Infrasound Pulsations in Erattupetta, India

Mild Tremors Felt in Idukki Border

by The Hindu News
December 10, 2011

For the third time within a month, high ranges of the district, bordering neigbouring Idukki, experienced tremors when mild earthquake shook Erattupetta and adjoining areas on Saturday afternoon.

According to reports, Poonjar, Poonjar Thekkekkara, Teekoy, Wagamon and Adukkom Erattupetta areas experienced mild tremors accompanied by deep rumbling sounds. The tremors hit by 3:30 p.m., almost the same time when parts of the Idukki district experienced tremors. There are no reports of loss to life and property.

The same areas experienced tremors on November 18 and November 26. The one on November 26 had recorded a magnitude of 3.2 on the Richter scale.


This infrasonic influence of recurrant booming and quaking is building strong electrical currents in the metal objects like wheel-barrows, door-knockers and copper electrical wiring in the walls of homes, which then become hot enough to ignite the plastic sheathing surrounding the wires. In other cases, heated wires ignite bed mattresses and metal hangers ignite clothing.

The infrasound which is now being focused onto the Erattupetta, India vicinity is being transduced by the Orion pyramids of present-day Giza, Egypt, which act as a nonlinear lensing system for resonantly balancing the geomagnetic fields of Earth as stimulated by coronal mass ejections from the increasing solar activity.

Erattupetta, India (9.68N 76.78E) is 3,255 miles from Giza, or 13.0% of the Earth's mean circumference distance (of 24,892 miles). Another location where very similar events have been recently reported is in the village of Bac Tra My, Vietnam. Other infrasound convergence sites in India have been identified in Ratria, Kakori, Mumbai, Kolkata, Charajpura, Kishtwar, Rangrik and Thiruvananthapuram.

The mathematical relationship of this resonant site within the global pyramid network reveals the invisible quantum connections linking such anomalous events related to solar activity. This pattern of intense solar flares and the resulting infrasound fires at focal points around the planet will culminate in the intense auroral events of December 22, 2012.

Other widely reported examples of such extreme manifestations of this resonance are now simultaneously occurring in Tenerife, Freetown, Babura, Abuja, Bauchi, Jos, Omukondo, Onakaheke, Tsholotsho, Lalapansi, Goodhope, Nairobi, Mpumalanga, Mapuve, Bodibe, Bloemfontein, Hopewell, Tshiozwi, Cape Town, Landovica, Galway, Longford, Glasgow, Dublin, Crewe, Waterford, Peterborough, Coventry, Hull, London, Surrey, Steeple, Egham, Wisbech Messina, Peschici, Berici, across northern Greece, Kota Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Santo Tomas, Bandar Seri Begawan, New Norcia, Darwin, Rockhampton, Adelaide, Brisbane, Eaglehawk, Sydney, Georgetown, La Pampa, Melipilla, Nelson, and in the US in Seattle, Corvallis, Soudan SP, Minneapolis, New Ulm, Pueblo, Waxahachie, Anderson, Bluffton, Georgetown, Crestview, Homosassa, San Mateo, Vallejo, San Francisco, Clovis, Calaveras, Haverhill, Peabody, Brentwood and New York City.