Human consciousness is now experiencing a great expansion in global awareness concerning the advanced bioelectrical technologies of our worldwide Paleo-Sanskrit motherculture, marking our rapid ascension into a renewed Golden Era.

The greatest application of this advanced knowledge requires high-precision determinations for the entire Periodic Table of Elements, especially those values for atomic masses, densities and thermal expansion coefficients that inform a complete understanding of resonant vibratory relationships, enabling frequency control of rare, naturally occurring phenomena such as acoustic levitation and nuclear transmutation.

Geological observations regarding the prevalent formation of gold deposits within volcanic upthrusts of all kinds have been replicated in simple laboratory experiments that confirm the amazing resonant nuclear recombination process by which the elements that make up the Earth's mantle and crust are continually being converted from one to another.

Natural conditions presented by geothermal upwellings are responsible for converting silver into gold by resonant atomic transmutation reactions that are prevalent within hydrological vents known as geysers. Geysers are active hotsprings that spray jets of highly mineralized water and steam, and often form when groundwater seeping through bedrock fractures is superheated near magma chambers and forced to the surface through overlying fissures and pressure chambers in series.

Alexander Putney's 2013 invention of the artificial Geyser Reactor system applies the same elevated temperature and pressure fluctuations seen in natural geyser systems, while offering precise digital control of frequency tuning to maintain phonon resonance of silver atoms with the gold target element.

Putney's essentially Vedic approach relies upon sets of key observations of many unmistakable patterns witnessed among both biological and geological processes, offering a renewed definition of complex vibratory relationships that vivify the luminous web of life extending throughout the cosmos.

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The Geyser Reactor

(Free eBook, 31 pgs. - 9.5mb PDF)

Geyser Reactor systems safely
convert silver into gold at rates
exceeding 70% during each
2-week cycle in operation!

The atomic mass of gold is roughly twice
that of silver, resulting in a significant and
permanent weight change within the metal as
trapped gas atoms undergo nuclear fusion.

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The Geyser Reactor specifications detail reactor
assembly from widely available component parts to
accommodate gold production goals on all scales.
Multiple reactors can be connected in series to increase
total gold production, capacity and operative efficiency.

Complete formulas and calculation sets are provided
for conversion of silver into gold, precisely accounting
for nuclear recombination patterns of both silver
isotopes Ag107 and Ag109, now easily replicated
in properly configured phonon reactors.