Resonance in HHO Plasma Formations

Ground-Level Sprites & Glowing Plasma Dome Appear in Prairieville, Louisiana

by Alex Putney
December 18, 2017

"What did I catch on my security camera?" asked Suzanne Bourgeois, in the title of a stunning 1:36 black & white video recorded by a roof-mounted home security camera at 11:45pm on December 7, 2017. She labelled it: " Unknown object in the sky caught by my security camera."

This remarkable footage captures flashes and streaks of HHO plasma plumes in the foreground, and a giant glowing HHO plasma dome formation in the background. Stills from the Prairieville, Louisiana security camera video have been contrast enhanced for clarity:

A complete 3-dimensional Magnetic Resonance model of the nonlinear field of infrasound standing waves (below) was produced several years ago, and accurately predicts the pathways of streaking HHO plasma plumes recorded in Prairieville, Louisiana.

This rare phenomena of ground-level sprites was previously recorded by a gametrail camera set up in the forest near Longview, Texas on 9/9/9, having been triggered by the bright flashing formation of HHO plasma plumes several feet in front of the camera:

The security camera footage of ground-level sprites in rapid moition obtained by Suzanne Borgeois in Prairieville, Louisiana represents the best video evidence of this phenomena ever recorded. The location of the event reveals its connection the global infrasound standing wave resonance of the Atlantean pyramid network.

Prairieville, Louisiana (30.303°N, 90.972°W) is 6,808 miles from the Great Pyramid of present-day Giza, Egypt, a resonant distance comprising 27.35% of Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles) receiving focused infrasound waves in alignment with the pyramid network.

Other nodal points within the field of Magnetic Resonance are also experiencing similar events that have been recorded in time-lapse video stills. Brightly glowing airborn sprites near ground level were also captured recently in Hawai'i on the night of February 26, 2017, before the sky transaformed into a full red aurora:

Ancient imagery of the Maya civilization documents these ground-level sprites and associated red skies as preserved at the temple buildings of the Teotihuacan Pyramid, Mexico:

Research and analysis reveals a connection between these ground-level sprites, the forthcoming Red Sky event and the Betelgeuse supernova shockwave that will soon reignite the dormant surface of our sunīs binary companion, becoming a Red Dwarf star. Review several articles on these complex interrelated subjects written in years past by this author:

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These astounding atmospheric plasma formation events are strong indicators of oncoming major astronomical events now building toward culmination following the June Solstice of 2018.

Copyright 2017 Alexander R. Putney