Infrasound Fires in Mapuve, South Africa

Mystery Fires Hit Village

Victor Hlungwani for Sowetan News
November 08, 2007

The community of Mapuve, outside Giyani in Limpopo, is living in fear after mysterious fires burnt 14 houses in the past few days.

The fires destroyed properties and left many villagers homeless. The mystery fires started last week. When they initially started, the villagers did not take them seriously. But when more houses were burnt down, they began suspecting that someone was responsible.

It is not yet known who or what caused the fires. At least 14 thatched-roof houses have burnt down so far. All attempts by villagers to extinguish the fires had allegedly failed.

Now the community wants a solution to "this frightening problem".

"Community structures, including police, met in the village yesterday to try and establish the cause of the fires, but the meeting yielded nothing," said community spokesman Steven Maswanganyi.

He said that shortly after the meeting another house burnt down.

"Each time a house catches fire, we rush to assist but because we do not have the equipment nor the training, we are unable to rescue anything from the houses," he said.

Nelly Chavalala, another villager who also lost two huts on different days, said: "We always hear loud explosions and when we look at the top of the roof we see a blaze and the fire never gives us time to collect our belongings."

A fire station manager in Giyani, Risenga Mashimbye, yesterday confirmed receiving calls from the community on a daily basis since last week about the mystery fires...


The unusual characteristics of these fires are similar to spates of fires that have been raging in various parts of the world, all caused by an ultra low-frequency infrasound resonance. In myriad recent cases of this kind, standing waves of infrasound have caused the heating of metals, which then ignite any flammable objects in contact with the metal. In some cases metal car doors have ignited their plastic framing.

The infrasound standing waves causing these types of fires are focused by the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, which is 3,662 miles from Mapuve, South Africa (23.29S 30.64E). This distance is 14.71% of the Earth's mean circumference distance of 24,892 miles. The pyramids of Giza are due North along the 30th longitude, showing this area of Lalapansi to be in exact alignment with the south faces of the ancient pyramids.

This infrasound resonance will be growing erratically in relation to the increasing solar activity and requires the complete evacuation of these focal areas. Other affected areas in this region include Lalapansi, Zimbabwe and Bodibe, South Africa. Babura, Nigeria has also been greatly affected in western Africa.

In various other cases, vibrating cellphones and shavers have spontaneously ignited by this same effect, as reported in Vallejo, California; the Berici Hills of northern Italy and in Messina, Sicily. Other infrasound focal points include Ratria, India; Seattle, San Mateo and Santa Barbara, USA.