Resonant Standing Waves in the Martian Atmosphere

Standing Waves Generate Carbon Tornadoes on Martian Dry Ice

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
November 10, 2012

Spectacular tornadoes have been photographed tearing across the barren red Martian landscape. Tornadoes and dust devils that strip red dust from the rocky plains leave only vague traces during the summer on Mars, while more unusual and distinct patterns are formed on the surface of Mars during the wintertime.

As atmospheric temperatures dip below the freezing point of carbon dioxide (at about -125C), atmospheric CO2 solidifies and precipitates to the surface as 'dry ice' snowfall. The white blankets of dry ice cover significant portions of the red planet, establishing special conditions that reveal the dramatic influence of invisible forces at work.

Color photographs obtained by NASA's Mars Orbiter have captured many striking examples of a curious phenomena which blackens the white ice surfaces in 'spiderweb-like' patterns. One of the most remarkable images captured by the Orbiter witnesses a roughly octagonal-shaped mandala formation with many blackened swaths of ice surrounding a large central area also left covered in a roughly circular black residue:

This image also provides direct evidence of increased sublimation of the dry ice patches that become covered with the black substance, caused by increased absorption of solar heat by the blackened surfaces. So, what exactly is this black residue? Furthermore, what causes it to form in these unusual circular patterns that roughly resemble the crop circle formations appearing seasonally on Earth?

Various scientists from NASA, the USGS and the European Space Agency (ESA) have offered theories, many of which suggest that these blackened areas are the result of hidden geysers below the icey surface, as previously suggested of similar formations on Saturn's ice moon, Enceladus. However, the clear absence of localized volcanic activity or any other known process that would cause these 'geysers' in each case denies such speculative hypotheses.

An interesting aspect of this phenomena is exemplified in another magnificent Orbiter photograph where the spacing of the black patches shows a surprising regularity, possibly providing an important clue to their mysterious origin (above). This image shows the black residue mixing with the sands of steep dunes as it slides down their faces, presumably having been formed during the preceding period of coverage by dry ice snow. The dry ice evaporated, leaving black residues on the dunes.

The spacing between the black surface deposition is an unmistakable effect of infrasound standing waves resonating within the thin Martian atmosphere --a quantifiable force that also explains the unusual parallel lines of ice plumes extending high above Enceladus' south polar region.

The study of tornadoes on Earth offers clues to further understand the nature of this phenomenon as it occurs on Martian dry ice. Nikola Tesla first discovered, in 1899, that the planetary atmosphere could be stimulated by resonant infrasound standing waves to enhance ionization rates and thereby induce dense mists, storm cloud formation and rainfall. We now also know that this occurs naturally during atmospheric ionization by heightened solar activity, inducing measurable longterm influences in global precipitation rates.

In January of 1943, the US government's Nazi-founded OSS assassinated Tesla upon Hitler's orders, and stole his resonant ultra-low frequency tower technology for subsequent weaponization as the Nexrad tower network, which artificially induces lines of tornadoes along the lines of infrasound waveguide towers. The entire array of Nexrad towers is carefully geopositioned in alignment with the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

NASA is a central part of the carefully orchestrated coverup of the weaponization of Tesla's atmospheric infrasound technologies, designed to hide Tesla's discovery of standing waves and their application to acoustic levitation and gravity control, as well as artificial earthquake induction for secret, geopolitically-motivated attacks.

Continuing their nefarious history of denial and distraction that is typical of Nazi science programs (as setup in Operation Paperclip), NASA promotes the flimsy geyser theories to hide the true nature of the forces at work on the Martian dry ice. Entirely ignored by NASA and ESA scientists, many high-resolution photographs of the Mars Orbiter capture dozens of apparently stationary tornadoes in the act of generating the black plumes of material that baffle the space agencies:

Unlike the great majority of tornadoes on Earth, these black Martian tornadoes remain completely stationary, with each spout leaving a distinct black swatch of ice extending downwind. The stationary nature of this multiple tornado phenomenon reveals its invisible source: resonant standing waves in the Martian atmosphere.

Each tornado is induced at focal points of the nonlinear stationary waves, which are comprised of over 30 resonant frequencies (as on Earth, described as the Schumann Resonance). The intense vibratory energy of the focused infrasound is converted into an electrical charge by the piezoelectric sand and bedrock of the Martian surface, generating a continual plasma discharge that rises upward into the tornado formations.

The plasma discharges rapidly sublimate the dry ice, stripping CO2 molecules by dissociation into individual carbon and oxygen atoms. This accounts for the origin of black carbon observed in the tornadoes and their windswept residue. Distribution of the array of tornadoes exactly corresponds to the focal points of standing waves, mathematically described by Tesla for the first time in 1913:

Imagine that a transmitter capable of exciting the earth were placed at one of the Poles. Then the crests and hollows of the stationary waves would be in parallel circles with their planes at right angles to the axis of the earth... The best plan would be to place three transmitters at properly chosen points on the globe so as to establish three non-interferable systems of stationary waves at right angles to one another. [--New York Press]

Using the specific geometry of right angle relationships identified by Tesla, the following octagonally symmetrical tiling can be applied in the mapping of standing waves to terrestrial surface features:

Overlaying this octagonal tiling onto the Martian landscape in proper alignment reveals the invisible network of infrasound standing waves that induce such astounding arrays of carbon tornadoes on Martian dry ice. Each vertical cone of black carbon soot extends high above a well-defined focal point of ultra-low frequency acoustic energy:

Such a perfect correlation between the mathematically calculated wave convergence points with the data obtained in these Mars Orbiter photographs confirms the profound significance of Nikola Tesla's discovery over a century ago, and the crucial importance of applying his findings to the modern scientific fields of solar and planetary physics.

The ongoing global mass media coverup and secret government weaponization of Tesla's various infrasound technologies must be exposed, and the criminal assassins and thieves brought to justice. While this task is clearly beyond the ability of humanity at this time, the culmination of cosmic changes now unfolding promises exactly that.

All electronics and modern machinery on Earth, as well as the satellites and the International Space Station in orbit, will inevitably be destroyed during the events of December 22, 2012, while the ancient psychoacoustic technologies of the world's pyramids reignite in the deep heartbeat resonance of the Fifth World.