Resonance in the Essene Gospel of Peace

Planetary Resonance & The Holy Stream of Sound

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
May 24, 2014

The Essene Gospel of Peace constitutes an essential record of ancient wisdom preserved in its original form for our education thousands of years after the lifetime of the great teacher known as Jesus. Several fascinating concepts are carefully related in this primary source document describing the teacher's spiritual offerings and his special lifestyle adopted by all members of the Essene Order that aligns quite closely with more ancient Vedic electro-acoustic healing traditions.

Barefoot healing practices of the Essenes were especially undertaken at lakes, ponds, waterfalls, rivers or dry riverbeds for enhanced bioelectrical exposure through direct, prolonged contact with exposed piezoelectric stone. This practice is now scientifically recognizable as a biophotonic healing technique that makes use of low-level electrical ground currents for enhancing resonant nuclear reaction cascades responsible for the subtle luminosity of every living cell.

In fact, biophotonic studies prove the legendary luminosity of the aura of Jesus --often described and depicted by artists as a subtle halo of light over his head or around his body-- resulted from his applied knowledge of highly advanced Vedic principles involving the ingestion of nano-gold and silver colloids referred to as Soma elixir in Vedic texts. Prolonged bioelectrification while drinking electrum colloids also enhances the biophoton emission of eyes, inducing the enigmatic eye-glow typically associated with the appearance of 'angels' and 'demons'.

Offering advanced biomedical knowledge on a practical level, The Essene Gospel of Peace also shares various accounts involving the application of natural remedies, including a vivid description of fasting techniques used in combination with naturally enhanced bioelectrical exposure for the removal of giant parasitic tapeworms. Removal of parasitic influences was regarded as 'casting out the influences of Satan' that toxify the body and promote disease, as opposed to the spiritual 'casting out' of Satanic forces by exorcism (as commonly misunderstood today).

Indeed, the original teachings of Jesus provided simple bioelectrical lifestyles for healing disease that have been largely suppressed. The Catholic practice of 'repenting sins' only focuses on the negative psychology of admitting one's unhealthy actions, diet and lifestyle --yet altogether omitting the simple bioelectrical solutions and medical procedures actually taught by Jesus.

Within the Essene community, Jesus differentiated two distinct forms of baptism using clean water as 'baptism without' (the form of spiritual initiation and cleansing still used by Christians today) and 'baptism within', an entirely different kind of baptism that cleanses the bowels. In fact, Jesus had taught advanced procedures that must surely constitute the oldest reference and most explicit description of an enema. Clearly, removing evil influences was accomplished through deep cleansing of the physical body in conjunction with the profound teaching of spiritual truths.

Penetrating truths contained within the words of The Essene Gospel of Peace were most certainly removed from the Bible, and thereafter marked for suppression by the Vatican as unaltered copies of ancient texts continually resurfaced during the course of two millennia. Omission of such practical health information from the Bible represents a major distortion of the healer's teaching that has finally been exposed through the painstaking efforts of Edmond Székely and other researchers that gained access to the Secret Archives of the Vatican.

Unusual circumstances surrounding the posthumous publication of the final, most tremendous volume of the Essene Gospel attest to the grave dangers overcome by Professor Székely in his controversial revelation of these unique Aramaic records. The cause of Edmond Székely's death in 1979 has not been publicly divulged, arousing suspicions that his unusual arrangements for the posthumous publication of Book Four may have been orchestrated to circumvent death threats issued by Vatican agents that effectively prevented its prior publication with Books 2 & 3.

The odd arrangements made by Székely must have represented a kind of life insurance policy, whereby his translations of sensitive materials from the Secret Archives of the Vatican would be published two years after the event of his death, whatever the circumstances. Denials from the Vatican and Royal Library of the Austrian government concerning the whereabouts of the original Aramaic documents translated by Professor Székely confirm their continuing desperation to hide these most profound wisdom teachings from all of humanity.

The fourth book of The Essene Gospel of Peace, entitled The Teachings of the Elect, delves into the deepest levels of advanced knowledge that cannot be fully understood without extensive preparatory work and meditation on the teachings of spirit. In fact, a seven-year initiation period of intensive physical cleansing, spiritual learning and adherence to the sacred bioelectrical lifestyle was required before this information was shared within the inner circles of the Essene Order.

The final and most profound section of The Teachings of the Elect deals with the advanced Sanskrit concept of Akasha in simple terms accessible to seekers of spiritual truths during the lifetime of Jesus. 'The innermost circle', the core of ancient wisdom concerning Akasha, the field of planetary infrasound resonance, was taught among the Essenes as 'The Holy Streams -of Life, of Sound and of Light' that become focused as 'the gift of life in the humble grass' covering the ground and along watercourses 'there where the rhythm of the world rises and falls'.

These Vedic concepts directly reference the nonlinear planetary field of infrasound standing waves that are imperceptible to the average person, yet can be perceived by many spiritually awakened individuals as a deep rumbling sound that penetrates all matter. The existence of these ultra-low frequencies of planetary resonance was first discovered by Nikola Tesla in 1899, and formed the basis for his free energy producing wireless electrical transmission towers. However, the precise Fibonacci structure of resonant standing waves was only recently defined at Czech Tech University in 2003, revealing tri-frequency oscillation modes within cylindrical resonators.

The Holy Streams of Life, Sound and Light described by Jesus as the 'mystery of mysteries' exactly correspond to Tesla's discovery of terrestrial stationary waves that inform the resonant functioning of the world's ancient pyramid network. Publication of the fourth volume of The Essene Gospel of Peace in 1981 followed the 1978 publication of Tesla's discovery of standing waves in his Colorado Springs Notes, together providing spiritual and scientific information resolving the mystery of mysteries, revealing nonlinear wavepaths of The Holy Streams as the mandala [ zn+1 = zn2 ].

Identification of ley lines and energy vortices as convergence points of infrasound standing waves is directly supported by numerous recordings of high-amplitude infrasound at pyramid sites and within the tunnel systems below. Healing frequencies perpetually transduced by the pyramids replicate the beneficial physiological influences of trees, which grow into giant fractal antennae amplifying and storing the broad range of cosmic radiations that synchronize human consciousness.

High Vedic knowledge of Nature's symphony resonates throughout the profound words of Jesus, describing the trembling physiological state of Kundalini awakening experienced by Essene adepts:

"And as you embrace your Brother Tree, the power of the Holy Stream of Life
will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might."

From the book The Essene Gospel of Peace

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