Resonance in Ancient Geoglyphs & UFO Skyglyphs

Paleo-Sanskrit Geoglyphs & Vimana Skyglyphs

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
October 17, 2014

Paleo-Sanskrit petroglyphs and geoglyphs have been discovered on all inhabited continents of the world. The sign of a square bounding an 'X' was expressed by Paleolithic peoples in what is today northern Kazakhstan, as revealed in aerial photography of distinct lines composed of exactly 101 low circular mounds in a configuration forming the sacred phrase: Indra ta , meaning "Jupiter endowing" (below).

Another highly recognizable Sanskrit geoglyph of a square enclosing a swastika was also marked in a similar geoglyph, reading: Indra asu-asu , meaning "Jupiter: life-life" (below). Nazi misappropriation of the swastika symbol represents just one of many subversions of the advanced Vedic physics of 'life-life'.

A large cross geoglyph perfectly aligned to the cardinal directions is composed of 41 mounds provides the simple phrase: si , meaning "yours", referencing the barely audible force of infrasound resonance focused by the pyramids endowing 'your' vital forces, and the vitality of all life (contrast enhanced, above).

Awareness of our scientifically advanced and unified cultural Sanskrit heritage is growing rapidly, despite mass media disinformation tactics aimed at hiding the profound Atlantean physics underlying the global distribution pattern of ancient infrasound networked temples. So-called journals of science make obvious omissions and denials concerning the clear Paleo-Sanskrit origin of huge geoglyphs located all over the world that can be best viewed from the air, just as they deny the reality of ancient vimana aircraft and plasma spacecraft extensively described in the oldest books of humanity, the Vedas.

Amazon deforestation has exposed numerous geoglyphs from the advanced Paleolithic era of civilization, many clustered in the Branco River area of Brazil (10.217°S 67.177°W) situated 7,065 miles from the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, comprising 28.38% of Earth's mean circumference. The Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyph of a square was set between a pair of lines forming a large earthen geoglyph that references the bioelectrical influence of planetary infrasound, reading: Indra ra , meaning "Jupiter granting" (above).

A similar votive phrase honoring the granting of Jupiter is given in the design of another geoglyph from the same area as a ligature composed of two concentric squares, reading: Indra ra ra ra ra . Several other geoglyph variations based on the same design theme have been photographed by aerial surveys of clear-cut zones. Poor protection of these Paleolithic and Neolithic ancestral sacred sites, many of which are now used for cattle grazing, reflects the same carelessness with which rainforests have been treated.

A comprehensive study of the full extent of the geoglyphs of the Amazon basin mapping their individual geographic orientation and geometric relationships will provide an understanding of the many straight-line communal roadways that once linked many of these sites to neighboring communities, as demonstrated by research projects spearheaded by M. Heckenberger concerning existing descendant cultures today.

A pair of squares for 'Jupiter' showing a Fibonacci size relationship were laid out along a central axis to reference the Mandelbrot set, a quadratic function for the spherical distribution pattern of standing wave resonance [ zn+1 = zn2 + c ] encoded by the sacred Sanskrit mandala (above). This same basic design plan defines the walled piezoelectric temples of Angkor Wat, in present-day Cambodia, located along the Sine Wave alignment of ancient sacred sites at the 19.1% Fibonacci nodal distance from Giza.

Inherently, the square structure formed by the base of the Great Pyramid, and reflected in its companion pyramids on the Giza plateau, presents the Indra glyph for 'Jupiter', with the four side breaks forming an inset 'X' pattern forming the ta glyph for 'endowing'. This essential hieroglyphic root language applied all of the basic geometric shapes as glyph signs. Representing the Great Pyramid in profile, the triangular upama glyph signified 'the highest', while the circular nau glyph meant 'spaceships'.

Among dozens of geoglyphs discovered thus far in the Amazon basin, the square glyph signifying Jupiter was repeatedly entrenched in the clay-rich soils to form the central gathering place of the community, marking their resonant alignment within the planetary field of infrasound standing waves. LIDAR mapping of the entire region will undoubtedly identify dozens of geoglpyhs still hidden below the forest canopy.

The square 'Indra' glyph was embedded on a grand scale by Atlantean psychoacoustic engineers in the design layout of the giant canal-city of Poseida as Indra ta cakra , meaning "Jupiter endowing the era" (above), described in detail by Edgar Cayce during a psychic reading on May 6, 1932 (Reading 364-12):

This we find in that as called Poseida, or the city that was built... so that the waters of these rivers became as the pools about which both sacrifice and sport, and those necessities for the cleansing of body, home and all, were obtained, and these --as we find-- were brought by large ducts or canals into these portions for the preservation, and yet kept constantly in motion so that it purified itself in its course; for, as we find, as is seen, water in motion over stone or those various forces in the natural forces purifies itself in twenty feet of space.

The Atlantean canal-city of Poseida was destroyed by tectonic subsidence along with the entire Atlantic continental mass during the cometary bombardment events of 12,890 years ago. Now relegated to the darkness and cold of the Atlantic Ocean floor in the Madeira abyssal plain, the advanced Atlantean physics of infrasound resonance used for the electrification and purification of sacred waters was applied in an identical manner at petroglyphs of the Atlavista temple complex in present-day Mexico, just as represented by Paleolithic geoglyph sites in Kazakhstan and the Amazon.

By far the most famous and extensive collection of geoglyphs yet recognized was observed by aerial survey over Nazca and Palpa in present-day Peru. The overriding alignment expressed in the wide array of giant trapezoids, geomorphic and anthropomorphic figures is concisely expressed in the symmetries of the famous Hummingbird geoglyph --with the beak pointing directly toward the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the wings represented as three lines to encode the raua glyph for "thundering" infrasound resonance.

The spider monkey geoglyph has long fascinated aerial observers (colorized to enhance contrast, above). The outline representation this spirit animal figure encodes a Paleo-Sanskrit glyph ligature that can now be read as text for the first time in our modern era. The tail provides a giant mi-is glyph pair 'synchrony' ligature, which, together with the limbs and body, reads: as-raua adhi raua-as ra mi-is , meaning "For roaring delivering..., for roaring granting synchrony". Likewise, the tree-toed feet on a nearby geoglyph of a predatory dinosaur present the raua glyph for "roaring" (above).

The geoglyphs of Nazca, Peru (14.83°S 74.95°W) are located 7,673 miles from the Great Pyramid, marking a Fibonacci band resonance at exactly 30.9% of Earth's mean circumference of 24,892 miles. This resonant distance closely corresponds to the values of Fibonacci #138 and #360 in miles and percent. Perhaps the most majestic of the geoglyphs at Nazca is a humungous double-spiral mi-is glyph pair ligature meaning "synchrony" (above). A nearby variation shows a square with an interior spiral geoglyph reading mi-is Indra triple-glyph ligature signifying "synchrony of Jupiter".

This quintessential Paleo-Sanskrit sacred double-spiral symbol for biorhythmic synchronization was represented in a spectacular plasma display observed throughout Northern Norway and Trøndelag on December 9, 2009. The spectacular atmospheric plasma formation event was witnessed by hundreds of residents across a wide area encompassing hundreds of miles. Despite ridiculous claims issued by Russian military sources that falsely identified the luminous show as mere rocket smoke from one of their unannounced Bulava missile test launches, the significance of this event remained unclear.

The epic demonstration of precision electromagnetic control of luminous plasma surrounding and trailing behind a discoidal 'vimana' spacecraft is supported by the known physics of superfluid plasma, as well as linguistic evidence that has not been previously considered. The dramatic aerial display over Norway was a projection of Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyphs that can be translated as a skywritten text message (above).

The giant double-spiral radiating from the perimeter of the disc represents the mi-is glyph pair ligature signifying "synchrony". The spinning blue plasma trail left behind the transdimensional disc was purposefully formed as a double helix to represent DNA, offering the concept of "DNA synchrony", or "DNA synchronizing". This appears to be a direct reference to ongoing genetic changes in terrestrial human populations due to rising levels of planetary resonance now synchronizing global consciousness.

The awe inspiring aerial plasma message experienced and well recorded over Norway has also awakened the world to quite similar mi-is skyglyphs by unknown spacecraft over other parts of the world, including plasma spiral events over Chinese airspace in July of 1981, August of 1987, August of 1988, June of 2006, and July of 2010; above Eastern Australia in June, 2010 and the Middle East in June, 2012.

While those earlier events in Chinese airspace did not capture the attention of the whole world for poor video/photo documentation, the more recent event over Eastern Australia was recorded in high-definition (above), leaving the viewer in no doubt that something very special occurred. Such events will likely recur throughout the unfolding period of Earth's Magnetic Reversal, proceeding to culmination in July, 2015.

The profound message offered in these repeating hieroglyphic skywriting events is given for those ready to learn our ancestral Atlantean language and the highly sophisticated pyramid technologies now awaiting our immediate use as the growing awareness of our collective global heritage becomes widely recognized.

Sanskrit texts from the Illinois Cave archive in the US, produced in the wake of cometary impact events that ended the Paleolithic period, describe the segregation of subterran and terrestrial human populations that resulted from the cataclysmic surface bombardment. Indeed, our surface civilization is still recovering.

The deeply trauma-induced amnesia of past lives presently experienced by humans dwelling on the surface of our planet is now lifting; offering a penetrating view of ourselves and our tragic past mistakes and terrible consequences that have yet to be considered by presently incarnated masses of humanity.

Other related aerial 'wormhole' displays were acrobatically performed in the skies and recorded on video above Tomsk, Russia in 2006 and on December 23, 2012. Like all previous plasma formations of this type to gain public attention, these events were falsely attributed to an unscheduled Russian military rocket launch. The sophisticated HHO plasma generation and EM control of such displays far exceeds the capacity of terrestrial human technology, offering us messages from subterran civilization.

Another aerial skyglyph message of remarkable beauty that occurred in the night skies over Russia the following month on March 7, 2011 represented an astounding octagonal falling star plasma formation with three accompanying strobing spacecraft (above). Once again, subversion of this major aerial event became the object of repeated false claims made by Russian disinformation services.

This gigantic spectacle represents the luminous energy field of the living Earth, giving the ancient Paleo-Sanskrit name of our planet: Sita , signifying both "Earth" and "beauty". This projection exactly matches the Prime Cross spherical projection of planetary infrasound resonance transduced by the Great Pyramid for the unification of humanity through heartbeat synchronization at the 1.45 Hz frequency.

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