Resonance in Prophetic Information Sources

Synchronous Channels

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
January 17, 2015

The unfathomable range of cosmic and terrestrial phenomena that direct the progression of life on all planets throughout the universe are not random, but comprise the directed will of the Creator as it manifests into the physical realms. Development of consciousness progresses through the awareness of complex astrophysical calculations that reveal the natural rhythms of Earth, and throughout the cosmos.

Ancient Vedic scholars acknowledged periodic synchronizing influences of cycling Galactic Superwaves upon the fundamental oscillatory quantum state of the Earth and the orientation of her magnetic axis. In his exhaustively researched compendium, Charles Fort provides an insightful description of reported events that exactly correspond to Nikola Tesla's description of the effects of infrasound standing waves:

The suggestion is that somewhere, external to this earth, if in terrestrial terms there is no explanation, there was a volcanic eruption, and that the earthquake in India was a response to it, and that bulks of water and other discharges came from somewhere else exclusively to a part of this earth that was responsively or functionally, quaking, because a teleportative current of some kind, very likely electric, existed between the two centers of disturbances.

Fort even collected reports of dense ball-like cloud formations that moved along the invisible pathways of infrasound standing waves, closely approaching the ground at regular intervals: "Cloud bounded along, coming to earth every eight hundred or one thousand yards" (p. 236). The estimated length of the intervals provides us with the fundamental resonant frequency of the infrasound force responsible --a set of ultra-low frequency standing waves of approximately 0.4 Hz.

Furthermore, Fort determined that there must be a causal relationship between astronomical observations of supernovae explosions in other sectors of our galaxy with intense atmospheric and lithospheric upheavals occurring on Earth, due to the tight synchronicity of such seemingly unrelated events:

According to data that have been disregarded about 60 years, it may be that there was a teleportative, or electrolytic, between a volcano of this earth and a stellar volcano. If we think that a volcano in a land that we call the constellation Orion interacted with a volcano in Italy --as Vesuvius and Etna often interact-- there must be new thoughts on the distance of Orion...

The glare in the sky, early in the evening of Feb. 4, 1872, was west of Orion, as if cast by reflection from an eruption below the horizon. But when Orion appeared in the east, the glare was in Orion, and it remained in Orion. At Paris, all beams of light came from Orion, after 8pm (Comptes Rendus, 74-385). In England -- in Orion (Symons' Met. Mag., 7-1). In South Africa, the point from which all beams diverged was in Orion (Cape Argus, February 10). An account of Prof. A. C. Twining, of observations in the Unites States is published in the Amer. Jour. Sci., 3-3-273. This "remarkable fact," as Prof. Twining calls it, but without attempting to explain, is noted -- that, from quarter past seven o'clock, in the evening, until quarter past ten, though Orion had moved one eighth of its whole revolution, the light remained in Orion.

There is no conventional explanation to oppose us. My expression is that the glare so remained in Orion, because it was in Orion. Anybody who thinks that the glare was somewhere between this earth and the constellation will have to account not only for the fixedness of it in a moving constellation, but for its absence of parallax as seen in places as far apart as South Africa and the United States... That all are related, because all are phenomena of one, organic existence... diverse occurrences were related, because all were reactions to something in common.

Our present understanding of the properties of piezoelectric crystals, which convert applied mechanical and acoustic energy into electrical currents and electromagnetic fields, reveals a primary mechanism of energetic interactions underpinning our entire cosmos. Luminous clouds of atmospheric plasma transduce incoming cosmic rays of infrasound into colorful auroral sheets that slowly undulate above the Earth, replicating giant nebular plasma formations. Fort imagined the circuitous motion of energy through the Earth and the galaxy as a vast and magnificent battery:

I think of our existence as a battery -- an enormous battery, or, in the cosmic sense, a little battery. So I think of volcanic regions, or incipiently volcanic regions, in a land of the stars and in a land of this earth, as electrodes, which are mutually perturbative, and between which flow quantities of water and other volcanic discharges, in electrolytic, or electrically teleportative currents. According to data, I think that some teleportations are instantaneous, and that some are slow drifts.

The great accuracy of the astrophysical concepts intuitively hypothesized by Charles Fort is only now becoming evident by efforts to supersede the various compartmentalized scientific disciplines as they are practiced today. The famous trance channel Edgar Cayce began a flood of spiritually-oriented information into the public domain that has seeped into the collective consciousness over the course of many decades.

Several sources of highly accurate prophetic or channeled material have been published since Cayce's life's work was completed, providing an unusual kind of progressive information system that is affecting the rapid enlightenment of humanity. These synchronous channels include the prophet 'Billy' Eduard Meier, the medium Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the seer Vanga, who provided hundreds of remarkable predictions of future events over the course of hundreds of private sessions, especially renowned for her prediction of a black President of the United States --who would be the last President of the United States.

How wonderful: an end to the American Presidency is prophesied at the same time as an end to the Papacy in Rome, famously revealed in St. Malachy's 1595 Prophecy of the Popes. This uplifting prophetic information is presently being enforced in the real world by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), and their fearless, outspoken public representative Kevin Annett.

If we are to judge the quality of a source of channeled information, then we must consider the duration of the communication and especially the relative density of accurate prophetic or specialized scientific information. By these criteria, Edgar Cayce still stands out among even the most extraordinary prophets of our time as the clearest source of highly detailed and verifiable information on a mind-boggling diversity and profundity of subjects that remains far beyond the general comprehension of humanity.

Swiss contactee 'Billy' Eduard Meier has published tomes of impressive photo, audio, video and word-for-word transcripts documenting his many decades of ongoing visits from various extraterrestrial humanoid races, including scores of fascinating dialogs with individuals named Asket, Semjase, Ptaah and Quetzal. The catastrophic destruction of a populated planet within our solar system known as Malon was described briefly in passing during his 155th Contact with his Plejaren friend Quetzal on December 6, 1981:

Quetzal: That is correct, but on the one hand, they really aren't very important, and on the other hand, they partially belong to a much earlier history, such as the destruction of the planet Malon, about which you are oriented and have also received information.

Also, the Earth was slightly pulled in at that time when this inhabited planet exploded, having been destroyed by human hands... [a]t the time of the construction of the pyramids, about 73,000 years ago.

This figure was further defined by the Plejaren leader Ptaah during the 256nd Contact of May 13, 1996:

Billy: ...I would like to ask you something about the pyramids, which are not only found in Egypt but all over the globe. Asket told me once during a contact, that the pyramids were constructed under the direction of extraterrestrials. At the time, in 1956, she stated that the pyramids were built two times 36,650 years ago (from 1956) --hence, 73,300 years ago. Forty years have passed since then, which would put the pyramids' time of origin at approximately 73,340 years. And yet, scientists profess something altogether different...

Ptaah: I am familiar with this misrepresentation and miscalculation. When you calculate back from today, the pyramids were indeed erected approximately 73,340 years ago. This includes not only the pyramids found in Egypt, but also all others located around the Earth--whose distance from the sun amounted to 152.5 million kilometers [95 million miles] during the pyramid's construction era. The pyramids were covered on the outside with a solid layer of limestone and lime mortar, and they were accordingly higher than they are today. In those days the Cheops pyramid measured 152.5 meters [500 ft] in height, representing 1 meter per 1 million kilometers of the Earth-to-sun distance at the time.

The pyramid structures and the many interconnected, subterranean rooms were constructed under the direction of humans of extraterrestrial origin who had come to Earth in those ancient times from the Orion constellation. For this reason the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to replicate this constellation, while the sphinx points toward the Leo constellation... Extensive subterranean spaces, components of each pyramid complex, became subterranean villages of varying sizes where their human inhabitants hid from the looming terrestrial dangers and threats from outer space.

The profound dialogs of Meier and his cosmic visitors require serious study in their great density and adept use of language subtleties to express those elusive realities beyond the common Earthly human experience. Information obtained from Meier's extraterrestrial sources stands very closely with the Cayce information regarding the great antiquity of the pyramids, and the destruction of the Atlantean civilization.

Another most remarkable series of ongoing communications has emerged through the skilled use of a Ouija board, by a research group investigating superluminal communications in the form of clear messages from future selves. Lucid dialogs with the "6th density thought-forms" that identified themselves as the Cassiopaeans (abbreviated as Cs) were established and painstakingly maintained and published over the course of two decades by Laura Knight-Jadczyk (L), her partner quantum physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk (A), as well as co-authors Pierre Lescaudron (P) and Joe Quinn, among many others.

During the course of hundreds of meticulously documented Ouija board sessions, Knight-Jadczyk and her research group pursued several topics of interest shared by many, focusing on the primal source of the ancient pyramid mysteries that had resurfaced during the dedicated psychic work of Edgar Cayce. The origin of sacred symbols used in hands-on healing arts was identified by the Cs on November 19, 1994:

Q: (L) Now, we went to the recommended person to take the Reiki initiation, do we now, at this point in time, have the true Reiki initiation?

A: Getting there. Must allow energy to solidify. Do you understand the concept of imprinting?

Q: (L) Yes... Practicing Reiki is the thing that will solidify the force?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Are there symbols for Reiki that are even older and stronger than the ones we have been given?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the original symbols in Sanskrit?

A: Yes.

The subject of the original language of the ancient high civilizations of Earth, as mentioned briefly in the Bible, was succinctly addressed by the Cs during a session a few months later, on March 18, 1995:

Q: (L) What is the world's oldest language, at least of those known to today's world?

A: Sanskrit.

Q: (L) What is the origin of Sanskrit?

A: Atlantean roots.

The Cs statements on the Atlantean origin of the Sanskrit language and bioelectrical Reiki healing techniques supports the breakthrough epigraphic work of K. Schildmann in deciphering the hieroglyphic form of Sanskrit on multiple continents in close association with pyramid constructions worldwide.

A September 30, 1994 board session linked the origin of the Atlantean civilization with a planetary catastrophe ~79,000 years ago, providing the exact same timeframe and scenario explained to Billy Meier by his contacts as the explosion of the planet 'Malon', giving an alternate name for the planet as 'Kantek':

Q: (L) Is the cluster of fragments in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter the remains of a planet?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was that planet known as?

A: Kantek.

Q: (L) When did that planet break apart into the asteroid belt.

A: 79 thousand years ago approximately.

In subsequent sessions, Knight-Jadczyk discussed the arrival of blue- and green-eyed Kantekkians as commencing the long period of advanced megalithic temple and pyramid building on Earth. Extensive subterranean colonization was confirmed during a session on March 18, 2000: "58,000 years ago, as you would perceive it, human types on earth were a thriving, techno-society, already long since entrenched." The disturbing subject of subterran cities was followed-up by Laura on May 4, 1996:

Q: (L) How can an entire race of people, or groups of people, live under the surface of this planet, without the whole 6 billion of the rest of us on top, or at least a large number, realizing that there is anything going on?

A: No. How much space exists underground, as opposed to that on the surface? ...

Q: (L) Well, how deep is the deepest of these underground cities?

A: 3,108 miles.

Q: (L) That's pretty deep! But wouldn't it be too hot at that depth?

A: No. Temperature averages 68 degrees F.

Q: (TK) That's pretty comfortable! (L) How do they have light?

A: Magnetic resonance.

Q: (L) Well, aren't they subject to being crushed by earthquakes?

A: No, earthquakes are not felt deep underground!!

Thought-provoking comments offered in this session expose our total ignorance of habitable conditions in deep underground zones of the planet --for those possessing advanced technological means for producing HHO plasma by Magnetic Resonance. Further revelations came on November 19, 1994:

Q: (TL) Who made the monuments on Mars?

A: Atlanteans.

Q: (T) So, the Atlanteans had inter-planetary ability?

A: Yes. With ease. Atlantean technology makes yours look like the Neanderthal era...

Energy transfer points for crystalline power/symbolism as in monuments or statuary...

Atlanteans were power hungry the way your society is money hungry.

Q: (T) Was the accumulation of this power what brought about their downfall?

A: Yes... Destroyed Atlantis...

Q: (L) And what does that crystal do? Is it continuously active?

A: No. Erratic...

Q: (L) Where are the others located?

A: Off Japan; in Brazil; in Ural mountains of Russia; North and South Poles.

Q: (T) Are the ones on the Moon and Mars active also?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) Are they responsible for any of the earthquakes like the one in Japan?

A: Yes...

Q: (L) What were the physical dimensions of these crystals and were they cut or naturally grown?

A: Varied. Were synthetic...

Q: (L) How large was the largest from base to apex?

A: 5000 feet.

Q: (L) What was the average size?

A: 500 feet.

Q: (L) And was the one that was 5,000 feet tall, is that one still in existence?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where is that one located?

A: 380 miles due East of you? [ie. east of Jacksonville, Florida]

Q: (L) Some years ago a pilot reported seeing a pyramid near there in the water...

A: That is just the top sticking out of the ocean floor. It is 90 per cent buried.

The Cassiopaeans offered instructions for mapping pyramids according to the phi ratio on July 19, 1997:

Q: Okay, now what about this diagram that Tony Smith has made from the Pyramid and the phi ratio that he has interpreted as a map...

A: Must use a spherical relief, with formula applied, to discover.

The following exchange on this topic transpired nearly two years later, during a session on July 10, 1999:

A: Consciousness is contained within the expanded realization of the gravity model. The Unified Field Theory, if completed, would give one an insight into the synchronous relationship between gravity and consciousness.

Q: (A) If gravity is modeled by curvature or torsion of geometry, mathematically, how would consciousness come out of geometry?

A: That is a broken question. What we can say is this: if one could visualize the inverted representation of the gravity geometric model, one would be squarely on the path to understanding the geometric model of consciousness...

Q: (A) ...How is matter built out of gravity? What forms of gravity correspond to matter in terms of the geometric model? ...

A: You live in a "matter" universe, from your perspective. There is an accompanying energy universe which you largely are unable to perceive as of yet.

Q: (A) But, my question was ...

A: Who/what is Mandelbrot??

Q: (A) Okay, you are talking about fractals now, certainly...

A: Are we?

With this, the Cs perhaps imply an association between 6th density thought forms and the Mandelbrot set. This line of inquiry continued with the following communication by Laura, Ark and others on July 10, 1999:

A: What form of mathematical theory best describes the concept of balance?

Q: (L) Algebra. (A) So, I had the idea that these seven densities were related to what Gurdjieff relates to the number of laws that apply in the various densities; the higher the density, the fewer the laws that apply, which means there is more freedom?

A: That is very close. Consciousness is the key here.

Q: (A) Yes, so my question relates to the geometric model of gravity and consciousness.

A: Picture an endless octagonal... in three dimensions.

Meditations on these statements and traditional Sanskrit mandalas illuminated the Mandelbrot Set-related function [ zn+1 = zn2 ] as a spherical resonance pattern that was further defined by the Cs on July 24, 1999:

Q: (A) Okay, I was trying to figure out how to build this expanded gravity, and I made a table to assist the question. The first possibility is that one can build gravity on a square matrix. This matrix can be symmetric, can be non-symmetric, or can be a complex matrix, which I call possibilities a, b, and c. The second possibility is to build a theory of gravity on the basis of a connection which looks like a cube rather than a matrix. Here we also have three possibilities: no curvature, but torsion; no torsion but curvature; torsion and curvature. These are possibilities 1, 2, and 3. Another possibility is to use any combination of these two lines of speculation. Another possibility is none of the above, but to build gravity on the basis of an irregular cube, or an irregular square, which I call A. Another possibility is to use something that is none of the above.

A: Octagonal complexigram. Try the formula for possibility 1-c first.

Years of plotting geometric relationships observed between the distances of ancient temple sites on a model globe of the Earth revealed an essential Fibonacci-ordered matrix of great circle alignments based on the Sine Wave alignment of ancient sacred sites first presented by Jim Alison in 2002.

I intuitively began visualizing these 3-D spacial relationships and making sketches closely resembling Lavaurs algorithm, enabling the topological identification of the circle corresponding to the Mandelbrot Set. This key algorithm provides the basic set of calculations for the most intense infrasound wavelengths and corresponding fundamental frequencies of planetary resonance (above, after R. Berenguel).

Resonant wavelengths are defined as those frequencies that perpetually reverberate around the globe with virtually no acoustic losses over time by converging back into the same exact wavepath with each cycle around the globe. This nonlinear pattern of resonant standing wave convergence points conforms to an essential set of fundamental fractions dividing the circle into 3rds, 5ths, 7ths, 15ths and 31sts. Clear geometrical relationships between ancient sacred sites constitute evidence of a global wireless network.

The Sine Wave of ancient sites is presented as a circle in red, overlaid with a cross-section of the Magnetic Resonance structure in white (above). The sacred sites conforming to this planar alignment display Fibonacci-ordered distances from Giza provided as a percentage of the circle's circumference of 24,892 miles (listed clockwise from Giza): Petra 1.0%, Ur 3.6%, Persepolis 5.3%, Moenjodaro 9.0%, Khajuraho 12.0%, Bodh Gaya 13.2%, Pyay 16.2%, Sukhothai 17.5%, Phimai 18.4%, Angkor 19.1%, Rapa Nui 40.3%, Vanuatu 39.3%, Nazca 30.9%, Machu Picchu 30.0%, Xingu 25%, Tassili N'ajjer 5.3% and Siwa 1.4%.

Another mathematical line of questions sought quantum equations for concisely defining the Unified Field. On October 12, 1998, the Cassiopaeans replied that quasars (above) offer evidence for the Mandelbrot structure of gravity waves that bend light --at nonlinear standing wave intervals defined by [ zn+1 = zn2 ]:

Q: (A) Can space with fractal properties, non-differentiable structure, non-smooth structure, be used to derive Schroedinger equation and quantum theory like the Nottale is proposing in some of his papers?

A: Close... Light bends at intervals. Look to the quasar for the clue.

Another very interesting clue was offered up during a board session conducted on September 7, 2013:

Q: (P)... What is the main cause of the eleven year solar cycle?

A: Reverberations due to passes of [the binary] companion... Resonance.

The relationship between the 11-year solar cycle and a 36,666-year Brown Star companion cycle reveals another astonishing synchronicity that is no accident, but illuminates the nonlinear "wheelworks of Nature":

36,666.666... / 3,333.333... = 11.000...

It appears the Cassiopaeans are cleverly pointing out that the 11-year solar maximum cycle occurs 3,333 times during each near pass of the sun's binary twin companion. This surprising little epiphany led to several other visualizations that suggest other resonant effects related to the Brown Star orbital cycle.

By the same mechanism, resonance patterns generate subcycles of Oort Comets disturbed by the pass of the Brown Dwarf companion every 36,666 years --at resonant intervals of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, etc... A partial table calculating rounded dates for these nonlinear sets of cyclical cometary swarms extending back two full binary cycles is fascinating, and explains Tesla's cryptic praise of "the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9...":

While Tesla had run these types of calculations in the development of Wardenclyffe Tower and the HHO Gravity Motor, the keen inventor implicated the universe operates on the very same acoustic principle of standing wave resonance cycling around our spherical planet. The Cassiopaeans provided Laura with a rounded figure for the 1/10 cometary subcycle of ~3,600 years during a September 30, 1994 session:

Q: (L) Is there any regular periodicity or cycle to this comet business?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is the period?

A: 3600 years roughly.

Knight-Jadczyk pursued an extended dialog with the Cs on the subject of the relationship between the Brown Star binary companion and the cometary cycle of ~3,600 years that continued on August 3, 1996:

Q: (L)... Are you saying that the nucleus of an atom is also a window?

A: What we are saying is the sun is a proton and its twin is an electron!

Q: (L) Well, I am still trying to get at... the wave causes transitions in the macro-cosmic atom, what causes the microcosmic atom... what causes a quantum jump? What accumulates in an atom that causes it to transition? (T) Is it a case of accumulation, or something being given off?

A: Completion of Grand Cycle.

Q: (J) It just is. (L) No, no...

A: And who says that the Sun's twin appears every 3,600 years?

Q: (L) Okay, we have the 3,600 year comet cluster cycle, the Sun twin is another cycle altogether, and then we have the wave, which is a Grand Cycle. So, we have three things causing a transition in nature?

A: Like "biorhythms."

Q: (T) And we have a triple bad day coming up! Or a good day, depending on which way you look at it.

A: Bad day if you are John C. Rockefeller, good day if you are Mahatma Gandhi.

Q: (L) So, does something like a three cycle event also occur in sub- atomic transitions, like the biorhythm?

A: Yes.

The poignant comparison of biorhythmic cycles with atomic and stellar binary models highlights shared characteristics of resonant systems that Tesla realized over many decades of lab and field investigations.

These emerging dynamics of resonance within the Brown Star cycle reveal the auspicious 2015 auroral culmination of Galactic cycles tracked by the Atlantean calendars passed down to the Elders of the Maya culture of present-day Mesoamerica. When understood in conjunction with the intensifying spates of spontaneous infrasound-induced piezoelectric fires identified by Charles Fort, recurring at hotspots throughout the world, imminent implications for total technological disaster become starkly evident.

Due to intense electrical surges in the ground, all metal wiring in underground complexes running on outdated AC current technologies will inevitably be a serious hazard during the coming times. This fact will soon force mass evacuation of huge underground facilities located in Glacier National Park --a site exposed by the Cs as "the Montana Experiment with human reproduction" during a July 16, 1994 session:

Q: (L) What else is going to happen?

A: Seattle buried; Japan buckles; Missouri shakes; California Crumbles; Arizona burns.

Q: (L) When is all this going to happen?

A: Denver Airport Scandal.

Q: (L) What about a Denver airport Scandal?

A: New airport. Big, big, big, big scandal.

Q: (L) What kind of scandal?

A: Government.

Q: (L) Specifically what?

A: You will see. Dallas airport is secret base; Orlando too. Miami Too.

Q: (L) What about Denver airport and how does it relate to prophecies?

A: Denver reveals the government. Look for it. Pay attention.

Q: (L) What else do you have to tell us?

A: Montana Experiment with human reproduction.

All people there are being exposed to harmful radon gas.

Q: (L) How are they doing this?

A: Compelled. Don't trust. Don't ignore. U.S. in sinister plot.

Exposure of the Denver International Airport's mind-programming murals caused an initial stir a decade ago that was effectively squelched, and remains so. The unusual final prediction in that intriguing 1994 communication, offered with so few clues --human reproduction experiment... toxic radon gas... Montana-- was never addressed by Knight-Jadczyk or her group in the full 20 years that have since passed.

However, these few clues exactly describe the stunning details of a lengthy 1999 deathbed confession offered by CIA/Nazi agent Otto Skorzeny, as documented by Erik Berman in 'The Bush Connection' (2003) and later republished with scientific clarifications by this author in the free book 'Veil of Invisibility' (2009). Despite having been fully exposed by Skorzeny and ongoing mass exposures to harmful radon gas, the secret Montana Experiment has apparently continued with their bizarre psychopathic seeding agenda.

Confirming Otto's statements and evidentiary photographs taken at Lake MacDonald Lodge, public records show members of Skorzeny's family recently occupied residences in Bigfork and Kalispell, Montana just outside Glacier National Park. In fact, these CIA/Nazi criminals continue to use compromised aliases: the widow goes by 'Frances P. Pyzyna', the daughter by 'Lori F. Pyzyna' and the son by 'Edward S. Pyzyna'.

An extended excerpt from the 1999 testimony of executive-level Nazi insider Otto Skorzeny summarizes the details of a secret multi-generational Aryan breeding experiment designed to create a mind-controlled slave society in the secret underground Nazi/CIA base located below Glacier National Park, Montana:

Hidden high atop the mountainside along Going-to-the-Sun Road at more than 6,600' is the secret tunnel entrance to an extensive underground Nazi/CIA facility (48.7476░N 113.7638░W). In the above satellite image, the larger circle denotes the hidden rock fašade entrance and the smaller circle denotes the position of camouflaged guards. The secret tunnel descends more than two miles to a giant hollowed-out industrial complex below the mountain. This huge underground city/base connects Montana to Canada just north of the national border at the (cleverly named) International Peace Park. This underground base is where the CIA keeps its stolen Holocaust trillions and tests its most secret NWO black projects including Tesla's flying disc, optically invisible aircraft and other stolen Tesla technologies. Operations at the base include maintenance and deployment of stealth drones.

Glacier National Park was the first national park to have railroad access at the time -- a necessity for all large-scale underground military-industrial construction... The secret tunnel entrance to the CIA's NWO underground base is hidden behind a remote-controlled, movable rock-wall located in the side of the mountain on Going-to-the-Sun Road, shown in Skorzeny's photograph above, just north of Grizzly Peak and the Weeping Wall. In the far background the Garden Wall can be seen, and at far right is the base of Haystack Butte. The tunnel entrance (shadowed overhang circled, bottom right) was cut out of the bedrock by precision laser to prevent any possible discovery. When the base is active during the summer months, there are armed and camouflaged guards hiding on the mountainside (upper left corner) surrounding the secret tunnel entrance. The Nazi NWO keeps its stolen holocaust trillions and stolen Tesla technology secretly hidden inside this hollowed-out mountain facility, providing access only to the New World Order elite who have shared in the mass murder for profit war scams.

According to Skorzeny, the CIA Nazis use stolen Tesla technology to create artificial "antigravity fields" around Glacier National Park, the nearby Blackfoot Indian reservation and many other locations throughout the world. There are hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth that project high-intensity positively charged laser beams to certain areas on the Earth. The NWO Nazis' use these beams not only as weapons, but also to transmit power to levitating aircraft, flying discs and various other stolen Tesla technologies below. The absorptive property of the levitating aircraft allow their utilization of energy beamed from orbital plasma generators, transmitted when the stealth aircraft are themselves plasma-cloaked for optical and radar invisibility (giving off only IR).

A hazardous by-product of these space-based laser beams is radon gas. Radon is said to be an invisible gas that causes cancer and leukemia in humans and animals, but if you ask the US government about radon gas you will not get a straight answer! Native Americans on the nearby Blackfoot Reservation have suffered from extremely high rates of cancer and leukemia since the 1950s. The US government says that nothing is wrong and there is no reason to be concerned, yet suffering communities must be informed of the true cause of their severe ailments. Skorzeny claims that the SR-71 Blackbird, B-2 Stealth Bomber planes and antigravity flying discs are constantly hovering just below 200' in the skies above Glacier NP and the Blackfoot Indian Reservation. This explains why commercial flights are forbidden below 200' in Glacier NP; and why no one is allowed to bring firearms into the park for protection against the aggressions of the resident grizzly bears.

It is a difficult task for a truly conscionable human being to comprehend the root of sociopathic behavior. The extreme prevalence of serial killers among Caucasian populations suggests that the Nazi eugenic goal of a 'pure Aryan race' may have been an effort, perhaps unconscious, to create a gene pool more apt to produce psychopathic individuals who operate socially without conscience. The term 'bloodliner' has been applied to psychopathic victims of generational sexual abuse, as in the case of the Scherfs --a designation that may be supported scientifically by a genetic predisposition to psychopathy among males with the YY chromosome (rare exceptions to the predominant XY). Otto Skorzeny exposed a multi-generational human reproduction experiment for the Fourth Reich repopulation of North America with secret subterranean Aryan populations exceeding 20 million. Skorzeny reported himself to be one of the elite 'inseminators' for the vast human reproduction experiment, now in its sixth decade, being conducted at the secret Nazi base in Glacier National Park, Montana and elsewhere below the bedrock of America:

Hitler's entire nazi Third Reich of 50,000+ have been living in secret underground bases throughout the United States, Canada, England, France and Italy ever since the "supposed" end of World War II. Hitler and his entire Third Reich of nazis have been actively planning for their New World Order or Fourth Reich in America at these secret underground bases. The initial 50,000 nazis have been reproducing like rabbits for the last 58 years. It is estimated that there are now more than 20 million nazis living in America above ground and below ground in secret New World Order bases. The 20 million does not include the millions more who are secret nazi sympathizers. American Citizens are forbidden to enter these US government-sponsored NWO Nazi bases under penalty of death. Secret bases [include]... Area-51, NV; Camp Hero Montauk, NY; Las Cruces, NM; Wright Patterson "underground" Air Force Base, OH; and the secret hollowed-out mountain base in Glacier National Park, MT. [The secret entrance to the Glacier Park, Montana base is circled above.]...

In these underground New World Order bases there are "Aryan Breeding Rooms" or free brothels. There are thousands of beautiful "brain washed" women and kidnapped underage teenage girls from around the country there to "service" the men. The New World Order nazis want the "seed" or "sperm" from their old Third Reich SS nazi leaders to implant in their young brainwashed-- "brainless", "Aryan" baby-breeders to help populate "their" new world with "pure" white Aryan babies. These babies will grow up to "rule" the United States of Germany, "formerly the United States of America." Skorzeny claims to have made more than 20,000 "personal" donations. According to Skorzeny, unlimited amounts of free drugs and free German beer are available at these secret New World Order underground bases.

These astounding admissions from CIA/Nazi agent Otto Skorzeny, when combined with the scores of detailed supporting photographs originally published by Eric Berman in 2003, were directly foretold by prophetic information from the Cs given back in 1994, several years prior to Skorzeny's confession. Skorzeny's data on radon gas was specifically mentioned by the Cs as a danger to all residing there.

These radon-producing plasma beams are also used for earthquake induction by superheating the atmosphere. Radon gas produced by these beam weapons has been directly measured during major earthquake events, as spun by fraudulent journals setting a false scientific framework for the cover-up:

Radon exhalation from the ground and consequent formation of large ion clusters as a result of ionization and plasma-chemical reactions have been proposed as an agent of seismo-ionospheric coupling mechanisms. Soil radon transfer to the atmosphere was evaluated at fixed stations in Mexico... due to the Ms 7.8 earthquake occurred in Mexico in 2003. An anomaly was observed that can be regarded as the earthquake precursor showing its clear spatial connection with the epicenter position.

Being 8x heavier than air, radon gas cannot rise, but descends to the ground after being formed in high atmospheric plasmas, just as Skorzeny specified. Plasma technology was addressed on June 22, 1996:

A: ...With proper technology you can create a portal where desired. There are unlimited options.

Q: (L) Proper technology. Unstable gravity waves. And once you told us to study Tesla coils.... antimatter... destabilizing the gravity waves through EM generation allows the antimatter to interact with matter which then creates a portal... is it in the antimatter universe that all this traveling back and forth is done by aliens when they abduct people?

A: Close. They transport through it, but most abductions take place in either 3rd or 4th density.

Q: (L) Is this movement through the antimatter universe, is this what people perceive in their abductions as the "wall of fire?" The coming apart. The demolecularizing?

A: No. That is TransDimensional Atomic Remolecularization.

Q: (L) Okay, if a person were passing into the antimatter universe, how would they perceive it?

A: They wouldn't.

Q: (L) Why?

A: No space; no time.

Q: (L) Antimatter universe has no space and no time... so, the antimatter universe is possibly where the poor guys of flight 19 are?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And you can get stuck in this place?

A: Yes. And if you are in a time warp cocoon, you are hyperconscious, i.e. you perceive "zero time" as if it were literally millions of years, that is if the cycle is connected or closed, as in "Philadelphia Experiment."

Eyewitness testimony from Skorzeny also reveals the true sequence of events surrounding the famous 1942 US Navy experiment to create an HHO plasma invisibility cloak around the USS Eldridge. This topic was clarified by the Cs after a series of questions from Arkadiusz during a session on August 15, 1998:

Q: (A) Another clue that we were following was Von Neumann. We have this info about the Philadelphia Experiment, probably from Bielek. It says that Von Neumann took over the project in March of 1942, after Tesla. Is this correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) It says that in 1943, Von Neumann installed a third generator...

A: Yes.

Q: (A) I have trouble with this because Von Neumann was a mathematician and I can hardly imagine him installing a generator which involves knowledge of electronics, physics, and so on. What was the truth?

A: Von Neumann was not unassisted. The mathematics apply to a language which translates quite naturally to EM principles. His involvement on that aspect was coerced.

Q: (A) What kind of mathematics?

A: What is the light one observes in the presence of a charged EM field? Algebra.

Interesting responses surrounding the subject of the transdimensional plasma physics of the Philadelphia Experiment continued to flow during a board session undertaken the following week, on August 22, 1998:

Q: (A) Referring back to Von Neumann, you mentioned light and the question was 'what kind of light is related to electromagnetically charged particles.'Then you mentioned that Von Neumann was applying algebra. Now, is the answer about what kind of light, if I say infrared, is that the correct answer?

A: Refracted image... Like an induced mirage...

Q: (L) I want to ask if you ever told us to do something with a Tesla coil which I failed to record or got lost somewhere?

A: Maybe. Gravity waves, pentagon is the foundation; hexagon is the conclusion.

These follow up responses significantly clarify the key concept being subtly conveyed by the Cs, implying that Tesla achieved optical invisibility cloaking by enveloping the entire Naval vessel in refractive HHO plasma. In the context of planets, dodecahedra are composed of 12 pentagons, with hexagons formed at each pole where 3 pentagons converge, as exemplified by Saturn's North Polar Hexagon formation.

The direct involvement of George Bush Sr. as a covert eyewitness at the Philadelphia Naval Yard was exposed by the Cs during a January 9, 2005 session, once again supporting Otto Skorzeny's testimony:

Q: Was the strike on the Pentagon for the purpose of taking out the people involved in legitimate training exercises who would have known the truth of the events of that day?

A: Now, another interesting question! What is up with the Navy?

Q: What is up with the navy?

A: Maybe they know things they don't tell. Maybe what they know gives them a certain respect for "nature" and a hesitancy to meddle.

Q: Can you clarify?

A: Let's just say that the navy wouldn't play with the bullies because they know about bigger bullies. The navy learned a lot from the Philadelphia experiment. George Bush senior tried to get all the data about the things he heard and saw, but failed.

Q: What is the Navy doing now?

A: Flying under the radar and waiting.

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