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Infrasound Resonance and Fortean Phenomena

Mapping Recurrent Fortean Phenomena Along Fibonacci Alignments

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
April 23, 2014

Rapidly unfolding electromagnetic changes witnessed in the intensifying volcanic, earthquake, tsunami, cometary and UFO activity appear to follow a distinct geomagnetic distribution pattern. This pattern was known to the ancient monument-builders as the mandala --an expression of cosmic infrasound resonance that vivifies the Earth and aligns the consciousness of all living creatures.

The nonlinear alignment of the world's pyramids and sacred sites informs the spherical geometry of infrasound standing waves, based on the quadratic function [ zn+1 = zn2 ], providing a mathematical model of consciousness and related phenomena. Despite the ignorance of mainstream scientific dogma, a long history of news reports documenting 'paranormal' events exists --repeating events that continually defy conventional explanations. The exhaustive research of Charles Fort (1874-1932, below) provides a vast catalog of anomalous data, collected in 'The Complete Books of Charles Fort: The Book of the Damned, Lo!, Wild Talents, New Lands', as republished by Henry Holt & Co. in 1941.

[E]lectricity is invisible. The science of physics is occultism. Experts in the use of... electricity are sorcerers. Mostly we do not think of their practices as witchcraft, but we have an opinion upon what would have been thought of them, in the earlier stages of the Dark Age we're living in.

The nonlinear effects of the interaction of the various dimensions of reality are bound together by the Akashic field that surrounds the Earth like a protective cocoon. Cosmic infrasound that drives the ionization of atmospheric gases to become plasma is responsible for transdimensional phenomena, whereby the structure and properties of physical matter become altered. The higher-dimensional physics of fourth-density plasma underlies the seeming discontinuity of 'paranormal' events, as Fort recognized:

Quantum-magic is a doctrine of discontinuity... I conceive of all phenomena as representing continuity in one "dimension," and as representing discontinuity in another "dimension" - that is, all phenomena as interdependent and bound up with one another, or continuous, and at the same time so individualized that nothing is exactly like anything else, or that everything is alone, or discontinuous. I conceive of our existence as one organic state, or being, that is an individual, or that is unrelated to anything else, such as other existences, in the cosmos, it's state of oneness expressing in the continuity of it's internal phenomena, and it's state of individuality, or discontinuity throughout it's phenomena.

The invisible influence of focused infrasound radiation alters the structure of all piezoelectric materials, including the water, tissues and bones of our bodies, as well as the calcite and quartz bedrock below us:

Underground quartz deposits worldwide may be behind earthquakes, mountain building and other continental tectonics, a discovery that may aid in predicting tremblers, according to a study released on Wednesday... The scientists discovered that quartz crystal deposits are found wherever mountains or fault lines occur in states like California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah... The team linked rock properties to movements of the earth, explaining how quartz contains trapped water that is released when heated under stress, allowing rocks to slide and flow in what Lowry termed a "viscous cycle."

The geologists fail to recognize the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystals as the most important factor, by which all received acoustic energy is transduced into an electrical charge capable of generating strong electromagnetic fields in the bedrock of the planet. Our ancient piezoelectric crystal pyramids are axis-symmetrically designed to regulate Earth's planetary infrasound resonance field into balance at 1.45 Hz.

The direct correlation noticed by the research team between quartz deposits and earthquake zones can be fully understood in the context of ultra-low frequency acoustic resonance, whereby the Earth's atmosphere is electromagnetically coupled to significant fluctuations of solar activity.

Piezoelectric fires caused are by the crystalline structure of limestone and/or granite bedrock of resonant areas, which receive focused infrasound standing waves from the pyramids of Giza, Egypt. The perfect geometries of the pyramids transduce cosmic infrasound from solar flares into ultra-low frequency terrestrial standing waves, below audible levels. Charles Fort collected many newspapers and scientific journals documenting various unusual events involving phenomenal manifestations in the general vicinity of the town of Comrie, in Perthshire, Scotland, along the 10% resonant distance from the Orion pyramids at Giza, as calculated using the mean circumference of the Earth (of 24,892 miles):

* Comrie, Scotland - Since the year 1788, many earthquakes, or concussions that were listed as earthquakes, had occurred... [and] it is said that the disturbances had been recorded as far back as the year 1597... Upon April 13, 1822... clearly enough was there an explosion in the sky of Comrie, and a concussion on the ground - "two loud reports, one apparently over our heads, and the other, which followed immediately, under our feet."

A stone fell, May 17, 1830, in the "earthquake region" around Comrie. It fell in Perth, 22 miles from Comrie... Upon Feb. 15, 1837, a black powder fell upon the Comrie region... Oct. 12, 1839 - a quake at Comrie... the sky, at the time, was "peculiarly strange and alarming, and appeared as if hung with sackcloth"... Throughout the month of October, shocks were felt at Comrie, sometimes slight and sometimes severe - "like distant thunder or reports of artillery" - "the noise sometimes seemed to be hi in the air, and was often heard without a sensible shock." Upon the 23rd of October, occurred the most violent quake in the whole series of phenomena at Comrie. [At] Foulis Manse, ten miles from Comrie, rattling sounds were heard in the sky, preceding the shock that was felt... Someone who lived at Gowrie, forty miles from Comrie is quoted: "the most general opinion seems to be that the noise accompanying the concussion proceeded from above"...

[Further] shocks were felt in November [of 1839, and]... a powder-like soot fell from the sky, upon Comrie and surrounding regions... Jan. 8, 1840 - sounds like cannonading, at Comrie, and a crackling sound in the air, according to some of the residents. Whether they were the sounds of quakes or concussions that followed explosions, 247 occurrences, between Oct. 3, 1839, and Feb. 14, 1841, are listed... Feb. 18, 1841, a shock and a fall of discolored rain at Comrie...

I have found record of the fall of debris from an explosion, more substantial than finely powdered soot, at Crieff, which is several miles from Comrie... An object that looked like a lump of slag, or cinders, [was] reported to have fallen... Upon the night of April 23, 1855, a young woman, in... Crieff, saw... a luminous object falling, and picked it up, dropping it, because it was hot... It is said that about 12 fragments of scorious matter, hot and emitting a sulfurous odor, had fallen...

Shock and a rumbling sound at Comrie, July 22, 1894 - a repetition upon the corresponding date, the next year, [on July 22, 1895]... Upon Sept. 17, 1901, ribbon-like flashes of lightning, which were not ordinary lightning, were seen in the sky... one hour before a shock in Scotland. According to other accounts, this shock was in Comrie and surrounding regions...

* Inverness, Scotland. June 30, 1817 - There was another quake... It is said that hot water fell from the sky.

* Bridgewater, near Glasgow, Scotland. May 20, 1878 - "Fires had started up unaccountably... Loud raps were heard. Things in the house, such as dishes and loaves of bread, moved about."

* Aberdeen, Scotland. Early January, 1920 - In the home there was an invalid boy... who lay in his bed. It was as if he were bombarded by unseen bombs. Explosive sounds that shook the house were heard over his bed, and, according to reports by policemen, the bed was violently shaken. Police reported that objects in the boy's room, moved- [and eyewitnesses] continued to tell of "thumping sounds that shook the house and rattled the dishes."

Rock art from Perthshire preserves ancient Celtic knowledge of the sacred force of infrasound resonance (above), focused upon the 10.0% distance from the Giza pyramids. This unseen acoustic influence has caused sickness, quakes, as well as acoustic levitation and spontaneous fires in household items. The suburbs of Glasgow, Scotland experienced such unusual fires in 1878, as have been recurring in 2011:

* Paisley, near Glasgow, Scotland. February 10, 2011 - Man flees inferno that ripped through house in minutes. March 3, 2011 - A suspected arson --fire in a wheelie bin on the ground floor torched a block of flats. April 27, 2011 - Fire engulfed the rear door of the Masonic Hall, without explanation.

* Neilston, near Glasgow, Scotland. February 16, 2011 - Mystery fire swept through the living room of a flat.

* Barrhead, near Glasgow, Scotland. March 1, 2011 - Door of a family home set ablaze in the late of night.

* Herefordshire, England. September 24, 1854 - Upon a day that was "perfectly still, sky cloudless," [residents] heard sounds like the discharges of heavy artillery, at intervals of about two minutes, continuing several hours.

* Cardiganshire and Dolgelly, Wales; Swansea and Crediton, England - A correspondent writes that... he had, in the autumn of 1855, often heard sounds like the discharges of heavy artillery, two or three reports rapidly, and then an interval of perhaps twenty minutes, also with long intervals, sometimes of days and sometimes of weeks, continuing throughout the winter of 1855-1856. Upon the 3rd of November, 1858, he had heard the sounds again, repeatedly, and louder than they had been three years before. At Dolgelly... [other residents] had heard the "mysterious phenomenon," on the 3rd of November. Someone else - that, upon October 13, he had heard the sounds at Swansea. "The reports, as if of heavy artillery, came from the west, succeeding each other at apparently regular intervals, during the greater part of the afternoon of that day"... But we learn that the series began before October 13. Upon the evening of September 28, in the Dartmoor district, at Crediton, a rumbling sound was heard. It was not supposed to be an earthquake, because no vibration of the ground was felt.

* Wolverhampton, England. June 19, 1860 - A great number of little black stones had fallen, in a violent storm... [Almost nine years later,] a great number of small, black stones had been found in the streets of Wolverhampton, after a severe storm. It is said that the stones were precisely like those that had fallen a year earlier in Birmingham, the year before...

* Hardwicke, England. November 9, 1862 - [An] astronomer, of Hardwicke, fifteen miles west of Hereford, heard sounds that he attributed to gunfire...

* Birmingham, England. June 12, 1858 and July 31, 1868 - A meteorologist writes: "During the storm on Saturday (12th) morning, Birmingham was visited by a shower of aerolites. Many hundreds of thousands must have fallen, some of the streets being strewn with them." Someone else writes that many pounds of the stones had been gathered from awnings, and that they had damaged greenhouses, in the suburbs... July 31, 1868 -that stones, "similar to, if not identical..." [to those that fell ten years earlier] had fallen... A writer and lecturer on meteorological subjects... [stated] that for one hour, morning of May 29, 1868, stones fell, in Birmingham, from the sky.

* Brighton, England. January 13, 1869 - An explosion in the sky...

* Bedford, England. August 5, 1856 - To fumigate the house, (the housemaid) burned sulfur, in an earthward jar, on the floor. The burning sulfur ran out on the floor and set the house afire. The fire was put out... About an hour later, a mattress was found burning, in another room... Smoke was seen coming from a chest. Later smoke was seen coming from a closet, and in it linen was found burning. Other isolated fires broke out. Then came a succession of about forty fires, in curtains, in closets, and in bureau drawers. Neighbors and policemen came in, and were soon fearful for their safety. Not only objects around them flamed: so flamed their handkerchiefs.

* Harleton, Cambridgeshire, England. January 3, 1869 - A policeman... heard six or seven reports, as if of heavy guns far away.

* Near Colchester, Essex, England. January 9, 1869 - Several correspondents write that... A loud report had been heard, and a shock felt at places near Colchester, Essex, about 30 miles from Harleton.

* Essex, England, April 23, 1884 - According to a writer... a stone fell from the sky, breaking glass in his greenhouse, in Essex. It was a quartz stone, and unlike anything usually known as meteoritic.

* Hornington, near Salisbury, England. October 8, 1889 - Accounts of loud sounds of unknown origin in a house in the village... Here a child... "was stricken with a mysterious illness, lying in bed, never speaking, never moving, apparently at death's door."

* Clapham, London, England. July 16, 1890 - One day... in Hafer-road... the daughter of this household was dying. Volleys of stones, of origin that could not be found, were breaking through the glass of the conservatory.

* Peterborough, England. Jan. 10, 1892 - House occupied by a family... was repeatedly shaken, as if bombed.

* Island of Guernsey, UK. March 5, 1903 - In a home of a resident of the island... Several members of the family were taken ill. Things were flying about.

* Tackley, Oxen, England. April 24, 1905-1908 - Beginning upon April 24, 1905, and continuing for three years, at times, detonations, as if of exploding bombs, were heard in this house.

* Wimbledon, London, England. July, 1909 - [An English military Colonel] tells of an experience... in his home... He and his wife were sitting in one of their rooms, when his wife saw a luminous thing moving towards them. It went to a chair, upon the back of which it seemed to rest, for a moment. It exploded.

* Willesden, London, England. September 26, 1910 - "A fire of a most mysterious character [occurred, while]... absolutely no cause can be assigned for the outbreak, which was followed by a terrific explosion, completely wrecking the premises." But in no account is it made clear that first there was a fire, and that the explosions followed. A policeman, standing on a nearby corner, saw his house... flame and burst apart. "Windows and doors in the back of the house were blown a distance of 60 feet." "On examination of the premises, it was found that the two gas meters behind the stairs had been shut off: so it was evident the explosion was not caused by gas..."

* Wandsworth, London, England. May 1, 1911 - Unaccountable fires broke out in the house... [at] 356 York-road... Preceding one of these fires there were three explosions of unknown origin.

* Dartford, Kent, England. April 6, 1919 - In a burning house, a man was found in an untouched bedroom, dead --his body burnt yet his clothes remained unscorched.

* South Woodford, London, England. August 9, 1920 - A shower of small stones broke the windows in the top floor of Wellington Villa, Grove-road... there were many showers of stones of undetectable origin. Upon the night of the 13th, policemen took positions in the house, in the street, on roofs, and in trees. The upper floor of the house was bombarded with stones, but where they came from could not be found. Night of the 14th - a procession. Forty policemen, some of them local, and some of them from Scotland Yard, marched down Grove-road, and went up on roofs, or climbed into trees. Volleys of stones arrived, but the forty policemen learned no more than had the smaller numbers of the proceeding investigations.

* Westminster, London, England. September 16, 1920 - Three mysterious fires broke out simultaneously in different departments of the Government Office on Tothill Street, destroying documents.

* South Lambeth, South Wales. July 23, 1925 - "Explosion riddle - mystery of a boy's wounds. Injured by a mysterious explosion, which occurred in his mother's house... yesterday morning... [the boy] was conveyed to the hospital in serious condition. He was hurt on the face and chest, and some of his fingers were blown away... An all-day search failed to discover the cause of the explosion."

* Weti, near Gloucester, England. October 27, 1926 - Clods of earth, of undetectable origin, were bombarding a house... Clods fell inside the house. [They] saw a mass of mud appear on the ceiling. The door was open, but this print on the ceiling was in a position that could not be hit by anyone throwing anything from outside. There was no open window.

* Guildford and Hornsey, London, England; Paris, France - Anomalous explosions of coal, 1921-1923 - In the years 1921-22, and early in the year 1923, there were, in England and other countries, explosions of coal such as had never occurred before. There was a violent explosion in a grate in a house in Guildford, near London, which killed a woman and knocked down walls of the house (London Daily News, Sept. 16, 1921). There were other explosions of coal, during this year, but in 1922 attention was attracted by many instances...

There came reports from France. Then stoves, in which was burned British coal, were blowing up France, Belgium and Switzerland. The climax came about the first of January, 1923, when in one day there were several of these explosions in Paris, and explosions in three towns in England.

About the first of January, 1921, [unexplainable events occurred] on 8 Ferristone Road, Hornsey, London... In the grates of this house, coal exploded. Also, coal in buckets exploded. A policeman was called in. He made his report upon coal that not only exploded, but hopped out of grates, and sauntered along floors, so remarkable that an Inspector of Police investigated. According to a newspaper, it was this Inspector's statement that he had picked up a piece of coal, which had broken into three parts, and had then vanished from his hands. It was said that burning coals leaped from grates, and fell in showers in other rooms, having passed through walls without leaving signs of this passage. Flatirons, coal buckets, other objects "danced." Ornaments were dislodged but fell to the floor without breaking. A pot on a tripod swung, though nobody was near it. The phenomena occurred in the presence of one of the boys, especially, and sometimes in the presence of the other boy.

The diversity of anomalous events multiple eyewitness accounts of all kinds recollected by Charles Fort is stunning in its all its perplexing details, yet does offer a thin thread of continuity that can be traced over time. Many of these shocking typs of events were witnessed during this same time period in the laboratories of Nikola Tesla, who reported experimental work with infrasound resonance that generated exploding plasma bubbles, spontaneous fires, explosive booms and earthquakes.

Multi-frequency machines used by Tesla for achieving wireless transmission of electricity in the lab replicated the rumbling infrasonic resonance of the world's ancient pyramids and megalithic temples, which still operate in a limited capacity. Infrasound recordings obtained at a great number of pyramid and sacred sites worldwide offer irrefutable evidence for their functioning as a solid-state power network.

The megalithic monument now called Stonehenge in Wiltshire County, England (above) was carefully constructed using Atlantean electro-acoustic technologies to transduce the focused infrasound resonance at exactly 9.0% of the Earth's mean circumference from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

The special convergence of infrasound resonance along these great radial bands significantly contributes to the energetic presence in the fields of England that manifests as conscious entities that are often called 'balls of light', while scientists recognize the brilliant luminosity of the orbs as generated by HHO plasma. The geometric relationship between megalithic sites, 'UFOs' and plasma orbs relates to ULF resonance.

From the book Infraworld

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