Resonant Atomic Reactions and Qi Projection

Qi Master Generates HHO Plasma Flashes Around His Body

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
June 12, 2013 -- Updated July 11, 2013

Ancient healing traditions from various parts of the world have been passed on from master to pupil in hidden temples, kept secret from destructive outer influences for thousands of years. Only a few of these lineages of sacred knowledge have survived to the present day. Adept practitioners of highly complex bioenergetic healing techniques that require a comprehensive knowledge of the qi meridians of the body have been forced into secrecy over the generations of politically motivated persecution.

Bonghan Kim's 1963 identification of a fine network of translucent ducts lining all of the body's organs revealed a tertiary circulatory system that links the previously known vascular and lymphatic systems. Integration of the breakthroughs of biophotonics with the suppressed findings of Bonghan Kim provide the electrophysiological basis for laboratory study of qi meridians and moxibustion therapies.

The BBC television documentary episode 'Ring of Fire: East of Krakatoa' (1987) captures rapid HHO plasma flashes around the body of Javanese Mo Pai Master John Chang (above). These rapid flashes, lasting 2-5 frames, are identified here for the first time as closely linked with resonant atomic transmutation processes that are perpetually induced in the bloodstream.

After Chang completes the qi electro-acupuncture treatment for filmmaker Lorne Blair, he gestures to his navel and perineum explaining "Yin-Yang, positive-negative... when [I flex, they] meet together... this can [generate] electricity". At the moment that Chang begins to bring his hands together, the flash of an electrical discharge can be seen atop his head, in stark contrast with his black hair (above). Flashes also appear on the Mo Pai healer's hair and arms during focused projection of qi.

Blood circulation is controlled by the heart, and it is the mastery of the vascular and pulmonary systems that enable qi focusing, requiring years of meditation to achieve an essential emotional balance. While he casually smokes on the patio, a bright flash streaks from Chang's heart (above) just as he explains: "God has given us all the Yin-Yang polarity, but it takes discipline and meditation to awaken and control it." Mo Pai techniques enable EM induction of resonant atomic reaction cascades in the blood near 37.8C:

Of the over 80 distinct plasma flashes recorded in the 1987 Blair documentary, the great majority appear close to the healer's skin or clothing in areas of the body where large arteries convey blood below skin surfaces. The largest plasma discharges are seen near the healer's head and heart, the carotid artery in the neck, and along the exterior arteries of the arms and legs.

Chang's attainments are the culmination of 18 years of intensive training involving prolonged meditation and isometric muscular exercises practiced in underground chambers, following the strict protocols of his Master Lao, a Chinese emigrant to Java. Documentary video clearly captures HHO plasma orbs and streaks flashing in the air during electro-acupuncture healing and pyrokinesis demos (below). Auto-induced EM fields and semi-levitation (90% weight loss) have also been recorded.

My own experiences with rapid plasma flashes have been previously discussed (see Tesla's Rebirth pgs. 21-24) in comparison with the accounts of Nikola Tesla regarding luminous sparks and flashes during life-threatening situations:

[I]mpulse-driven behavior is a kind of automation of human consciousness, while self-motivated scientific investigation results in a 'brilliant idea' or spiritual cognition that becomes energetically expressed as flashes of light around one's body, precisely following the moment of insight. Tesla acknowledged as much in his breakthrough experiences:

I never had any control over the flashes of light... [that] were, perhaps, my strangest experience and inexplicable. They usually occurred when I found myself in a dangerous or distressing situation or when I was greatly exhilarated. In some instances I have seen all the air around me filled with tongues of living flame. Their intensity, instead of diminishing, increased with time and seemingly attained a maximum when I was about twenty-five years old... these luminous phenomena still manifest themselves from time to time, as when a new idea opening up possibilities strikes me...

Interestingly, despite all of Tesla's close work with electrical standing waves, he did not draw the conclusion that I have arrived at: that these flashes of light are actually airborne plasma discharges moving along the invisible standing waves. This hypothesis is borne out by dozens of luminous flashes that have been captured on video downlink from NASA space missions, later discovered in single frames by video editor Martyn Stubbs:

One particularly interesting frame (above) captures a red/pink plasma discharge streaking across the Earth's thin horizon, amplifying the crescent Earth's reflected light where it is crossed by the discharge. This detail is consistent with the properties of plasma. The multicolor flashes were also observed inside the shuttle and commented on by awestruck astronauts Mark Lee and Steven Smith on live audio/video downlink to mission control, during the 1997 Hubble Repair Mission STS-82:

Mark: What was that flash?... I saw a light flash past me just here. Did you see it?

Steven: ... [Laughs] I just thought it was my imagination.

Mark: Yeah, I saw it too... so it's not. There were two of them. There's another one. What are they?

Steven: I thought I saw the lights flickering in here.

Mark: Who'd be taking pictures? What is this?

Steven: It's just gone past in front of us.

Martyn Stubbs presents dozens of NASA downlink video frames that clearly capture streaking luminous flashes that appear for mere nanoseconds. Most people who see such flashes dismiss them due to the extreme brevity of the experience, but when the flashes occur in series, as recorded on the STS-82 shuttle mission, witnesses are able to reconfirm their observations. The highly charged electrical environment of the space shuttle while in orbit of Earth presents a perfect opportunity to witness and capture the phenomena, while on Earth it occurs more rarely.

The high rate of occurrence of these plasma discharges onboard space shuttles and the ISS has left occupants of space missions reporting sleep loss from bright flashes that are even seen while their eyes are closed. This regular space phenomena has been correctly attributed to the influence of cosmic rays, while the present work further identifies this secondary electrical discharge process that endangers the lives of the crew members as cosmic rays' ignite regenerative HHO plasma.

The near vacuum conditions of space that allow auroral plasma formation were replicated by Tesla and many others in the form of simple vacuum tubes electrified as fluorescent light bulbs. While there is debate over the primary inventor of the fluorescent light blub, Tesla clearly distinguished himself by having invented the wireless fluorescent light bulb --which, despite its obvious practicality, has been successfully suppressed to this day!

Another striking case involves the recent San Francisco airplane crash that claimed 2 lives and injured hundreds on July 6, 2013. The pilot was blinded by a bright flash of light at the critical moment he lost control of the aircraft. The highly ionized airplane was landing in an area of high infrasound resonance at 30.0% of the Earth's mean circumference distance from the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The influence of infrasound resonance has also caused hundreds of spontaneous electrical discharges in the heating systems of airplane windshields that crack the glass during flight and even on the ground. The San Francisco Bay area is well known for its closely related tectonic fault lines, and is now becoming known for infrasound-induced spontaneous fires, such as those that have ignited parked cars and cellphones in nearby San Mateo and Vallejo.

Rapid HHO plasma flashes recorded during the qi electromagnetic healing and pyrokinesis demonstrations of Master John Chang represent the first definitive video documentation of ancient advanced Vedic techniques associated with the root of acupuncture and acupressure therapies. Drinking of sacred waters in conjunction with daily meditation practices in piezoelectric stone temples according to ancient wisdom endows the human body with the crystalline properties of an efficient electrical capacitor that can be discharged during qi projection.

As witnessed in Longview, Texas on 9/9/9 (above), intensifying ground-level HHO plasma discharges are presently activating the monumental stone temples of our ancestors, calling our hearts into sacred alignment. Within stone temple chambers, electro-stimulation of the qi meridians of the body ignites the nuclear fire of resonant atomic transmutation cascades that vitalize all living beings.

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