Piezoelectric Fires in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Mystery Fire Contained at Sassa Building

by Getrude Makhafola for The New Age
August 15, 2011

Employees at the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) in Bloemfontein had to be evacuated from the building after a fire started in a disused toilet on Friday.

"My colleague, who is eight months' pregnant, was affected by the smoke and could not breathe properly. This building has become a hazard. Something must be done about this," said one employee who refused to be named. Workers said they smelled smoke at about 2pm but could not locate where it came from. Firefighters were called in and workers were evacuated. Fortunately, the fire did not spread to the rest of the building.

The disused toilet is used as a makeshift storeroom. It is not known what started the fire.

National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) regional secretary Desmond Mogotsi said: "We are concerned about the safety of our members. Employers have promised to attend to that but nothing has been done so far. We as a union cannot sit back and allow this to happen."

Mogotsi said the building had been broken into several times, with computers stolen more than once. Police spokesperson Capt Chaka Marope said investigations were continuing.


These unusual fires are being caused all over the world by an unrecognized force: ultra-low frequency sound, far below the audible level of most humans. This infrasonic influence is building strong electrical currents in the metal objects like wheel-barrows, door-knockers and copper electrical wiring in the walls of homes, which then become hot enough to ignite the plastic sheathing surrounding the wires. In other cases, heated wires ignite bed mattresses and metal hangers ignite clothing.

The infrasound which is now being focused onto the Bloemfontein, South Africa vicinity is being transduced by the Orion pyramids of present-day Giza, Egypt, which act as a nonlinear lensing system for resonantly balancing the geomagnetic fields of Earth as stimulated by coronal mass ejections from the increasingly active sun.

Bloemfontein, South Africa (29.12S 26.23E) is 4,076 miles from Giza, or 16.4% of the Earth's mean circumference distance (of 24,892 miles). Other related events have taken their toll on affected areas in South Africa, including Mapuve, Bodibe and Hopewell.

The cases have become so severe that spontaneous combustion of objects by piezoelectric induction has been recurring in spates - in areas such as Tenerife, Babura, Abuja, Bauchi, Jos, Omukondo, Onakaheke, Tsholotsho, Lalapansi, Goodhope, Landovica, Longford, Dublin, Hull, Egham, Wisbech, Glasgow, Messina, Peschici, Berici, across northern Greece, Ratria, Kakori, Mumbai, Kolkata, Charajpura, Thiruvananthapuram, Kishtwar, Rangrik, Kota Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Santo Tomas, Rockhampton, Adelaide, Eaglehawk, Sydney, Georgetown, La Pampa, Melipilla, and in the US in Seattle, Soudan SP, Minneapolis, New Ulm, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Anderson, Homosassa, San Mateo, Vallejo, San Francisco, Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, Clovis, Calaveras, Haverhill, Peabody, Brentwood and New York City.