April/May, 2018 will warn many spiritual seekers that the Red Dawn events are close at hand:

Perhaps June 22, 2018 will bring the dramatic astronomical changes that have been spoken of by spiritually knowledgeable groups for thousands of years prior. The cosmic timing of the Great Purification, as prophecied since ancient times by the indigenous Hopi, Apache and Maya Elders will soon unfold according to the observable cycle of our binary solar system, despite the false pretenses and omissions of government astronomers.

The accumulated karma of the closing cycle of Pisces will soon be burned off by the dramatic commencing of the Age of Aquarius, with two suns illuminating the Red Dawn of the Forever Cycle. Perseverance and inner spiritual strength will be required to make it through the oncoming cataclysmic times preceding the Red Dawn event. Do not loose hope, and always remember "you are stronger than you know":