Infrasound Pulsations in White Rock, BC, Canada

Cannon Explosions in White Rock, BC, Canada

by anonymous correspondent for Earthfiles
January 28, 2011

I live in a small town called White Rock in British Columbia Canada. We are located right on the U.S. border on the Pacific Ocean side.

For a number of weeks as I get up to start work early in the morning, I have heard these muffled cannon sounds that usually go on for a few minutes.

At first I thought they were doing some blasting for something in the harbour across the border, so I sent an email to anyone at the city of BLaine I could find an email for. I asked what were the cannon sounds I can hear every morning?

I completely forgot about it until I heard you talking about it. I have still received no response.


The entire Puget Sound area has been experiencing these same unusual acoustic resonances, as widely reported in the case of Seattle, Washington which lies just south of the border from White Rock, British Colombia, Canada. The low frequency resonance of standing waves was recorded in Seattle on 11-12 Oct, 2003 fluctuating near the frequency of the human heart.

White Rock, BC (49.019N 122.802W) is 6,761 miles from Giza, Egypt - a distance that is 27.16% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles). The Orion pyramids of Giza are designed to transduce this exact 1.45 Hz frequency, focusing a natural nonlinear energy field around our planet. The base length of the Great Pyramid has been calibrated precisely to this 1.45 Hz heartbeat wavelength of 760'.

Spates of anomalous electrical fires can be expected soon in White Rock, BC, just as have been recorded in the Seattle underground which are likely caused by the same infrasound standing wave resonances and can be expected to increase in waves of intensity. Examples of the phenomenon are simultaneously occurring in Tenerife, Babura, Lalapansi, Mapuve, Bodibe, Landovica, Longford, Messina, Peschici, Berici, across northern Greece, Ratria, Kakori, India, Goa, Kishtwar, Rangrik, Santo Tomas, Kota Baru, Melipilla, and in the US in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, San Mateo, Vallejo Santa Barbara and New York City.

This field is now being stimulated erratically by the current geomagnetic reversal which is causing the increasingly high levels of solar activity and corresponding tectonic activity leading up to the next solar system wide magnetic reversal of December 21, 2012.