Piezoelectric Explosions in London, England

'My Wife, My Wife': Distraught Father's Agonising Scream as He Battled in Vain to Save Family from Burning Home

Daily Mail Reporter
September 24, 2011

A seriously burned father hurled himself into an inferno in a desperate attempt to save his wife and five of his children, it emerged today.

Yelling out for his wife, Bassam Kua, 51, tried to reach them, but couldn't.

His daughters Amal, nine, and Hanin, 14, their younger brothers Yahya, two, and Mustafa, five, and also their mother Mona, 41, died in the blaze.

The family's eldest daughter Nur, 16, survived by jumping out of an upstairs window and the father escaped through the back door.

But Nur is still in a critical condition, officials said. Father Bassan is stable.

Thirty firefighters were called to the semi-detached property in Sonia Gardens, Neasden, north-west London during the early hours of yesterday morning after a blaze took hold of the ground and first floors...

Neighbour Mary O'Keefe, 54, told The People: 'There was a loud woosh like a gas canister had blown up and I heard a man shouting over and over again, "My wife, my wife'.

'After that all I could hear were children crying and screaming. It was terrible.'

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: 'I was in my room and the window was open.

'I heard a loud bang, it was literally like an explosion, almost like a bomb.

'I thought it was really strange and within four minutes I heard sirens and police cars and we looked out the window and the fire had literally reached the top within five minutes.

'We all went outside and we saw firemen looking out the window and shouting "there's people in there".'

'It was horrific, my dad says he's never seen anything like it in his whole life, honestly I was so shocked.' ...

Man Hurt by Blown Out Manhole Cover in Kenton

by Ian Proctor for the Harrow Observer
August 15, 2011

A pedestrian said he was lucky not to lose a limb when an underground electrical explosion blew out the manhole cover on which he was standing.

Colin Wingate received a nasty gash on his knee from the flying metal lid at 4.40pm on Saturday opposite St Gregory's Catholic Science College in Donnington Road in Kenton.

Speaking to the Observer from his hospital bed on Monday, the 74-year-old said: "I'd been at another friend's house in Alicia Gardens and was walking back with two couples along Donnington Road on our way to a house where I'd been invited for dinner.

"Three of us had said goodbye to the other two and I turned and stood on the manhole cover. There was an enormous bang. It was horrendous.

"When the cover left the ground, I was standing on it so I was thrown into the air. It was probably on the way down the edge of the inspection cover cut my leg.

"It's a very deep gash. Had it been a good two or three inches deeper, my leg would be in a different room to that occupied by the rest of my body.

"One of the other men was thrown to the ground. He was standing a couple of yards from me. He had some bruising on his arms and elbows.

"It was the first time I have ever stepped on an exploding manhole cover - and hopefully it's the last."

Mr Wingate was taken to Northwick Park Hospital in Watford Road, Harrow, where he underwent surgery on his wound on Monday (Aug 18) to investigate whether he had severed tendons in his lower leg.

His friend, aged 56, was treated at BMI The Churchill Clementine Hospital, a private hospital in Sudbury Hill, Harrow.

Widower Mr Wingate, who used to run a newsagents off Oxford Street in the West End, lived in Ebrington Road, Kenton, for 35 years - 100 yards from where the accident happened - until 2004 when he moved to Bournemouth.

He was back in the borough at the weekend to visit friends and to attend a family wedding in central London this week when Saturday's explosion happened.

"You might expect it in Afghanisation with the improvised explosive devices but not in Kenton," Mr Wingate said.

After Saturday's explosion, police officers shut Donnington Road and Ilmington Road until 6.30pm and firefighters from Stanmore and Harrow also attended while a Brent Police spokeswoman said UK Power Networks, which run the power infrastructure, turned the supply off at 6.20pm.

In a statement, UK Power Networks said: "We deeply regret the injuries sustained by two members of the public following a fault on our underground electricity network in Donnington Road.

"We wish them a full and speedy recovery and have been in contact with them to offer our help and support.

"UK Power Networks is investigating this incident and would like to assure customers such incidents are extremely rare.

"Our engineers are carrying out preparation work on site today, in readiness to replace the equipment which developed a fault."


The tragic deaths among this London family and serious pedestrian injuries follow a dangerous pattern of events that are increasing in frequency in direct proportion to intensifying geomagnetic storm activity. Exploding manhole covers have become a serious hazard, claiming lives in hundreds of events mounting in New York City.

Other similar spontaneous pipeline blasts have occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota and caused mass casualties in a petroleum pipeline explosion in Nairobi, Kenya. The metal piping containing the pressurized flammable gas has become superheated in an energetic event that involves the impact of intense electrical ground currents caused by the coronal mass ejections of the Sun.

These unusual explosions are connected with anomalous electrical surges and piezoelectric fires that are now being caused all over the world by an unrecognized force: ultra-low frequency sound, far below the audible level of most humans. This infrasonic influence is building strong electrical currents in the metal objects like wheel-barrows, door-knockers and copper electrical wiring in the walls of homes, which then become hot enough to ignite the plastic sheathing surrounding the wires. In other cases, heated wires ignite bed mattresses and metal hangers ignite clothing.

The infrasound which is now being focused onto the London, England vicinity is being transduced by the Orion pyramids of present-day Giza, Egypt, which act as a nonlinear lensing system for resonantly balancing the geomagnetic fields of Earth as stimulated by coronal mass ejections from the increasing solar activity.

London, England (51.57N 0.22W) is 2,189 miles from Giza, or 8.8% of the Earth's mean circumference distance (of 24,892 miles). Recent events occurring at other locations in England that are positioned along this same resonant distance from the Great Pyramid include piezoelectric fires in Egham and Wisbech.

The many ancient megalithic temples of the area, including such well visited sites as Stonehenge, Avebury Circle and Silbury Hill are also precisely situated along this sacred 9.0% radial distance. And, of course, this region is very well known for the multitudes of mandala crop formations that grace the regional seasonally, bring thousands of tourists annually.

The mathematical relationship of London within the global pyramid network reveals the invisible quantum connections linking such anomalous events related to solar activity. This pattern of intense solar flares and the resulting infrasound fires at focal points around the planet will culminate in the intense auroral events of December 22, 2012.

This website has covered many major stories involving the spontaneous combustion of objects by piezoelectric induction has been recurring in spates - in areas such as Tenerife, Babura, Abuja, Bauchi, Jos, Omukondo, Onakaheke, Tsholotsho, Lalapansi, Goodhope, Mpumalanga, Mapuve, Bodibe, Bloemfontein, Hopewell, Cape Town, Landovica, Galway, Longford, Galway, Glasgow, Dublin, Coventry, Hull, Messina, Peschici, Berici, across northern Greece, Ratria, Kakori, Mumbai, Kolkata, Charajpura, Thiruvananthapuram, Kishtwar, Rangrik, Darwin, Rockhampton, Adelaide, Brisbane, Eaglehawk, Sydney, Georgetown, La Pampa, Melipilla, Nelson, and in the US in Seattle, Corvallis, Soudan SP, New Ulm, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Anderson, Homosassa, San Mateo, Vallejo, San Francisco, Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, Clovis, Calaveras, Haverhill, Peabody and Brentwood.