Resonance in Dhenkanal, India

Mysterious Stones Fall from the Sky

Statesman News Service
June 10, 2009

Dhenkanal, India: Mr Anil Hota of Ichchbatipur, under Baruna gram panchayat, in Kamakshanagar subdivision, was carrying a palm leaf sheet over his head, while moving around in the village today.

Scorching heat, is not the only reason for such protective measures adopted by Mr Anil and other villagers, as all of them resort to leaf sheets or umbrellas, at the dead of the night, these days too. Much to the disbelief of the outsiders, the villagers of Ichchbatipur claim that, for last few days they have been witnessing bizarre and mysterious incidents like dropping of stone pieces and splinters from above and other directions.

Hence, it was no surprise that at the Pandua outpost and Kamakshanagar police station police officers, were taken aback yesterday when the villagers came in large numbers and narrated the "disturbance" in the village, which is taking place from Saturday night, while requesting them to take "necessary action". The police, however, were helpless too and could do nothing except visiting the village and starting an inquiry.

Saturday night was as like any other night for Mr Hemant Mohapatra. But at about 12, his slumber was disturbed by a strange sound. He woke up and realized that stone pieces were falling on his roof. Though, he immediately could not figure out what exactly had happened or who was doing it, he saw similar "attack" on the verandah and roof of many neighbours. They too could not understand what was happening and with utter disbelief, fear and confusion, all started searching for any clue, but in vain.

Mr Srikant Hota, a fellow villager informed the curious and confused neighbours that one big stone had fallen from above injuring him. He showed the injuries marks on his body.

As the news spread in the morning, thousands of people from nearby areas rushed to the village. Though the whole incident is still wrapped in mystery, the villagers preferred to remain indoors.

"We searched extensively for the origin of the stones, but found no answer for the mystery," said Mr Hemant Mohapatra, who has sustained injuries.

Many villagers feel that it is a supernatural phenomenon, while some maintain that this was the handwork of a sorcerer. Kamakshanagar MLA, Mr Prafulla Mallick, visited the village and discussed with the residents yesterday.

Meanwhile, the villagers are getting ready to offer mass prayer before Lord Hanuman, seeking divine intervention to ward off the evil power.


These unusual events taking place in Dhenkanal are not unique - such rains of small stones have also been experienced and reported recently in Ratria and Kishtwar, India. The changing electromagnetic field changes in these areas will likely follow the same pattern of escalating events witnessed worldwide. Other bizarre anomalies experienced in Ratria are piezoelectric fires caused by a growing planetary resonance, apparently emerging in waves of stimulated activity.

The acoustic levitation of stones is an effect of infrasound linked with 'UFOs', called 'vimana' in ancient India. Ongoing extraterrestrial contacts have been taking place in Corguinho, Brazil which involve similar rains of stones which were recorded on video. The research shared at this site elucidates the hidden connections linking the global pattern of sacred infrasound energy emerging with the rapid onset of magnetic reversal of December 22, 2012 and the new solar age on our planet.

The piezoelectric calcite content of the limestone bedrock below the Dhenkanal area is transducing focused infrasound waves into a very strong electromagnetic field. This same effect was utilized by the multitudes of sacred temples in the region, notably Khajuraho to the west of this site, receiving focused infrasound from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

Just as in the case of Ratria to the west, Dhenkanal, India (20.65N 85.59E) lies along a sacred Sine Wave alignment of sites about 3,437 miles from Giza, or 13.80% of the Earth's circumference distance. Waves of piezoelectric fires are simultaneously occurring in Messina, Italy, Bodibe, South Africa, Santo Tomas, Philippines, Seattle and Santa Barbara, USA.