Human Resonance Audio Archive

~ Red Ice Radio 7 - Strange sounds of solar flares heard worldwide discussed with Henrik Palmgren - January 30, 2012.

~ Veritas Radio - Alex shares cosmic perspectives with Mel Fabregas on the current shift - January 13, 2012.

~ Red Ice Radio 5 & 6 - Resonance Changes and Infrasound Standing Waves with Henrik Palmgren - August 14, 2011.
Alex discusses his theory of infrasound standing waves and the latest news on anomalies that are now occurring.

~ Red Ice Radio 3 & 4 - Sharing Messages of Resonance Change in 2012 with Henrik Palmgren - February 10, 2011.
Alex Putney discusses material from his new book 'Lightwater', including the Mayan Calendar connection with the Galactic Plane crossing, the Betelgeuse supernova, the Embryonic Sun, extraterrestrial spacecraft metallurgy, infrasonic resonance levitation technology and the alchemical transmutation of metals.

~ Red Ice Radio 1 & 2 - Alex discusses resonance and bioelectrification water with Henrik Palmgren - June 13, 2010.
Alex Putney discusses his work and theories on standing waves, geometrical relationship between ancient monuments, pyramids, sacred sites, magnetic resonance, Earth's chakras points, changing energies, 2012, acoustic levitation,
Tesla, electrum water, blacklight and the strange objects found at La Maná in Ecuador that are UV fluorescent.

~ KING5 Seattle News reports pulsations of infrasound standing wave resonance through the night of October 11, 2003. What on earth - or more accurately, what "under" the earth - was causing a strange thumping sound in west Seattle? The noise was loud enough and had the ground vibrating enough to have people concerned and saying "what is that?"

~ Auckland University researchers record a deep, humming infrasound standing wave resonance on November 15, 2006. Quite a few people have said that this is what they hear (recommend you use headphones if possible). NB - cheap speakers built into an LCD screen or equivalent will probably not play this sound. You do need reasonable quality speakers or headphones. The actual hum sounds just like this except the level is very low making it hard to pick up.

~ Plejaren beamships (above) generate low-frequency standing wave resonance recorded by Billy Meier on July 7, 1980. Acoustic analysis revealed more than 30 discrete frequencies in a random and constantly shifting mix that range from 4 to 2170 Hz, but varied on average between 470 and 1452 Hz - producing a wave shape that also constantly changes in a random, periodic rhythm inducing a characteristic beat. The beamships replicate natural planetary gravity waves.

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