Piezoelectric Fires in Levubu, South Africa

Couple Die in Fire

by Peter Muthambi for the Limpopo Mirror
December 12, 2011

A shocking and gruesome incident happened at Tsianda-Tshiitwani village outside Levubu where a couple died in a fire last Thursday morning. Long-time sweethearts Ms Mulatedzi Mulaudzi (32) and Mr Tshifhiwa Netshituni (37) are believed to have been asleep when the fire broke out.

Residents from the area found it hard to accept that the couple had perished in the fire. The two people had been staying together in the shack for a very long time.

W/O Solly Mukhola, the spokesperson for the Levubu police, confirmed the incident. He said that the fire broke out shortly after 02:00. "We received a call that there was a shack burning and when we arrived at the scene, we found that there were two people who had burned (to death)," he said. He said that the investigation revealed that the two people who died in the fire were the couple. "The police have opened an inquest docket, following the incident," he added.

Mukhola said that the cause of fire was still not known, adding that the bodies of the two had been taken for forensic investigation. He also warned residents to refrain from pointing fingers and spreading rumours in the village about the incident. This comes after some residents alleged that the fire might have been started intentionally because the couple used to fight a lot. According to Mukhola, the police must be given time to investigate the incident and residents must not interfere.

"Those who know what might have happened must just furnish the police with information in this regard," appealed Mukhola...


Unusual fires such as this seemingly spontaneous combustion in the Levubu home are connected with other anomalous electrical surges and piezoelectric fires that are now being caused all over the world by an unrecognized force: ultra-low frequency sound, far below the audible level of most humans.

This infrasonic influence is building strong electrical currents in the metal objects like wheel-barrows, door-knockers and copper electrical wiring in the walls of homes, which then become hot enough to ignite the plastic sheathing surrounding the wires. In other cases, heated wires ignite bed mattresses and metal hangers ignite clothing.

The comprehensive mathematical analyses provided on each page dedicated to these cases references the GPS relationship of each site with the apex of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, which act as anonlinear lensing system for focusing terrestrial infrasound standing waves. In every case of spontaneous fires studied, the geopositioning proves to conform to the quadratic formula [ zn+1 = zn2 ].

Levubu, South Africa (23.08S 30.28E) is 3,648 miles from Giza, Egypt, a distance that comprises 14.7% of the Earth's mean circumference distance (of 24,892 miles). The south face of the Great Pyramid points exactly south - toward Levubu - and this same alignment is witnessed of the other cases of spontaneous fires in South Africa, especially in Tshiozwi, Mpumalanga, Mapuve, Bodibe, Bloemfontein, Hopewell, and Cape Town.

According to this awareness, based on geopositioning data presented here and cross-referenced with the parallel case histories of hundreds of other very similar events, the logical conclusion is that these hotspots of infrasound resonance must be evacuated before more lives are lost in piezoelectric explosions - the most dangerous event related to this phenomenon.

Local municipal governments must be made aware of these scientific findings and be provided with this important information to help protect their endangered residents.

Other widely reported examples of such extreme manifestations of this resonance are now simultaneously occurring in Tenerife, Freetown, Babura, Abuja, Kaduna, Bauchi, Jos, Omukondo, Onakaheke, Tsholotsho, Lalapansi, Goodhope, Nairobi, Landovica, Galway, Longford, Glasgow, Dublin, Crewe, Waterford, Peterborough, Coventry, Hull, Basingstoke, London, Surrey, Steeple, Egham, Wisbech Messina, Peschici, Berici, across northern Greece, Ratria, Kakori, Mumbai, Kolkata, Charajpura, Thiruvananthapuram, Erattupetta, Gangyal, Kishtwar, Rangrik, Kota Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Santo Tomas, Bandar Seri Begawan, New Norcia Darwin, Rockhampton, Adelaide, Brisbane, Eaglehawk, Sydney, Georgetown, La Pampa, Melipilla, Nelson, and in the US in Seattle, Corvallis, Soudan SP, Minneapolis, New Ulm, Pueblo, Waxahachie, Georgetown, Gautier, Crestview, Homosassa, San Mateo, Vallejo, San Francisco, Clovis, Calaveras, Haverhill, Peabody, Brentwood and New York City.