Luminous Aerial Displays of HHO Plasma Ships

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by ProfanityDubstepNZ - YouTube
March 29, 2011

My Mum took these photos at about 5am on 29th March from her balcony on Scarborough Hill in Sumner Christchurch. The city lights you can see is New Brighton area. She said this thing stayed visible well into the day" -Rudy P. 29 March 2011 (date of occurrence)

Feb 22, 2011 - Christchurch Badly Damaged by Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake

February 22, 2011

Christchurch experienced a major earthquake centred south of the city and severe damage and casualties occurred. A National State of Emergency has been declared...

Updated April 5, 2011 -

Why was this earthquake so damaging; wasn't it smaller?

The city had been comparatively lucky with both the location and timing of last September's magnitude 7.1 Darfield (Canterbury) earthquake; the location of this one within 10 km of the city and at a shallow depth of 5 km during the middle of a working day has resulted in destruction, injuries and deaths.

Why do you call this an aftershock; surely this is a major earthquake in its own right?

Seismologically, this is classed as an aftershock because of its relationship to the ongoing activity since September last year. Its occurrence was always statistically possible, but the long time interval and slow decrease in general activity had made it less likely. Unfortunately, it has happened after all and in a location that has brought the worst result.


The pair of transdimensional plasma ships hovering above the Christchurch area on March 29th displayed a brilliant blue aura with 3 concentric circles surrounding each craft. This mesmerizing display of advanced HHO plasma shielding technology follows an intensifying pattern of technological displays of ionized HHO plasma spirals from spacecraft hovering over highly populated areas.

The three luminous, concentric rings surrounding each of the giant circular spacecraft extend outward in Fibonacci order, with the relative sizes of each ring showing the ratio of 1:1.618. This mathematical relationship is determined by the tri-frequency infrasound resonance being used by the craft for acoustic levitation, in combination with the HHO plasma invisibility cloak.

The heavy damage sustained by the city of Christchurch on February 22nd is tied directly into the activity below the Akaroa Volcano, now being erratically stimulated by solar activity through the medium of infrasound resonance. As with all volcanoes, the huge upwelling of magma and the electrical activity in the air above result from the convergence of infrasound standing waves at that precise location. As stimulated by solar emanations, these natural wavelengths of Earth resonance are focused by the axis-symmetric Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

Christchurch, New Zealand (43.55S 172.67E) is 10,137 miles Giza, or 40.7% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles). This resonant distance relationship with the Great Pyramid, and all other pyramids around the world in alignment, confirms that the influence of infrasound resonance will continue to increase at this and all other standing wave focal points around the world. An inevitable increase in tectonic activity will also be accompanied by loud low-frequency humming and booming, as well as the spontaneous combustion of objects and human beings under the highened acoustic influence.

Other infrasound resonance focal points experiencing dangerous spates of piezoelectric fires include Tenerife, Babura, Lalapansi, Mapuve, Bodibe, Landovica, Longford, Glasgow, Messina, Peschici, Berici, across northern Greece, Ratria, Kakori, Mumbai, Kishtwar, Rangrik, Kota Baru, Santo Tomas, Georgetown, La Pampa, Melipilla, and in the US in Bellvue, Soudan SP, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, San Mateo, Vallejo, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Brentwood and New York City.