In the one before this we find in the land of the Poseidians when the rule was in the house of Ode, and the entity then gave to that people the manner of use of the universal forces as may be applied in the way of mechanical construction in a physical plane. The entity was then known as Ode...

Well that those who have this charge take notice of the responsibility in the present condition, and with the present entity, that the world, the peoples, the nations, may gain that advantage of the abilities of the entity, for let it be known that with the development as acquired through this entity... would make just as far from the high development as it may make with the correcting of the urges as presented.

Then, let the entity gain that as the first the knowledge of self, and of Him who gives all good and perfect gifts, then the ever correcting force of His purpose... be directed in that channel, leading then ever upward, onward, to that bright and holy land.

The visible and audible spectrum of human perception is limited to the experience of three-dimensionality. Just outside of this narrow bandwidth of perception, the activities of higher dimensions can be observed in infrared light and in the infrasound frequencies of consciousness of the cosmic 'Om'.

Infraworld activities beyond direct perception leave physical imprints in our material realm that scientists continue to collect in sheer amazement of the consistent reproducability of hard, convincing data in support of unimaginable realities intertwined with our own 3rd-dimensional reality.

The integrated scientific works of Charles Fort, Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce are upheld by the extraordinary findings of exceptional modern-day psychic mediums and geneticists to reveal the undeniable quantum reality of highly suppressed information including the Tesla Gravity Motor readings and the extraterrestrial genetics of the giant hybrid Sasquatch.

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Chapter 1: Fortean Phenomena

Chapter 2: Synchronous Channels

& The War Reaction

Chapter 3: Tesla's Life Readings

Chapter 4: The Gravity Motor,

Resonant Alloys & Antigravity Drones

Chapter 5: Yonaguni Monument

& Submerged Cities

Chapter 6: The Guardians' Domain

Chapter 7: The Sasquatch Genome

& The Glowing Red Eyes

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