Piezoelectric Explosion in Peabody, Massachusetts

Mystery Blast Baffles Neighbors

by Alan Burke for The Salem News
June 17, 2011

The origin of an afternoon blast that shook people and buildings in Peabody and Salem remained a mystery last night.

"You could feel it," said David Holuk of Cottage Street in Peabody. "I thought it was down in my cellar." He went to check the boiler, assuming it had exploded. It hadn't. And when he ran outside, he met a neighbor who had heard the blast and felt the same powerful rumble all through his house.

Salem police Lt. Matthew Desmond felt the earth shake as he picked up his kids near Witchcraft Heights. At the same time, the Salem Fire Department was being inundated with anxious callers asking what had exploded.

Even before calls began coming in, personnel at the Peabody Fire Department on Lowell Street felt their desks vibrating from the concussion.

Some quickly concluded that the source of the disruption was blasting by Pro-Con Construction, which is working to expand the Aviv Center for Living off Lynnfield Street in Peabody. Jeffrey Austin of Pro-Con disputed this, pointing and saying, "It came from across there somewhere."

He added that his crew had used five to seven times below the permissible levels of explosive. Besides, he said the timing wasn't right.

Peabody fire Capt. David Sampson confirmed Austin's declaration. The detail firefighter assigned to the Aviv project, he released a statement saying that the blasting had finished an hour before the mystery "tremor" was felt. According to the Salem Fire Department, the blast occurred at 2:20 p.m.

"It definitely was not blasting on Lynnfield Street," he said. "But nobody knows what it was."

Some pointed a finger at the quarries on Swampscott Road. But Swampscott police dismissed the likelihood of this, noting that with Aggregate Industries only recently resuming operations, neighbors are sensitive to loud blasting, and "We didn't get any calls on that," according to a spokesman.

Salem Fire Department Deputy Chief Glen Beaudet explained that in the aftermath a team sought out a vantage point overseeing a large section of the city, looking for smoke or fire, but saw none. He noted that the concussion of a blast in one area can be carried via a ledge to some distant point.

Having said that, he concluded, "We're not sure what it was."


The unexplained aerial explosion in Peabody becomes comprehensible in the broader context of atmospheric resonance changes now occurring throughout our planet, induced by the focusing of solar emanations into nonlinear infrasound standing waves by the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

At particular resonant distances from pyramids, as in Peabody, metals become superheated by strong electrical flows transduced from ambient infrasound resonance by the pieoelectric metals themselves. In similar cases in other parts of the world, intensely electrified railroad tracks are setting off automatic roadway crossing signals, while electronic switches have been causing dozens of fatal overloads in electronic accelerator pedals in Toyota vehicles.

Peabody, Massachusetts (42.53N 70.93W) is 5,415 miles from Giza -a distance that is 21.75% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles). This resonant band of focused infrasound will inevitably increase in intensity in the coming months and years, as noted at other hotspots around the world, like nearby Haverhill, Massachusetts.

This website has covered many major stories involving infrasound resonance convergence points, including Llanidloes, Mawnan, Hull, Saffron Walden, Bridlington, Woodland, Bolton, Malta, Goa, Klai, Auckland, Sydney, Ontario, White Rock, Ranchlands, Panama, and in the US in Newport, Anderson, Kimberley, Rochester, Menomonee Falls, Pelham, Richmond, Wilmington, Virginia Beach, Nashville, Knoxville, Mobile, McCalla, northern Florida, Knob Noster, Denver, Seattle, Novato, Arroyo Grande and Atwater.

The cases have become so severe that spontaneous combustion of objects by piezoelectric induction has been recurring in spates - in areas such as Tenerife, Babura, Abuja, Bauchi, Lalapansi, Mapuve, Bodibe, Hopewell, Landovica, Longford, Hull, Egham, Wisbech, Glasgow, Messina, Peschici, Berici, across northern Greece, Ratria, Kakori, Mumbai, Kishtwar, Rangrik, Kota Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Santo Tomas, Adelaide, Sydney, Georgetown, La Pampa, Melipilla, and in the US in Seattle, Soudan SP, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Anderson, San Mateo, Vallejo, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Clovis, Brentwood and New York City.