Human beings ascend in knowledge and wisdom by observation and contemplation of the Oneness of all nature surrounding us, perpetually sustained by invisible streams of life force known to the ancients as prana in Sanskrit India; as ch'i or qi in ancient China; as k'u among the Maya. The fine architecture of the isotopes of physical matter presents the fundamental cosmic order that endows the divine luminosity of all living organisms throughout our vast Universe.

Modern physicists have not yet identified the primary source of the photonic and acoustic energies of the spirit or soul from which arises the clear distinction between living and inanimate matter. Vibratory relationships observed among the atoms comprising our bodies and all matter are herein recognized as the essential key for understanding elemental nuclear transmutations, opening the door to a harmonious technological era of atomic resonance.

The symphony of atoms in a crystal lattice generates the dynamic relationships that facilitate the natural low energy conversion of one element into another, as defined by the phonon resonance formula of geologist W. Lussage, realized in 1965. The precise framework of phonon resonance reveals a new class of resonant atomic recombinations that occur at critical temper- ature thresholds, revealing the underlying mechanism for precision temperature regulation in warm-blooded animals and exact temperature range requirements exhibited by the innumerable abundance of lifeforms.

Ancient Aztec and Maya wisdom extolls the life-sustaining properties of human blood as being profoundly connected to the notion of cosmic resonance: "What is the blood that connects stones with soul, men with suns? It is the universal unity, the one creative principle crystallizing into myriad forms, and when liberated by sacrifice it returns to unity." Barefoot contact with the sacred pyramid stones electrically excites the perpetual nuclear fusion and fission reactions taking place between gases and metals in the bloodstream, releasing soft photons in the visible spectrum that constitute the human light body or rainbow body.

The complimentary ancient qi energy balancing systems of Asia maintain medical diagrams of the body's qi meridians that biophysicists have recently identified as a fine network of transparent ducts that optically link all of the organs with the central nervous system. Biophotonic studies have photographed the effective light balancing in the meridian system by traditional acupuncture techniques, recording rhythmic fluctuations in human photon field intensity that directly correspond to the sacred Mayan calendar cycles of 14 days, 1 month, 3 months and 9 months -according to the influence of planetary cycles.

Integration of the tenets of ancient wisdom with the latest findings of biophysics allows mastery of atomic transmutation and a renewed awareness of the light-storing capacity of DNA as nonlinear standing waves form within nucleotide bases, now recognized as an 'exciplex' laser array located both in the cell nucleus and circulating throughout the qi meridian system.

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Chapter 1: Quantum Trappings & Blood Metals

Chapter 2: Qi Meridians, Sweat and Lungs

Chapter 3: Bacterial Digestion and Bone Formation

Chapter 4: Qi Flashes

Chapter 5: Cannabis Smoke & Psychoacoustics

Chapter 6: Nano-iodine vs. Leishmania Protozoa

Chapter 7: Extraterrestrial Elements

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Learn how bioelectric current fuels your light body by
enhancing atomic nuclear conversion rates in your blood.

Identified for the first time, the biophotonic function of
thermoregulation, blood varieties and thermocline migration
are revealed by many distinct resonant nuclear reactions
observed in biological metabolic processes, now easily
replicated in properly configured phonon reactors.