Piezoelectric Fires in Landovica, Kosovo

Spontaneous Fires Ignite in 7 Houses in Landovica, Kosovo

By Timianonimi
August 5, 2008

State-run TV News channel RTK in Kosovo reports that sometime around the beginning of the July 2008 strange spontaneous fires appeared the village of Landovica, Kosovo.

According to the news report on this village there are 7 houses, spontaneous fires were appearing out from nowhere on the walls, ceiling, basements. Villagers are terrified, they’ve asked for help from government institutions but they can find no rational explanation what is causing fires on houses!

A short video showing villagers trying to put down the fire in one of the rooms can be found here.

According to an eyewitness (a journalist who is reporting his account on local internet forum) the fires were appearing only during daytime and the villagers removed all the women and children to their relatives who live on other villages or towns. Burned home accessories were thrown out in the front yard of the house.

Descriptions of the events were consistent with 'poltergeist' activities reported around the world! Objects in the homes were seen moving spontaneously, and a teenage girl claims that she saw some entity on the premises, and under hypnoses she screamed and pointed to a fire that had just ignited in one of the 7 houses. After that strange set of occurrences the teenager went into shock.


This unusual type of fire is caused by strong electromagnetic fields emanating from the piezoelectric limestone bedrock by transducing extra-low-frequency soundwaves. This same phenomena has repeatedly ravaged nearby Messina, Sicily and was extensively analyzed by scientists after evacuation of the residents, though acoustics studies were never mentioned.

Like quartz, the calcite content of the limestone bedrock converts energy from acoustic to electric, which it why it was used throughout the pyramids of the world by ancient Sanskrit cultures. Its extensive use is also seen in the megalithic temples of Malta, that extend below ground into unmapped limestone labyrinths. Recent finds have revealed the same stone in use in hundreds of megalithic dolmen spread across the Sanskrit megalithic dolmen of the Black Sea coast of Russia.

These ancient limestone megalith sites and recent piezoelectric fire zones share the same distance from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, bieng about 1,120 miles or 4.5% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles), as shown in the resonance map above. Landovica, Kosovo (42.26N 20.68E) is 1,027 miles from Giza, or 4.12% of the global circumference.

Waves of piezoelectric fires previously scorched Italy's Berici Hills and are simultaneously occurring in Ratria, India, Babura, Nigeria, Lalapansi, Zimbabwe, Mapuve and Bodibe, South Africa, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Seattle, Washington as well as San Mateo, Vallejo and Santa Barbara, California.