Resonant Knowledge from an Atlantean Incarnation

Edgar Cayce's Health and Life Readings for Nikola Tesla

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
June 26, 2013

The rapid technological development of humanity at the present time represents the practical, material manifestation of our greatly increasing collective consciousness, driving an exponential expansion of scientific awareness. Scientific achievements of the present have been foreshadowed by the preceding Atlantean high civilization, affecting a full repossession of the great knowledge of our distant ancestors.

Breakthroughs in the manufacture of bulk metallic glass and superalloys required for acoustic levitation technologies have established a new path of discovery of polycrystalline bond structures and superhard materials that exceed the durability of carbon steel by 3 times. Yet, all the giant metal behemoths that traverse our skies and oceans as spaceplanes, airplanes and ships still employ dangerously outdated technologies. Entrenched systems of government and corporate psychopathy have denied commercial development of superalloys by suppressing the inventions of Nikola Tesla's later years, and the series of psychic readings recorded over 18 years of close collaboration with the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce (below, with Gertrude).

The financial subterfuge of industrialist banker JP Morgan from 1904-1911 stifled Nikola Tesla's wireless transmission tower installation in Shoreham, Long Island, to be followed by Morgan's entrapment and assassination of Tesla's most generous investor: John Jacob Astor IV. Among the world's wealthiest men, Astor was lured aboard Morgan's 'unsinkable' Titanic along with several other prominent businessmen targeted by the Rothschild cartel, especially Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss.

The bankers' mass-murder and fraud scam involved replacing the Titanic with her damaged twin ship, the Olympic, while docked at adjacent berths for inspection in Belfast, Ireland on March 6, 1912 (below). A fire was lit in the coal bunker before departure toward the North Atlantic ice flows where, on April 14, 1912, the Titanic was purposely rammed into an iceberg. Passengers were falsely assured that a nearby vessel was arriving to offload them to safety. Crew members forced all men to stay aboard the ship, leaving John Astor to drown, while his wife, her nurse and maid were safely evacuated to lifeboats.

JP Morgan himself is directly implicated in the Titanic fraud/assassination scheme for his skillful advertisement and baiting of many high-profile businessmen like Astor onboard the vessel with personal assurances before secretly evacuating at the last moment before departure. Other potential collaborators who received free rooms or had purchased staterooms on Titanic but then cancelled, 'missed' or secretly deboarded the ship before her departure include HC Frick, JH Harding, M Hershey, AG & GW Vanderbilt, D Blair, R Bacon, G Marconi, M von Bethmann, N Craig, JS Holden and JW Hitchens.

These events were carefully orchestrated in a series of Nazi espionage operations that set the stage for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1912, involving close collaboration between agents of the Queen of England and the Rothschild-Rockefeller banking cartel. Killing off several major opponents of the Federal Reserve Bank scheme formed a primary motive of sinking the Titanic, yet massive insurance fraud was another apparent secondary motive as part of the financial warfare strategies toward fascist takeover of the United States in preparation for the launching of the first World War in 1914.

For decades, the surveillance and suppression of Tesla's research and inventions had been a major priority of the Rothschild banking cartel and their bloodline-linked Rockefeller crime family, who had placed several agents close to Tesla over the years. Decades prior, German child spy George H. Scherf had been assigned to work as an accountant at Rockefeller-owned Union Sulphur Company in Manhattan, New York that would provide cover for his espionage activities.

Before corporate espionage assignments in New York, George Scherf had gained experience supporting drug- and weapons-trafficking operations run on the SS Surrey as a teenager, while his first tasks in the US involved arson. Scherf burnt down Tesla's Houston St. Laboratory on March 13, 1895 as a means of destroying the inventor's lab equipment, experimental prototypes, photographs, research notes, contracts and legal paperwork, while providing an opportunity for Scherf to offer his skills as part-time accountant.

A 1917 portrait shows young Yale Skull & Bones club member George H. Scherf (above) during the process of establishing his false American alias 'Prescott Sheldon Bush', after strings were pulled to knowingly admit the teenage German spy under the false alias without the required legal verification of identity. The Yale Skull & Bones flag references generations-old family traditions of piracy on the open seas, and the continuity of their worldwide trafficking operations on an industrial scale to this day.

While manipulating Tesla's accounts on the side, George Scherf would make use of the corporate cover of the Union Sulphur Co. Manhattan offices at the Whitehall building (above). As with the Skull & Bones motif at the Yale clubhouse, blatant symbols of death-worship also mark the Whitehall building -and have been maintained to the present. Horned heads of the bearded devil stare down from above several of the building's entryways, reflecting the perverse Satanic beliefs of its owners: the Rockefeller crime family (below).

One would assume that Tesla was not aware that his German immigrant administrative assistant was working for American Nazi Satanists just down the street at Union Sulphur. Were there any other obvious clues available at the time that would have alerted the visionary inventor to this fact?

The corporate insignia of the Union Sulfur Co. is cataloged among the house flags of US shipping companies -a sickly yellow flag that openly proclaims the deviant cult affiliations of the Rockefeller family, and the nefarious warmongering purposes behind their extensive sulfur mining activities. The flag depicts the roughly-drawn outline of a red devil with raised arms, brandishing a black pitchfork.

The winged and horned red devil figure stands out boldly on the yellow background, with a black serpentine tail, openly and explicitly referencing the association of sulfur with the devil. The practice of devil-worship among the psychopathic Rockefeller family is very clearly expressed by their own 'self-branding', and reflect the same blatant visual statement given in the Yale Skull & Bones crypt: 'Don't mess with us, we are genocidal Nazi Satanists. Our forefathers were pirates, and we are still mass-murdering, arms-dealing, drug-running, and slave-trafficking -now on a global, industrial scale.'

The significance of symbolic warning messages may have been missed by some, but the bold image of the red devil was noticed by many. The Union Sulphur Company's grey pickup trucks were observed by locals in sulfur mining towns, who recall seeing the red devil logo painted on the trucks' doors (above):

When I was a small child I thought all pickup trucks were painted gray and carried on the door a yellow decal with a red devil in the center... [but] the Union Sulphur Company simply shared its devil's imp insignia with a well known potted meat producer... The impression was easy to come by because I lived at Sulphur Mines, a self-contained community built on a dome rising up in Calcasieu Parish...

I lived there in the late 1940s, long after the sulphur mining operations had closed down and the Union Sulphur Company became the Union Sulphur and Oil Company - and before a series of mergers that has now submerged its identity and made it part of a huge corporate conglomerate.

One can assume that Scherf was careful never to reply to Tesla's correspondence using the letterhead of the Union Sulphur Co.! Alarm bells should certainly have been ringing in the mind of Dr. Tesla upon seeing the logo of the Rockefeller-owned company that shared in the employment of his accountant and administrative assistant George H. Scherf. Perhaps he was unaware of the darker significance of the devil's sulfur logo back in that early part of the 20th century, but the notorious signs of Satanism have become very well recognized in the early 21st century -both by the general public and by the very few but outspoken adversaries of the Scherf (Bush) family. Genetic surveys of political family lineages will ultimately unravel the complex web of deceit tied to inherited psychopathic influences.

The merging of Union Sulphur Co. into the Rothschild/Rockefeller military-industrial complex occurred over the course of many years and many name changes, as is the case with most corporate fronts used to shield genocidal Nazi eugenics operations that continue to this day on a vast scale. Conglomerates of the repressive fascist system have even twisted Tesla's inventions to manipulate the planet's infrasound field.

The High Atmospheric Auroral Research Project (HAARP) is a network of land-based longwave antenna arrays strategically located in all regions of the world, used in conjunction with infrasound emissions from roaming Sea-based X-Band Radar Platforms. Several arrays focus their beams at the thermosphere to generate a plasma lens that reflects ULF waves down onto the target. Residents of the continental US are being victimized by secret attacks disguised as extreme weather phenomena. Tesla's wireless tower designs have been covertly weaponized for ultra-low frequency infrasound emissions from hundreds of Nexrad Stations built in alignment with the Great Pyramid, responsible for a recent massive outbreak in the numbers and intensity of severe storm cells and tornadoes across vast swaths of the country.

Such extremely immoral applications of Nikola Tesla's wireless inventions have transformed the creative potential of the human mind into a destructive terrorizing force that now holds all governments of the world at ransom. The most important inventions of Tesla's later years were accomplished through direct consultation with the Source being channeled by Cayce in trance, over dozens of readings.

Edgar Cayce's work was largely supported by the Blumenthal brothers, Edwin and Morton (above), wealthy Jewish stockbrokers living in New York City. Generous donations to the Cayce family were also provided by David E. Kahn, another Jewish New Yorker with a long history of readings conducted by the Sleeping Prophet. Significant global interest in the Cayce material, comprising over 14,000 readings given during the course of 35 years' work, has continued to grow over the decades since Edgar's death in 1945. His trance readings still constitute one of the largest, most consistent body of profound spiritual wisdom concerning the eternal nature of the soul and its reincarnation cycles, and the lost ancient civilizations of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) is an organization established with the mandate of preserving and sharing the legacy of Edgar Cayce's psychic readings, and has, of course, been seized upon by fascist government forces as a means of limiting the dissemination of advanced concepts and information earmarked by the CIA for suppression. In the official ARE archive of Edgar Cayce's readings, the identities of Cayce's patients have been replaced with a complex, counter-intuitive numerical ID system designed to hide particularly sensitive content under the guise of protecting public privacy.

Cursory browsing of the volumes of Cayce material suggests that Nikola Tesla's readings have been entirely omitted from the archive, yet specific keyword searches for 'electrical' or 'transmutation' still yield remarkable information given to a variety of individuals over an extended period of time. A profound series of statements were issued by the Sleeping Prophet concerning spiritual transmutation of the physical body. Surprisingly, this information was given in a lengthy response to a rather banal line of questions regarding stock trends for broker Morton Blumenthal on December 10, 1926 (Reading 900-286):

Again the indication to the entity of the necessity of that study and of further information through self... as is necessary from those... impelling forces as come through from that condition experienced by the entity where it passes from the material to the spiritual plane --yet living on in that manner in which the forces are only changed in their way and manner of expressing themselves, as may be seen in the combination, or the lack of a combination of any various and many various elements, or as the illustration as has been given:

Certain combinations make H2O, and always make that, yet H2O may be changed into many various forms, carrying many other elements, both of the vegetable and of the mineral, or even animal kingdom, within itself. So Man, that of the higher beings, wherein carrying that force within itself of the Creative Energy as may be made One with the Whole, finds in its transmutation from the material of life to that of the spiritual life, carrying with same those same effects as may be seen through that which it has builded within itself. Hence finds in its various ways and manners the different forms of expressing to mankind.

In these remarkable offerings by the Sleeping Prophet, Cayce identifies the presence of various forms of water molecules, now defined by the various isotopes of hydrogen comprising H2O molecules. Deuterium, a heavy isotope of hydrogen with an extra neutron, was first identified by scientists in 1932 in connection with discovery of the neutron. The trance channel further ascribed a significance to the combination and variety of chemical elements carried within the body's water. Cayce's elusive meaning can only now be understood in the context of atomic resonance and the field of oscillations emitted by the human body!

A thorough search of the Complete Readings of Edgar Cayce official archive yields no results for any readings with data corresponding to Nikola Tesla, who was publicly known for exclusively seeking out the psychic health advice of Edgar Cayce and wisely avoided conventional medical doctors. Where have Cayce's psychic readings for Tesla been hidden away, and why?

During the CIA alteration and falsification of the extensive archive of material channeled by the Sleeping Prophet, Cayce's akashic readings for Nikola Tesla were altered for sensitive content and split into separate denominations to confuse readers. Tesla's physical health and past life readings were given the designation [487] and falsely attributed to some prodigal child brought before Cayce at the age of 5 by his mother [538], allegedly a friend of Morton Blumenthal.

The absurdity of this long-standing government cover-up is now becoming quite apparent, as Edgar Cayce's readings clearly describe various physical ailments and high spiritual forces of an elderly man, who he had recommended should reduce alcohol and sugar intake, undertake regular upper-body exercise, make use of a saline laxative and undergo regular osteopathic treatments for several vertebral misalignments.

For safety reasons, none of these essential treatments are ever recommended for children, yet all have been paradoxically listed as having been recommendations of Edgar Cayce for a five-year-old. These obvious, major discrepancies are completely inconsistent with the known accuracy of Cayce's readings --furthermore, twenty false reports have been added to the file on [487], including fabricated letters as late as 1972, despite the last readings under this designation having been given in 1941. The final 2 readings (487-28 and -29), along with the 20 follow-up reports, were appended to support the flimsy cover-story.

The actual context of the readings have only now been established. In his later years, Tesla focused on the mental process of invention and gradually removed himself from the physical labor of experimentation. His time away from his whirring electrical devices was all too often spent indoors, seated alone at a desk. Occasionally experiencing stiffness, sore throat and headaches, Tesla would warm and rehydrate himself with soups and tinctures, often engaging in hours of mental study without adequate physical activity.

Tesla procured diagnostic health readings from Edgar Cayce, whose natural remedies offered significant relief. In coping with the loneliness imposed by those corporate fascists who repeatedly intimidated or murdered his financial backers, Tesla's excessive use of alcohol had caused disturbances in his liver, kidneys and duodenum that were identified by Cayce on January 5, 1924 (Reading 487-2), compounded with stress and toxicity build-up discussed later the same year, on December 30 (Reading 487-3):

In the functioning of the organs themselves, we find as these: Cerebrospinal center, or brain forces, very good. Overactive for the development and condition from the normal [behavior], but from the spiritual and soul forces, [this can be considered] normal... Digestive tract, stomach proper, as we have given, showing internally the action of the gastric juices, and hydrochloric excess with alcoholic excess in duodenum... Hypogastric center in the kidneys and the emunctories all show excess of secretions eliminated by the excess of alcoholic influences as created in the system, producing some inflammation in the neck of bladder proper, and an excess of the secretions in the emunctories of liver and the kidneys proper.

In the physical structures, we find there are many centers needing correction. In the cervical, in the upper dorsal, and in the lower lumbar. Those in the cervical, especially, help in the irritation as produced by congestion at present.

Then to bring the proper relief to this body, we would first correct those cervicals and those centers where pressure is produced in nerve and blood supply to throat and larynx, and give those properties that would correct the eliminations in system, and correct the ligament and tissue in the manner that would relieve pressure and strain; inhaling, then, equal parts of Eucalyptol and Benzoin, with Balsam Tolu. This, we find, would relieve the mucus forming tissue in the larynx and nostril, with the correction made. [Relief from congestion may] only be temporary without the correction; giving those properties in the system that will bring the equilibrium in eliminations through the stomach, liver and kidneys; that is, small doses Castoria, followed with small doses Bromo-Quinine, or of the equal portions Cascara Sagrada, Licorice Compound, and Saffron. Either of these we find would bring the equilibrium through the digestive system.

Keeping the body from drafts, keeping feet warm. Well that of evenings hot mustard foot baths be given, until cold and congestion is relieved from system, and corrections made. Do that.

Q: Give the specific places where these corrections should be made? ...

A: Cervical, especially, 3rd & 4th. Dorsal, 2nd & 3rd. Lumbar, 4th. Osteopathic [treatments are]... better for this body.

Reflecting his heavily taxed mental state, at odds with continual corporate sabotage and public ignorance, Tesla's physical condition was slowly deteriorating into his sixties from a general lack of activity and balanced pursuits. Instead, his isolated condition drove him to see deeply into future possibilities; to fully envision and produce design specifications for optically invisible aircraft and spacecraft prototypes that applied his discoveries of the refractive optical properties of HHO plasma.

Tesla's otherworldly pursuits would not find the support they deserved in his lifetime, and have since been erased from the records of society. Health readings given years apart prescribed similar treatments. On December 22, 1926, Cayce again recommended Tesla inhale vapors of the same tincture; a solution of tolu, pure grain alcohol and water, with benzoin, oil of turp and eucalyptol added (Reading 487-10):

Those physical conditions with this body need those corrections as are necessary for the better physical being of the body, see? For while we find these conditions as are produced in the system, wherein the system in the eliminations has been more active in the lower portions of the body, those of the liver have not been active in the system, and the poisons re-absorbed from worry, from the condition in the body, produce that taxation that causes a pressure to the diaphragm, wherein its juncture with that condition in the hypogastric plexus produces nausea, burning in throat, and taxation to the head directly through the pressure on the glands in the thyroid...

Then, to overcome this condition, we would relax the body thoroughly by manipulation along the spine, osteopathically given, or give those properties internally -give half a grain of calomel. This will cleanse the system, producing nausea for the time being, yet bring about the better conditions for this body...

Q: What will relieve the sore throat and headache at the present?

A: Remove that which causes the condition -the liver, see? for the upper intestinal tract must act, and especially the liver, to reduce the pressure as is caused on the hypogastric plexus at the lower end of the stomach, in the region of the liver and duodenum, see? When this is removed, we will remove these conditions -the pressure as is caused through this nerve to the head -which is direct, see? which gives the pain in temple -for these are as spots, for each set of these come directly to the 1st and 2nd ventricle -that are called the first nerves to the facial muscles, through that plexus which may be relaxed by gentle massage over the nerves in the upper dorsal and the whole cervical region, see?

Q: One-half grain of calomel given tonight will be sufficient? ...

A: Half grain tonight and another half grain in the morning, then followed with the saleratus -soda, saleratus, or salts -salts preferable, for this produces the relaxing of the hypogastric plexus, and the calomel, with its characteristic activity in that of the acids, produces the liver reaction, see? or the throat, to bring about a better condition, may be sprayed with this, see? in an atomizer. This will only be local, and is only as an antiseptic for the system. To 40 minims tincture in solution of tolu, add:

5 minims Benzoin; 1 minim Oil of Turp; 1 minim Eucalyptol; 10 minims pure grain alcohol, diluted in 1/2 oz. water

Q: Is the burn on the leg healing properly?

A: Healing properly. Keep that as has been applied, and in the way and manner, for the system must be kept cleansed that the rebuilding may come properly. Do not give the body too much candy or sweets!

Q: Should the osteopathic treatments be given if it takes the calomel?

A: We may relax these in an osteopathic manner -anyone may relax these portions of the system by simply massaging along this portion of the spine... until the condition is relieved of pains in the head.

Q: Will the body be able to use the leg and straighten it as perfectly normal when the burn has healed?

A: Certainly. Only it takes a little time for it to heal, for the burn in the deep portion is lateral with the muscular portion in the leg, see? Hence the tautness as is felt there, and the inability to straighten at present without producing a strain -which is detrimental, for it breaks tissue.

This special set of remedies that were repeatedly recommended for the sedentary issues of Nikola Tesla throughout his later years included the tolu-based inhalant, regular osteopathic treatments and dietary advice for reestablishing equilibrium. The ailments of the body were addressed by the trance channel within the greater context of the spiritual endeavors of the eternal entity that has manifest in the present body, according to the karma accumulated through the extensive series of previous lives experienced in the Earth's physical plane. An intriguing Life Reading for Nikola Tesla was given by Edgar Cayce at his 322 Grafton Avenue office in Dayton, Ohio, on February 27, 1925 (Reading 487-4):

Conductor: You will give the relation of Nikola Tesla and the Universe, and the Universal Forces, giving the conditions that are as personalities latent and exhibited in the present life. Also the former appearances in the Earth's plane, giving the time, place, and the name, and that in that life which built or retarded the development for the entity, giving the abilities of the present entity and that to which it may attain, and how.

EC: Yes, we have the entity here and that position from which the entity took its place in the present Earth's plane with those [electrical] conditions surrounding same and the relation of Universal Forces in the spheres with those abilities that are latent in the entity, and that ability to which this may be developed in the present Earth's plane...

Again we find the elements as enter in thru Venus and Uranian forces with the mental, that the physical forces in body, especially those tending towards the eliminations and the direction of the system of the nerves, needs to be kept in the correct channel, else we bring those elements in the developing mental forces retarding, or causing the accentuation of these conditions. Be especially anxious or careful of this condition eight days from present.

In these developments then with the entity as we find in its development in its mental, moral, physical makeup, let those directions be given in the manner that will give the greater development in this entity, for we find the abilities in this entity, especially, beyond those of the ordinary, as we shall see from the sojourns in Earth's plane.

Those abilities lie then in that which represents the weaknesses in the physical forces in the body, that of aerial affairs, or of electrical development, or of electrical engineering, or of steam engineering, or of those... requiring the mental development, especially along the lines of mathematical precision in each element.

As to the appearances in the Earth's plane, these we see have been in accordance with those developments necessary and with the care given at this stage of development in Earth's plane will give that necessary for the entity to be presented wholly to the Giver of good and perfect gifts, in that sphere of the development, or in another sphere than Earth's, or Earth's solar systems' connection.

In the one before this, then, we find in that land now known as Germany when the first application of steam was given to move objects, and the entity then was from another country. In this development as brought the entity on, we find in the name of Iasdo, and the time was in that of [1321?], and the personality as is in the present is the condition as given in the desire to keep things to self, or knowledge of conditions to self.

In the one before this we find in the Indian rule, then the higher civilization in the Earth's plane. This we see 10,097 years before the Prince of Peace (10,097 BC), and the entity then in the name of Ddao, and then the entity gave to that people the first show or combination of chemical that produced explosives, as this we see was used against those tribes that attacked the ones this entity made head of. In the personality shown in the individuality, and the urge exhibited at the present time, slow to make those connections in friendships, yet true to those, provided others do not interfere in that, yet these [interferences] are easily remained in oblivion to the entity.

In the one before this we find in the land of the Poseidians when the rule was in the house of Ode, and the entity then gave to that people the manner of use of the universal forces as may be applied in the way of mechanical construction in a physical plane. The entity was then known as Ode.

In this we find in the present plane that ability to grasp easily, quickly, every condition as is presented to the body, yet this, as we see, depending upon the manner in which the developments may be made in present plane by those having the charge or direction of the entity in its gaining the first principles of applying the urge as comes to the developing of the mental abilities, with the position in which the physical finds itself in the present sphere.

Then to apply this and how: Well that those who have this charge take notice of the responsibility in the present condition, and with the present entity, that the world, the peoples, the nations, may gain that advantage of the abilities of the entity, for let it be known that with the development as acquired through this entity... it would make just as far from the high development as it may make with the correcting of the urges as presented.

Then, let the entity gain that as the first the knowledge of self, and of Him who gives all good and perfect gifts, then the ever correcting force of His purpose, as is in Him, be directed in that channel, leading then ever upward, onward, to that bright and holy land.

Profound statements included in this partial recapitulation of the past lives of Nikola Tesla relate a depth of information that can only now be comprehended. Given to Tesla so that he might achieve his deeper purpose on this Earth plane, his great curiosity, intuition and expertise in mechanical engineering was developed during prior incarnations as Iasdo, a steam engineer in Germany; as Ddao, tribal leader and explosives expert in India; and as an Atlantean scientific leader of the house of Ode, on the lost continent of Poseid (submerged by catastrophic cometary impact 12,800 years ago).

The unique abilities that enabled Nikola Tesla's visionary inventions constitute a learning cycle that continues to the present day in this subsequent incarnation. Cayce clearly stated: "Those abilities lie then in... the mental development, especially along the lines of mathematical precision in each element [on the periodic table]" --as required for accurate calculation of atomic dimensions and corresponding phonon frequencies that trigger low energy nuclear transmutation throughout the universe.

Cayce's words were not readily understood in 1925. Ultimately, 87 years would elapse before precise values for atomic masses and linear thermal expansion coefficients for all chemical elements could be correctly applied, according to the formula for phonon resonance. It is this mastery of the resonant conversion of nature's elements that Cayce specifies as aligning human consciousness with Divine purpose in spiritual ascension, "leading then ever upward, onward, to that bright and holy land."

Tesla's engineering of wireless power transmission systems required precise mathematical calculations concerning the resonant dimensions of ductile metals being used, especially the diameter, length and number of windings of copper wire (above). While Tesla carefully calibrated the dimensions of copper coils and resonant distances for efficient wireless transmission, Cayce emphasized the great importance of precise dimensional values for the elements that would not be determined until the 21st century.

On June 7, 1934 Edgar Cayce conducted another Life Reading for Tesla, focusing on his prior incarnation as an Atlantean leader: Ajax of the House of Ode. Also called Ax-Tell in the Egyptian lands, his profound scientific knowledge had dramatically resurfaced in the life's work of Nikola Tesla (Reading 487-17):

EC: Yes, we have the entity and those relations with the universe and universal forces, that are latent and manifested in the personality of the present entity, now known as or called Nikola Tesla; this we have had before...

The developments of the entity in the present experience may be given, that have been in the present from the environs about the body mentally and physically in the present, from that which has been written. There is now the activity being made, to be made, in the mental, physical and soul development of the entity, such that the record which has been made by the entity in the present may be given... that will influence the entity; at least, this in part may be given- not as to alter, but rather as to that the entity in its mental self may weigh and measure and see in self, and what self did with and concerning constructive influences in the Earth.

Then the natural question of the entity, from that which has been given, is: From what source, or how, is such a record read of the activities in the past? How may self know that there is being given a true record of the activities in a period of which there is no written word history? Yet the entity itself sees, and is being taught, and is studying, the records that are written in nature, in the rocks, in the hills, in the trees, in that termed the genealogical log of nature itself. Just as true, then, is the record that the mind makes upon the film of time and space in the activities of a body with its soul that is made in the image of the Maker; being then spirit, in its form, upon the records in time and space.

As there may not be seen with the visible eye the growth in animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms, neither may there be seen the growth in the soul, save by and through the activities of a body-mind through channels known as sense or intellect, or by drawing the comparisons in self through what is termed space or time-- and upon these are the records of a soul's activity made.

What then, the entity asks, is a soul? What does it look like? What is its plane of experience or activity? How may ye find one? It may not be separated in a material world from its own place of abode in the body-physical, yet the soul looks through the eyes of the body --it handles with the emotions of the sense of touch- it may be aware through the factors in every sense, and thus add to its body as much as the food of the material world has made for a growing physical body in which the soul may and does indeed dwell in its passage or activity in any individual phase of an experience in the Earth.

What, then, are the experiences or appearances or activities of the body in the material world that have influenced, and are to influence, this entity in the coming age or cycle? A cycle is seven years, known or called in the Earth, and information may be given or records read as to the varying appearances or activities that may change in that period. How has the scientist or the biologist arrived at the conclusions, that are glibly given, that a body is altered or renewed in such a space of time? By comparing the activities!

But what has still remained that makes those about the body aware that the same entity (not body, but entity) is manifesting or inhabiting --if you please-- such an altered or changed body? That which shows through the activities of the soul of the body! The application that soul has made respecting that which is creative or constructive, or respecting the gifts of the Creator into the hearts and souls of individuals -or men.

In the inception of this body in the present there were those [highly electrical] surroundings that made for different [ionization] or altering conditions which brought to the physical an exceptional or unusual (in words of the Earth) activity in the soul-entity. (Get the difference between the wording entity and soul-entity, for words are often very poor in describing infinity in finite space and time.) The soul-entity is a development outside of body in material form. The entity is all-inclusive of soul and that activity in its relationships to the material things known in Earth...

But this entity, entering under such auspices or conditions [at birth], brought [an intense lightning storm] with same --as we have indicated from the sojourn in the Uranian influences-- that which might make for soul development or soul retardment, by its activity or by its application of the laws that are universal or from the God-Consciousness in the realm of activity. For,... oft has it been seen in the activity of the entity thus far, even in the material things and material associations -many have blessed the coming and many have been glad when the entity has passed from, or body has passed from, that environ or that experience.

Hence the entity or soul here wields in the Earth in the present a place of power -yea, more than power. One that may be made into those things that may be beautiful, if they are enjoined with the love that is seen in the Creative Forces activated by the Christ Consciousness, or made in such measures that there may be warnings to many that though they gain the whole world and lose their own soul what has been gained?

From an experience, then, in the present there are the activities mentally that must be weighed in the balance; and if they are found wanting in the associations of the entity in the material things, in the mental things, woe be to many! Yet the entity has arrived at that place in this experience in the Earth when it must choose for itself.

Let self, body, mind and soul, then, be grounded in that as was given by Him who is the life and the light of the world; "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." For, if ye do good alone to those who do good to you, what reward has thy soul? What recompense is in thine own heart of hearts? For, even do those that would make for the aggrandizements of selfish interests, or that they may be well spoken of by many.

For, if the purposes, the desires, the aims, do not take hold upon something far beyond those things that partake of the Earth-Earthy, then indeed does the soul become impoverished and the time and space grow weary -and those things that make for turmoils and strife, that make the heart and soul weary, come into the experience of all. But if the heart and mind forgive those who despitefully use them, those that speak evil in divers places, those that find fault with others will find fault in themselves; for they are writing their own record -they must meet, every one, that which they have said about another; for so is the image, the soul of the Creator in each body, and when ye speak evil of or unkindly to thy brother, thou hast done it unto thy God.

The entity came from the Atlantean land into Egypt when there were those periods of reconstruction in the land, and from those turmoils and strifes there arose much that made for individual and group development -and the attempt of those in the experience to foster or disseminate same; those things that were good.

The entity came then, in the name Ax-tell, from those forces that were in charge of the Law of the One.

In establishing self in that land, the entity found little of help; finding fault with the king in power, finding little in common with the priest that led; finding those things that measured not to that standard the entity had had in the land, withdrew on account of the associations --specifically-- of the priest with those women, or those of the opposite sex in the land.

Hence builded in self much that must be met, must be counted, must be countenanced in the present experience -if there will be gained that which will make for the soul development. For, if there is not love such as in showing not only tolerance but patience and brotherly love and kindness and such, there may not be those expansions in any experience that will bring contentment. For, yea, though there has been builded in the mental experience that which may be raised in power in the present to bring -as given- power, force, magnitude of purpose, unless the desires, purposes and aims have their inception or motivating force other than through the mental attributes of the physical body, they must be met -even as is being and will be experienced by the entity in the present [life].

What, ye ask then, would the entity do in the present respecting these relationships and activities?

Search deep into the heart, the soul of self, and see from whence cometh that motivating force that drives self on to activity. If it is for laudation of self alone, if it is for the aggrandizement of the interests in material things alone, then know -while you may materially succeed- the ends thereof are not well. But seek through those activities that bring the analyzing of same in the human body, in the human relationships, that may be spiritualized by the desires of the heart -and you will find joy and peace, and -yea -in those days -when His forerunner may come into the Earth for preparing the place for the Son of man, that His kingdom may be established in the Earth, wilt thou be ready? Seek ye Him.

The precision and profundity of the channeled information in these prescient passages is staggering. In both Life Readings Edgar gave for Nikola Tesla, the trance medium indirectly refers to the fact that his birth was accompanied by an intense electrical storm. It was recorded that during Nikola's birth, the midwife commented, "He'll be a child of the storm", but Nikola's mother Djuka recognized the significance of the exact timing of his arrival at the stroke of midnight that marks one day from the next. Djuka had replied to the midwife, "No, of light". This statement accurately predicted her son's invention of electrical systems and fluorescent tubes that have illuminated the entire world.

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