Resonant Inventions Suppressed by War Policy

'The War Reaction' to Block Tesla Technology

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
August 30, 2014

As the grand illusions of falsified history continually fall away, the decisive timing of all genocidal war efforts undertaken by the global fascist syndicate reveals itself as a distraction strategy unleashed as a direct reaction to resonant Tesla technologies becoming available to the world.

The utter desperation behind the global war reaction is now becoming apparent with the steady revision of false histories invented by the criminal coverup institutions of the mass media mafia. When orchestrating the war machinations of a psychopathic global control system...

What do you do when Nikola Tesla builds Wardenclyffe Tower in 1910, a functional wireless free energy transmission system in Shoreham, Long Island?

* Offer limited support, then pull it, demolish the wireless tower, murder Tesla's richest financier by luring him aboard the Titanic and sinking it, consolidate the Federal Reserve Bank to control all future US financial transactions, orchestrate World War I.

What do you do when Nikola Tesla is preparing to release the Gravity Motor and free energy levitation technology to the world in 1929?

* Offer technical support, then pull it, steal all prototypes, hastily orchestrate 'Black Tuesday' stock market crash and the Great Depression that directly resulted.

What do you do when Nikola Tesla refuses to continue with Operation Rainbow Project after 3 of his Gravity Motors were used to kill US Navy sailors in the Philadelphia Shipyards?

* Assassinate Nikola Tesla, steal his finest inventions, build 'Ajax' Missile Radar, Nazi Antigravity Discs, orchestrate World War II, build underground US industrial complexes, engineer HAARP, Nexrad, Sea-Based X-Band Radar atmospheric manipulation systems.

While the sequence of events following Tesla's completion of the Wardenclyffe Tower for global wireless infrasound power transmission has become known, many aspects of the fascinating events surrounding Tesla's later inventions have been effectively veiled and expunged from public awareness. Records from the Edgar Cayce Archives detailed the completion of the Tesla Gravity Motor (later renamed the Rotating Field Amplifier) in August of 1929 --just 5 weeks before the Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash of late October, 1929.

Direct temporal relationships between the many severe global war reactions of the past century and technological releases from Nikola Tesla are clearly supported by newly re-established historical facts that remain unknown to the general public a full 70 years after Tesla's murder:

Psychopathic controllers operating in the laboratories of Nikola Tesla have since been exposed by Otto Skorzeny, one of two Nazi espionage agents who murdered Nikola Tesla by asphixiation in his hotel room on January 6, 1943. On his deathbed in 1999, Skorzeny identified Tesla's administrative assistant George H. Scherf, Sr. and his son 'Curious' George H. Scherf, Jr. as fellow Nazi espionage agents responsible for the controlled subjugation of Tesla technologies and their re-engineering for war applications within the US, NATO, Russia and various other military groups.

Now again in 2014, immediate threats of global warfare directly relate to the presently accelerating technological advances of global society concerning the atomic physics of phonon resonance interactions and the closely related field of biophotonics. The presently re-established advancement of Tesla technologies now enables rapid conversion of silver into gold, as well as resonant superalloys for acousto-levitation applications.

Global banking regulations and currency confiscation controls represent the central mechanism applied for the subjugation of all humanity by the psychopathic control elements, all of which are facing extinction due to the present rapid technological advance.

Just as the horse and buggy quickly gave way to the automobile, global banking must give way to the superalloy economy enabled by the emerging phonon resonance transmutation and infrasonic levitation technologies. The 'oil industry' and 'nuclear industry' face immediate extinction and exposure as psychopathic Nazi science that has inverted the resonant atomic principles of life to purposefully endanger all living organisms on this planet.

Desperate war reactions of the psychopathic control machine have been stepped up once again in the face of this latest breakthrough round of highly advanced technological information now being freely released into the public domain in online format as open source technology:

The rapidly unfolding events of the psychopathic War Reaction are reflected in the cosmological and meteorological conditions of our planet, now experiencing the most extreme weather patterns ever witnessed in recorded history. Torrential rains are causing flooding and landslides throughout the world on an unprecedented catastrophic scale directly resulting from the greatly increasing ionization of Earth and the entire solar system --being part of a binary star system exhibiting nonlinear effects induced by their long elliptical orbit with a cycle of 36,650 years.

The severe outbreak of Ebola strains in West Africa, now quickly spreading to other continents, are also linked to the close proximity of the invisible Brown Dwarf companion of our Sun, beyond the orbit of Pluto. The invisible approach of the Brown Dwarf solar twin has brought on a major disturbance in the cometary cluster that surrounds the visible solar system, known as the Oort Cloud, causing the notable intensification of Earth bombardment by Oort comet debris.

Cometary dust loading of the atmosphere causes slow precipitation of Ebola-type viri and nanoviri that bind with particulate metals in the high atmosphere to form condensation nuclei in great abundance, falling to the ground in torrential rains that cause mass flooding and infection.

Strong evidence for this presently unfolding scenario was predictively published by several authors including Laura Knight-Jadzcyk and Dr. Gabriela Segura, most recently discussing Oort comet cycles that link with explosions of Black Plague, and effective natural remedies for these Ebola-type infections that include tobacco smoking and sterilization with vinegar.

Safe modern nanotechnological methods for preventing or eliminating all viral and bacterial infection replicate ancient Ayurvedic methods once used throughout the world in conjunction with pyramid bioelectrification practices, especially the drinking of gold and silver nanocolloids. A complimentary nanotechnology involving water treatment for enhancing health is the use of gas-permeable carbon nozzles for production of oxygen and ozone nanobubbles for effective cleansing of the organs of the body, sterilizing fluids, water sources and biological waste.

Carbon dioxide nanobubbles enable rapid conversion of silver nanopowder into pure gold by phonon resonance transmutation processes developed by Alexander Putney that reflect the same shocking simplicity witnessed in the resonant inventions of Nikola Tesla. Suppression of these basic yet revolutionary inventions continues in ever more obvious forms, yet ultimately must concede failure in the face of open source technology shared online. Such eventualities force the psychopathic control mechanisms to turn to their 'final option': The War Reaction.

The coming year will bring a series of rapid-fire events on Earth that will change the human experience on this planet in many significant ways. Magnetic Polar Reversal of our entire solar system is now reaching a climax phase that has altered the activity of the Sun due to the closeby presence of its binary solar twin: a Brown Dwarf companion.

The elliptical orbital cycle of the invisible Brown Dwarf companion was known to ancient Paleo-Sanskrit astronomers and passed down to the Maya descendant civilization in conjunction with a complex calendar system that displays greater accuracy than the Gregorian system. The close of the Maya Grand Baktun cycle of December 21, 2012 appears to have marked the closest pass of the invisible Brown Dwarf twin, and introducing the drastic escalation of planetary resonance changes presently experienced as weather upheavals in every part of the globe.

Ancestral knowledge expressed by Maya, Hopi and Apache Elders plainly identifies the present transition phase as a birthing of the new phase of Creation on Earth, marked by the explosions of red sprites and red auroras throughout the world in conjunction with the appearance of the Brown Dwarf companion by ignition of the dormant surface to become a Red Dwarf star.

Signs of the interaction of our binary solar pair are evident throughout the visible solar system, reflecting the diminished behavior of sunspots and the changing expression of their erratic solar flare outbursts. Gigantic magnetic bubbles bursting from the Sun's surface as coronal plasma ejections have changed dramatically in the last few years.

While previous solar maximums displayed sporadic X- and M-class events (2001), culmination of the present maximum (2013-2015) has seen a distinct repression of X-class flares and the onset of rapid-fire M and C-class flares emanating every few hours from the same sunspot. So, despite the notable reduction in peak intensity, the frequency of flares has increased greatly, resulting in a significant increase in the total energy of plasma ejecta from the Sun grounding to its invisible Brown Dwarf companion --right through Earth and the other intervening planets.

The apparent shift in solar plasma ejection patterns toward this rapid-fire multiple flare mode greatly increases the number of Earth-directed CMEs and shockwave-induced strong ground currents in the Earth, which are now igniting methane gas from subterranean pockets released by tectonic stress relating to the close presence of the Brown Dwarf twin. These cosmic changes act as a spark plug to ignite the protective red aurora that cleans our atmosphere by rapid transmutation of heavy water contaminants (deuterium) by ejection of extra neutrons and resonant reversion into the light form of water, called protium.

Earth-directed solar outbursts are causing the alarming increase in incidents of intense red atmospheric HHO plasma formation, photographed above the UK in August, 2014 (above) and also recently reported by Dutch pilots flying over the Pacific, in that case forming around a group of giant glowing plasma discs of various hues, hovering together in a flotilla out over the open ocean, far from any islands or fishing regions where human activity would be affected.

This red plasma formation event over the Pacific Ocean occurred just as the entire region experienced electron avalanches and immediately followed a vertical blue jet from CMEs released by the spate of rapid-fire M and C-class flares of August 25-26. High-altitude aurora were tinted green, however, while the more intense reddish glow formed at much lower altitudes surrounding the fleet of large glowing plasma ships hovering well above the ocean surface.

Might such an event have been involved in the recent MH370 airliner disappearance and subsequent radar blackouts over Europe? Hmmm... preceding solar flares? Yes! Auroras? Yes!

Infrasound standing waves transduced by the Great Pyramid of Giza were also utilized by the fleet of plasma ships to generate the intense atmospheric heat involved. The center of the Pacific plasma formation of August 27, 2014 (47.55N 159.20E) was situated approximately 6,200 miles from the Great Pyramid --a distance comprising 25% of Earth's mean circumference of 24,892 miles. Geoposition and time of the formation were selected to achieve specific goals.

Perhaps the benevolent purpose of such a giant plasma formation related to cleansing the local atmosphere using the solar flares as a power source, in a location toxified by high radioactivity?

One erroneously assumes this kind of red plasma formation has not occurred on land, as reported facts demonstrate parallel events at various 'hotspots'. For example, in Argentina and the US:

There exist many reports of fire that will devour the scrub vegetation in a matter of minutes, trapping the hapless observer in a wall of flames. This is exactly what was reported by a group of hunters in La Pampa, Argentina in August 1996.

After witnessing the unearthly glow and the bloody flames, they thought their fate had been sealed by a rogue prairie fire, but as they sought a means of escape, they realized that they could not hear the trademark sounds of a fire despite the approaching glow. This caused them to pause and look at the luminous dome at the center of the conflagration, which despite its reddish glow and yellow-orange core did not produce any smoke: "the fire that is not a fire," as it is known.

[From a train observation car,] Mr. Edward Lenser... was looking at Mt. Shasta [in northern California]. "Gazing upon its splendor, I suddenly perceived that the whole southern side of the mountain was ablaze with a strange reddish-green light -- a flame that grew faint, then flared up with renewed brilliance. My first conjecture was a forest fire, but the absence of smoke discounted that theory. The light resembled the glow of Roman candles... Just a red glow."

In fact, atmospheric formation of red plasma has also been experienced by people who were enveloped within the formation at ground level, seeing everything tinted red all around them. Just such an occurrence was reported during Russian government investigations of the massive aerial cometary explosion event of June 30, 1908 in Tunguska, Siberia:

* Anna Yelkina, a 75-year-old Evenk woman living in Vanavara, confirmed this:
Early, early in the morning...a little higher than the sun, there was a crash of thunder. High, high up. The whole sky was red, and not just the sky: everything around was red --the earth and the sky. Then there was a mighty thundering. A sound like a bell, like people beating a piece of iron. The thunder went on about half an hour...

* Marina Kovaleva reported:
It was five to two. The light was strong. That light lasted a few seconds, then everything turned pink, then it got darker and darker and darker, becoming a reddish light. Then there was a rumbling. You got the impression, well, I don't know, like something below the ground, not clear but dull...

Infrasound rumbling is closely associated in most reliable reports of red plasma phenomena, as are high-altitude blue jets and red sprites. Ground level red sprites were photographed on 9-9-9 in Longview, Texas. Intensifying electron flow anticipates the Galactic Superwave arrival in July of 2015 that will undoubtedly activate the global network of pyramids (a frightful concept for some).

To utilize these many compounding astronomical influences opportunistically, the psychopathic War Reaction will continue to build in desperation and severity until the long foretold Red Dawn event, when the Galactic Superwave overtakes the Earth, elevating human consciousness by heartbeat synchronization and the purest light of red HHO plasma.

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