Piezoelectric Fires in Peschici, Italy

Mysterious Fires - Pyromaniacs or Paranoids?

By Carlo Bertani, Blogger
July 31, 2007

An unusual report from Italy about the July fires on the Gargano Peninsula. The article below was partially translated by a reader.

The news from Gargano [A Peninsula in South Eastern Italy] seem to come from another planet...

According to the man in charge of the Civil Protection - Mr. Bertolaso - "all the fires are the work of pyromaniacs" and all measures were taken [to put out the fires], always according to Bertolaso: for the one who stand behind the television screen, they truth seems inconfutable. At 7 p.m., July 24 - while TV's news networks were getting excited at the Garganian apocalypse - I pick up the phone and call an acquaintance, which manages to run a hotel between Peschici and Vieste. He reassured me: the tragedy is in Peschici, while the situation on the shoreline between Peschici and Vieste is under control. Anyway. The flames, that same morning, were showing up very close to the entrance of his residence: staff and tourists have been working together with water nozzles and chains of buckets. The danger has been averted.

Pyromaniacs? No...

The thing that surprised him, was to acknowledge that - by a near lawn grown up by few olives - the flames seemed to gush from the earth itself. Without warning, while walking, you could see the smoke and immediately after that, flames arising from the ground. That's it, out of nowhere. They managed to fix the situation by running back and forth for hours, with water buckets at hand, in order to put out the mysterious fires that seemed to escape from under the ground. We noticed: neither fires nor pyromaniacs were close to us at this point, so far.


The unusual characteristics of these fires --coming from the ground itself-- is a telltale sign of piezoelectric fire. This type of fire is caused by strong electromagnetic fields emanating from the piezoelectric limestone bedrock by transducing extra-low-frequency soundwaves. This same phenomena has repeatedly ravaged nearby Messina, Sicily and was extensively analyzed by scientists after evacuation of the residents, though acoustics studies were never mentioned.

Peschici, Italy (41.95N 16.01E) is 1,182 miles from the Great Pyramid, comprising 4.74% of Earth's mean circumference distance, situated within a wide band of infrasound resonance centered on the 4.8% distance shared by the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, which constitutes 1/4 of the 19.1% resonant Fibonacci distance to the temples of Angkor Wat.

An identical set of evacuations is taking place at the same time in the Canary Islands, an area also known for large ancient stepped stone platforms.

Like quartz, the calcite content of the limestone bedrock converts energy from acoustic to electric, which it why it was used throughout the pyramids of the world by ancient Sanskrit cultures. Its extensive use is also seen in the megalithic temples of Malta, that extend below ground into unmapped limestone labyrinths. Recent finds have revealed the same stone in use in hundreds of megalithic dolmen spread across the Sanskrit megalithic dolmen of the Black Sea coast of Russia.

These ancient limestone megalith sites and recent piezoelectric fire zones share the same distance from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, bieng about 1,120 miles or 4.5% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles), as shown in the resonance map above. The fires blazing in the forests of Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro and further north also conform to this circular standing wave pattern.

Waves of piezoelectric fires previously scorched Italy's Berici Hills and are simultaneously occurring in Ratria, India, Bodibe, South Africa, Seattle and Santa Barbara, USA.